Computer Contractor (Glossary Definition) (Slides)


Published on SUMMARY SLIDES: A computer contractor assists with computer installation, maintenance, and repair when you don’t have an in-house specialist to handle these tasks. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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Computer Contractor (Glossary Definition) (Slides)

  1. 1. Computer Contractor (Glossary Definition) Courtesy of the Managed Computer Consulting Glossary Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr elisasizzle
  2. 2. Sponsored by You Will Occasionally Need to Bring in a Computer Contractor
  3. 3. Sponsored by for Problems Outside Your Team’s Skill Set
  4. 4. Sponsored by Installation
  5. 5. Sponsored by Professional Installation Saves You Time
  6. 6. Sponsored by and Reduces the Problems You’ll Have in the Future
  7. 7. Sponsored by Maintenance
  8. 8. Sponsored by Maintenance Should Include Testing Your Hardware
  9. 9. Sponsored by and Ensuring That All of Your Software is Up to Date
  10. 10. Sponsored by Repair
  11. 11. Sponsored by The Fastest Way to Get Everyone Back to Work is to Call a Computer Contractor
  12. 12. Sponsored by Who Specializes in System Recovery,
  13. 13. Sponsored by or a Company Who Has a Specialist on their Team
  14. 14. Sponsored by When Do You Call in a Computer Contractor?
  15. 15. Sponsored by Tell Us Your Opinion in the Comments Section Below
  16. 16. Recommended Reading: How to Start a Computer Consulting Business 6 Proven Ways to Build Your Initial Client Base Download this Free Special Report Now atHowToStartAnITBusiness.comCopyright © SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr elisasizzle