3.19.11 vineet sinay notes


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3.19.11 vineet sinay notes

  1. 1. Vineet Sinay’s PresentationDiseases impacting underserved AmericansUtilize the power of health education to change the present scenario50 dollar budget - start in a weekGoal: start at grass-rootIdentify needs: 1) Eat better – exert no extra cost  Create food substitution 2) Bettering people exercise’s habit -> Introduce people to this whole new realm of regular exerciseVietnamese’s culture – vietnamese’s source – high in salt – lead to high blood pressure-> Solution : Reduce the amount of salt – create new saucePeople are concern about their health – what is missing is simply health educationTrack health resources – 35 percent improvement in peopleFounding a heath-education related org is necessary because of the absence of those orgsthroughout the countryWork with people from across the boards, translators, tailor to specific people, train people tobecome health educatorsDifferent people have different needs, having proximity to the clinic is really importantSocial change in the box kit – provide every information/resources neededTwo projects in handUse touch-screen computer – improve user-to-user interaction – receive money from Dalai LamaFoundationUsing texting-technology-provide free clinicsChallengesNo non-profit statusNo full-time staffFundraisingOne Hundred Thousand CheeksGoalsTo register 100000 people for DNA identification(cheek swabbed) by Spring 2011Get as many people in bone marrow registryRemove the disparity of the success rate between ethnic groups to find the matching bonemarrowFind innovative solutions to the problemOpenIDEO – people are posting solutions to the problemsUtilize power of college-networkCrowdsourcing