ConnectWise: Engage, Entertain and Grow your SMB IT shop


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SpiceWorld London 2012 ConnectWise Presentation

Traditional marketing is dead but that’s great news for IT business owners. Now, even the smallest IT business can take advantage of new social media tools and platforms to drive new business. Discover techniques that will increase your online visibility, find new clients and bring additional qualified traffic to your website.

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  • Takeaways from this DataWhile we can't say for certain whether these numbers mean that Facebook strongly influences Google rankings, I personally have some big learnings and opinions to share:Social Metrics are Well Correlated with Higher RankingsTo me, correlation alone is interesting because I want my sites/pages to be similar to the pages that rank higher in Google, irrespective of whether those traits are directly measured in the algorithm. Pages that earn tweets + Facebook shares also correlate well with earning links, and send direct traffic on their own - ignoring these services at this point seems foolish.Testing the Direct Impact of Facebook Shares on Google is ImperativeWe've already observed severalremarkable results from testing Twitter's impact. Facebook should be next on the list for many search marketers.I Need to Learn More About How to Earn Facebook SharesGiven the potential importance and the obvious direct impact (traffic from and visibility on Facebook itself), I, and probably many web marketers, need to examine successful strategies and brainstorm new ways to earn sharing activity from Facebook's massive user base.Shares Might Be More Valuable than LikesIn Facebook's own environment, a "like" of content will show up on your own "Wall" and in "Most Recent" (a new feature as of last week), but it rarely shows in "Top News" where most users scan and click. If that alone isn't reason to encourage sharing v. liking, the data above certainly is (at least to me).Twitter May Be Less Powerful than I ThoughtThe correlation data and the presence of tweets in SERPs was less, in comparison to Facebook, than I would have expected. It could be that in cases like those of our experiments, where many influential Twitter users shared a URL in close temporal proximity, Google takes it as a signal, yet for standard search rankings, it's not as powerful. We'll definitely keep testing and watching, but my expectations for tweets correlating with rankings, after controlling for links, were higher, and thus the results, somewhat surprising.It's up to you how to interpret this data, but whether you believe (or have tested) the causality of Facebook/Twitter or not, all of us in the SEO sphere should be carefully watching the social space and Google's social efforts.
  • Become a presenceStart smallHire ZeryusHire High School kidsBe yourselfDon't always write about Technology, tell peopleabout things going on with you - become realGetting Started:Phase 1: Get Started1. Create a blog - see Hubspot/Wordpress - make it nice don't use out of box, use templates - write 2 times a week, write ahead of time - 200-400 words - Recommended: 2. Involve in Linked in Groups - join 5, contribute don't sell - ask your customers where they go today3. **Small PPC presence, understand terminologyPhase 2: Increase Presence3. Set up twitter, facebook, google+ - tie accounts together - tweet once a day, repost on fb and google+ - tweet only relevant topics, not that you just had a sandwich4. Develop 'ebooks' and info graphics - create landing pages - use them in your blog and tweets for CTA - use some way to measure leads (ConnectWise)Phase 3: Become Hub of Information5. Addition to blog, Resource Center - reuse ebooksetc and post, ensure there is a member or form to fill out - use terms you have found (that people search for) and develop blog posts around individual terms - recommended: Inbound Marketing ** at connectwise, we put out 6. SEO - Read SEO for Dummies - read (lots of great free information) - use learnings from book implement above in 5Phase 4: Integrate Everything else5. Newsletter7. Email nurturing bring them back8. Webinars on topics9. Know your ROI on any paid ** at ConnectWise we put down a minimum of $1000.00 even on non 'paid' activities to give us some idea of payback
  • ConnectWise: Engage, Entertain and Grow your SMB IT shop

