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The Spicies Awards - Jay


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The Spicies Awards - Jay Hallberg

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The Spicies Awards - Jay

  1. 1. Why do they get to have all of the fun?
  2. 2. “A unique mix of commitment, creativity,and charisma, the Spiceworks Champion relentlessly promotes the Spiceworks ‘free IT’ cause among new IT pros everywhere - all while keeping their own network running like a true champ!” The Spiceworks Champion
  3. 3. “A never-ending source of insights and ideas for the betterment of all IT-kind, the innovator’s prolific product feedback and feature suggestions help the Spiceworks team evolve the product so that IT just keeps getting better (and making your day easier)!”.” The Spiceworks Innovator
  4. 4. “The Spiceworks Hero uses their super powers (and raw IQ!) to help other IT pros like you by sharing their expertise and answering your most pressing questions & concerns in the Community.” The Spiceworks Hero
  5. 5. Justin Dorfman jdorfman Javier Odom Odom InfoTech Allen Thomas talon63 The Spicies Hall of Fame Andrew Phelps akp982 David ScammellScott Alan Miller 2008 2009 Champion Innovator Hero
  6. 6. The Spiceworks Champion: Yasaf Burshan
  7. 7. The Spiceworks Innovator: Martin Pugh
  8. 8. The Spiceworks Hero: Justin Davison
  9. 9. Spice IT Up!
  10. 10. Spice IT Up!
  11. 11. 250,000+ Points!
  12. 12. I’m Pure Capsaicin: Andy Phelps
  13. 13. Andy’s Special Request:
  14. 14. I’m Pure Capsaicin: Scott Alan Miller
  15. 15. The Advisor: Arun Tejaswi, CA Technologies
  16. 16. Raffle time!
  17. 17. Thanks from the SpiceTeam!
  18. 18. Thank You SpiceWorld Team! Jen Chat Jake Megan Ashley Nic Doug Kris Harold Marcelo Kim Heidi
  19. 19. October 20 & 21, 2011 See you next year!