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Learn etourism overview


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This is the final Team project of Team LearnETourism at DNLE program, Venture Lab, Stanford University

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Learn etourism overview

  1. 1. Final Project for DNLE Course at Venture Lab, Stanford University Submitted byTEAM LearnEtourism : Dolly Bhasin (Team Lead), Christina Minamizawa, Ana Pardo, María Velasco
  2. 2. . . . Is on a game-changing mission in
  3. 3. Convenient eTourism learning for all Tourism Stakeholders TSMEsTourismServiceProvidersTourists Tourism Students That looks like child’s-play! which is affordable + flexible + inspiring + EduTainment + available any time + any where + on any device seamlessly.
  4. 4. eTourism means ICT (Information Communication Technologies) enabled tourism “ eTourism is the Digitization of all theprocesses and value chain in the tourism, travel,hospitality and the catering agencies that enableorganizations to maximize their efficiency andefficacy” - Buhalis
  5. 5. LEARNING ANDRAGOGY1. Nurtures the local expertise, local art and culture through Knowledge creation and distribution2. Workplace learning with a Blended learning approach.- anytime/anyplace/ self paced elearning- Active Learning through workshops and role playingexercises3. Collaborative learning and Knowledge sharing through social media and communities4. Applicable to entire stakeholders and enhances the efficiency of the value chain members5. Event driven learning (cultural events, fairs, festivals, trade events)
  6. 6. 3 P’s – Hybrid biz modelPEOPLE + PLANET + PROFIT Promoting India’s rich cultural heritage, its people and the social fabric; whilst supporting local people + the environment + communities + the economy
  7. 7. Resting on Pillars of 4C’sContext + Collaboration + Community + Commerce
  8. 8. Learning with Multimodal Textsto suit all learning styles and some disabilities
  9. 9. …..learn on ANY device seamlessly
  10. 10. AnyTIME + ANYwhere Learning on the job, on the run, at home, at an internet café, while traveling, or at the roadside Small BizYOUTH WOMEN Entrepreneurs
  11. 11. LearnEtourismCONTENT and CONTEXT addresses Business Development And Promotion Customer Management
  12. 12. Business Development And Promotion Education on all Aspects of Online Travel Business
  13. 13. Business Development And Promotion How to develop marketing strategies to drive more Business
  14. 14. How to SERVE – NewGEN TOURISTS? = flash packers - travel with gadgets - want accurate up to date verifiable info NOW!Leisure ~ Responsible tourists + independent traveler + back packers educational ~ school trips + volunteers business ~ expat + foreign service + biz traveler + ngos Target ~ adults + gen Y ~ aged from 18 – 80 years Accommodation ~ budget to 5 star, Tents to Royal Heritage Luxury size ~ 78 % of the 1 billion in 2011 ( Travel Mode ~ low cost air travel
  15. 15. How to DELIGHT GenY Using Latest Gadgets CyberCafes & Laptops ~ Browsing, Booking, Payments Mobiles~ SMS + Search + Websites + Apps Navigatational Aids ~ online maps + weather info + Audio guides Web 2.0 ~ Blogs + Forums + Youtube on both Web & Mobile devices Social Media ~ on Web + on Phone + on Tablets Photo Sharing ~ Digital Cameras, Mobile, Apps
  16. 16. Engaging Tourists thru Learning- Awareness for the local customs, ethics and culture.- To dispel Preconceived ideas about India; areas of prejudice andmindsets- Learning certain engaging activities – Sking, rafting, surfing etc.- Specialty learning (culinary, art, culture, local handicraft, local skills, )- Local Language- Culinary appreciation (wine tasting, specialty cooking, etc.)- Heritage appreciation- Appreciation of local Event, Fair & Festival and culture- Appreciation of local music/art form
  17. 17. Grant or Seed Fund forBiz Model & Phases 1 MVP development - Indo-US Funds & - Ministry of Tourism Capacity Development Schemes, GOI Partnership Model with 2 Stakeholders ~ Tourism marketeers, Tourists/ Volunteers and Local Communities - Develop Value added contextual Learning content - Knowledge Resources3 Education provider ~ workplace active learning for tourist Industry • Subscription based content • Modular • Ebiz Driven approach
  18. 18. travelers Monetization - Trusted branded tourism products (air tickets, accommodation, car, rail) - travel apps - Learning content relevant onsite advertising • - that enriches the visitor experience VALUE ADDED INFO PRODUCTSEducation provisioning ~ engaging workplace Destination Guides - active learning for tourism and travel Industry - Travel Maps• Subscription based - Audio Guides• Modular• Just in Time and Just what is needed Learning• Experiential Learning
  19. 19. Feeling let down. . . Dont Worry .... Is Coming Soon to you too.... NORTH EUROPE INDIA ASIA AMERICA & AFRICAMarch 2013 End 2013 Mid 2014 Mid 2015
  20. 20. Come let us together make it even richer....Experience !ncredible India Like never before... ….. with our trained tourism service providers