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Anjna 100 k cheeks handout


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Anjna 100 k cheeks handout

  1. 1. ANJNA PATIENT EDUCATIONAnjna Patient Education ( is a Stanford-based nonprofit organization with over200 volunteers nationwide. Anjna stands for A New Joint Nonprofit Approach to PatientEducation. We are proud to be the first nonprofit to specifically target free clinics for the purposeof reaching out to underserved patients. Our project seeks to break the cycle of chronic diseaseby educating and empowering patients in free clinics to take a stand against these preventablediseases with good nutrition, diet, and lifestyle changes. Since our founding in January 2010, wehave received grants and awards from the Ashoka foundation, the Institute for the Future, theDalai Lama Foundation, Youth Service America, and amongst others. We arecurrently established in several free clinics in the bay area, including Schuman-Liles clinic inOakland and Clinic by the Bay in San Franscisco.If you would like to get more involved (we are looking for volunteers as well as potential chapterco-founders), please email a cover letter to vineet@anjna.orgONE HUNDRED THOUSAND CHEEKSYou probably know that Leukemia is a form of cancer of the blood or bone marrow. You mightknow that bone marrow transplants are a form of treatment. But did you know that certainpopulations are dramatically under-represented in existing bone marrow registries? The storythat gave rise to this effort is that of Sameer Bhatia, a Stanford undergrad-turned-entrepreneur.Because of this story (and, sadly, many others), the Haas Center is working with ProfessorJennifer Aaker and a team of student advisors to develop a large-scale bone marrow registrantdrive.One Hundred Thousand Cheeks is a Stanford-based student group dedicated to getting100,000 people signed up for with the national bone marrow donor registry by June 2012.Specifically, we seek to address the severe shortage of South Asian donors in the registry, asthere is a meager 1 in 20,000 chance for a potential South Asian recipient to find a match.To design and execute the effort, we will also be working with OpenIDEO, a crowd-sourcingplatform dedicated to the generation of solutions to social issues (and a project of the world-renowned design company IDEO). This collaboration will allow us to tap a community ofdesigners to solve the issue of donor diversification and to help improve the lives of cancerpatients.If you would like to get more involved with 100kcheeks, please email 100kcheeks@gmail.comGet swabbed. a drive. the problem. more.