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The eCreatives-Team-Assignment-4


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This is the submission of Assignment 4 "Connect and Combine - Chindogu" for the team The eCreatives for Crash Course in Creativity held by Venture Lab, Stanford University.
I have chosen two simple hairbands and combined them with a saucer using safety pins to create a cup-saucer combination to serve coffee/drinks and snacks together. The unique advantage being that you need only a small foot print and a combined cup-saucer. It also prevent spilling of the drinks. Specially useful for having a coffee at work table or moving car.

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The eCreatives-Team-Assignment-4

  1. 1. Assignment 4 of Crash Course in Creativityat Venture Lab, Stanford UniversityTeamThe eCreativesMs. Dolly BhasinCombining Cup-Saucer withHair bands & PinsSubmitted on 18thMay, 2013
  2. 2. Combining Cup-Saucer with Hair bands Normally when I take Tea or coffee or any soft-drink, I like to take some biscuits or cookies withthe same However, I would require two separate utensils -cup/glass and saucer for the same. Also, some times, I take my Coffee at work tableor driving and space is limited for two separateutensils with an added risk of spilling the drink. So, I worked around this adaptation usingcommonly available things.
  3. 3. My usual Cup and Saucer and Snack
  4. 4. Combining Cup-Saucer with Hair bands Here is my unique combination –Cup + Saucer with 2 hair bands (ordinarystretchable colored bands) and a few safety pins(big size). Through the next couple of slides I would illustratehow easy it is to make and use this connect andcombine new adaptation to serve the purpose.
  5. 5. The Saucer, Safety pins and hair bands
  6. 6. Step 1 Take 2 hair bands (one small and one slightlybigger) with firm grip Take a saucer which has a bigger diameter thanthe cup/glass and is slightly deep. You will need about 5-6 Safety pins. Connect both the hair bands with the safety pins(all the safety pin heads pointing outside thebigger band) You would get two concentric circles heldtogether with these pins
  7. 7. The combined hair bands with Safety pins
  8. 8. Step 2 Hold the hair band duo with the outer band(red) and fit it on the saucer carefully whilekeeping the safety pins straight
  9. 9. Step 3 Our saucer is nowready to hold thecup Gently ease thecup in the innerband by slightlyexpanding it
  10. 10. Step 3 Or we could havethis saucer holdthe glass. Gently ease theglass in the innerband by slightlyexpanding it
  11. 11. Step 4 Your snacks can beadded to the saucerbetween the twobands holding theglass and the saucer The safety pins canact as separators foryour snacks
  12. 12. Step 4 Your snacks can beadded to the saucerbetween the twobands holding thecup and the saucer The safety pins canact as separators foryour snacks
  13. 13. Viola! Your Cup-saucercombine with hair bandsis ready which allows a single small footprintunit for your coffee ordrink and snacks Prevents spillover byholding the glass/cupfirmly Can also be used in amoving car
  14. 14. Thanks for Watching this DIY slideshow!If you like this“unuseless”Combination, pleasetry it our TODAY!It only take 1-2-3-4steps and 5 minutesYou could also sharethis DIY presentationwith your friends, byclicking here.
  15. 15. Note This is an original idea by me, which I use quite oftenat work and sometimes while moving in car. I have not as yet used this adaptation while at driverseat, but it works very well when I am at the back/sideseat and the car is moving without spilling. All photographs have been taken my me except hairband and safety pins (taken from internet) You are free to view, copy and use this adaptation foryour personal use. I encourage its redistribution toanyone who could benefit from same.