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The Spicies 2008 Favorite Clips


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The Alamo, Maggie Mae's, 150 IT Pro's and the first ever Spiceworks IT User Conference. The Spiceworks 2008 Spicies Award Winners!

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The Spicies 2008 Favorite Clips

  1. 1. Why do they get to have all of the fun?
  2. 2. Power to the (IT) People!
  3. 3. Favorite IT Inaccuracy in a Movie or TV Show!  Any CSI episode where they enhance ANY photo.  “Enhance that image” in any crime show.  Hackers - misidentified processor/computer combo  Independence Day - Mac gives an alien ship the ‘virus’.  Swordfish - transfer money using ping/traceroute.
  4. 4. Acid (Jolie) shows off her laptop with a P6 processor and PCI bus. It’s a Mac Powerbook 280c. It has a Motorola 68030 33 mhz CPU and NO PCI-bus. Any CSI Episode 6% quot;Enhance that Imagequot; Hackers 8% Swordfish Independence 17% 9% Day 10%
  5. 5. Favorite User Avoidance Technique!  “I’m going to have to do some additional research…”  “It’s on my list.”  “Reboot and try it again.”  “Submit a ticket.”  “We’re working on it.”
  6. 6. “Reboot and try it again.” quot;Submit a ticketquot; 8% quot;Additional Researchquot; 10% quot;On my listquot; quot;Rebootquot; quot;Working on 10% itÉquot; 19% 10%
  7. 7. Funniest IT Clip, TV Show or Movie Scene!  The IT Crowd  Office Space - The Printer Scene  Office Space - The Stapler Scene  The Website is Down  Your Company’s Computer Guy
  8. 8. Your Office Space - Company's Stapler Computer Guy 7% 7% Office Space - Printer 14% The IT Crowd 18% The Website is Down 36%
  9. 9. 500,000 Heroes, Champions and Innovators! Spiceworks Spiceworks Innovator Spiceworks Hero Champion TIFF needed to and a decompressor QuickTimeª see this are (Uncompressed) picture. Javier Odom Allen Thomas Justin Dorfman