    1. 1. Engage Entertain and Grow your SMB IT ShopMark Sokol, Product Marketing ConnectWise
    2. 2. Agenda • Background: – How People Find Things Today • The Lead to Sales Funnel • Social Media Recommendations
    3. 3. How People Find/Buy Things Today! • Have a pain • Look at options
    4. 4. How People Find/Buy Things Today! • Read reviews • Ask peers and friends
    5. 5. How People Find/Buy Things Today! • Read Blogs • Review the products
    6. 6. How People Find/Buy Things Today! • Make Decision and Buy!
    7. 7. Fun Fact90% of Consumers purchase from someonethey can trust.Majority of them were referred the product orbusiness service by someone they trust.
    8. 8. The Lead Funnel Don’t know your Know about Know about YOU! solutions exist IT based solutions (and other providers) Commitment Pricing • 1:1 Meetings Decision • Competitive Review • Long-tail, specific or Brand Product search terms Evaluation Research & Comparison Discovery • Demos Information • Product Specification Seeking • Testimonials Engagement • Whitepapers • WebinarsPre-Engagement • Broad keywords (PPC) • Social Media
    9. 9. ConnectWise Experience • Win/Loss 50 over 12 months • 20% said blog/comment influenced decision
    10. 10. The Challenge Is How do you get people to find you and ultimately make the decision to purchase your services? • Initially, we believe Social Media – Phase 1: Get Started – Phase 2: Become That Hub – Phase 3: Increase Presence – Phase 4: Even More
    11. 11. Phase 1: Getting Started• Create a blog - see Hubspot/Wordpress – Use templates – Write 2 times a week, write ahead of time – 200-400 words• Involve in LinkedIn Groups – Join 5, contribute dont sell – Ask your customers where• Small PPC presence, understand terminology – Goal not get leads but learn ‘key words’
    12. 12. Keys to Blogging • Find Where Customers Are – Ask existing customers where they go for information • Listen to conversations, take part – Contribute intelligently • Be Fun and Friendly – Don’t sell • Focus on your expertise, experience – Don’t fake it • Focus on business • Your blog: OK blogging about different content • 200 to 400 words!
    13. 13. Additional Blogging Basics • Use pictures, video • Include a Call To Action – If you want to learn more about backup disaster recovery, read my ebook.
    14. 14. Fun Fact• Adding content on blog/site – 2-3 new things week to maintain visitors – 2-3 a day to grow visitors
    15. 15. LinkedIn • January 2012 – 40 million users represent Europe • Highest industry concentration High Tech, Finance and Manufacturing • Job functions Owners 11%, Sales 10%, Operations 8% - 39% are high level managers • Your customers are there already Source:
    16. 16. ConnectWise Experience • Used LinkedIn advertising • Generated 100 leads Q1-2012 – Cost Per Lead - $55 • Determined ‘targeted’ groups based on leads – Follow-up is joining those groups and contributing
    17. 17. Small PPC Presence • Paid not sustainable channel – Too much $ • But it Builds brand • Helps with SEO • Use Paid to Find What Prospects have interest in
    18. 18. Paid Social to Test Targets • Discover regions/cities most responses • Determine if ‘owner’ versus non-owner messaging • Where are sales coming from in organization • Hundreds of LinkedIn groups, where should I be responding to blogs etc
    19. 19. Recommended Book 1: • The Thank You Economy • Gary Vaynerchuk – $4.0 million wine store into $50 million business – Video, blogging 2006
    20. 20. Phase 2: Create that hub Industry blogs reference ConnectWise Experience: you, news sources cite you, events mention you Site offers: Research, Users email Q&A Opinions, links, References, Multimedia, discussion SEO Expert forums Contributors mention you Discussion LlinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ likes and shares
    21. 21. Create that hub • Start with Resource Center – 3-4 Papers, videos or repurposed blogs – Use terms you have found (that people search for) and develop blog posts • Study SEO – Discover (free information)
    22. 22. Recommended Book 2 • Inbound Marketing • By Halligan, Shah
    23. 23. Recommended Book 2 • SEO for Dummies • By: Peter Kent
    24. 24. Fun Facts• About 10% are mobile visits – Some stats show ‘restaurant’ @ 40% or higher!• Prepare your website to be mobile friendly today
    25. 25. Phase 3: Increase Presence • Set up Twitter, Facebook, google+ – Initially tie accounts together – Tweet once a day, repost on fb and google+ – Tweet only relevant topics, not that you just had a pint just now • Develop ebooks‘, white papers, info graphics – Create landing pages – Use them in your blog and tweets – Measure response
    26. 26. Phase 3: continued • How can I have time to create e-books? – writers – graphic • Partner with non-competing peers, smart students, your employees, repurpose industry articles (summarize link back)
    27. 27. Phase 4: Even More • Integrated marketing activities – Tweet, Blog, Email, Webinar, Newsletter, Seminar etc • Email nurturing bring them back • Measure results – At ConnectWise we put down a minimum of $ amount even on non paid activities to give us some idea of payback • Get Tools to manage
    28. 28. Tools • Dashboards • Notifications – Hootsuite – Tweetdeck – Google Alerts • Blogging – Hubspot – WordPress
    29. 29. Recommended Books Inbound The Thank SEO for Marketing You Economy Dummies
    30. 30. Small Business IT Marketing • 70% Referral based • 30% email, direct mail, events, website • Referrals in SMB is key to business growth, why not take it to Social media, SpiceWorks did! Source: What’s Working in Small Business Marketing, 2012, Quantum Leap Marketing
    31. 31. Why Is ConnectWise Presenting Social? Help Desk, CRM RMM/MDM Quoting & Because we are more Proposal than the business management software that we provide
    32. 32. The Modern Office A free tool to help explain the concept to your employees and your clients
    33. 33. Questions?