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Empathy map


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This is an empathy map for a young student who has passed Higher secondary and wants to explore career options for further study

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Empathy map

  1. 1. Empathy MapEmpathy Map Submitted bySubmitted by Dolly BhasinDolly Bhasin
  2. 2. Stakeholder • A bright young arts’ student scoring first division marks in Senior Secondary School from a well to do urban family
  3. 3. Say • I am not interested in Political Science, or social sciences • I am interested in doing a JAPANESE language course but not as a main course • I am very interested in Reading Comics and watching Anime • I have created more than 1000 comics • Why do I have to take up an academic program?
  4. 4. Do • He won the computer programming contest in school • He makes comics on an online portal under a byline “mr. kinzard” and has over 1000 of them on Bitstrips • He has demonstrated great storytelling skills through pictures he drew in his school, which he proudly showed me • He listens to Japanese music and reads Manga Comics and watches ANIME videos, he has also picked up the nuances of Japanese culture and art forms. • He has many POKEMON digital pets.
  5. 5. Think • He cannot go into political science or social science stream • He is not interested in making language as a career option • He is quite interested to learn Japanese • He does not want to take up any academic program for further studies. • Comics and Animations interest him
  6. 6. Feel • He should take up a skill development program which also offers a graduation degree • He should pursue career options in creative arts using computers • He should pursue career which helps him develop his hobby of comics and creative story telling through digital formats • Animation courses might just be a right choice for building his next level career skills
  7. 7. Problem Statement A bright young arts’ student scoring first division marks in Senior Secondary School from a well to do urban family (Stakeholder) Prepare for further career options through a graduate program which trains him for computer based digital story telling (Needs) Needs a way to He has demonstrated interests in digital story telling through comics and drawings and has great interests in certain genre like ANIME and MANAGA and cult digital pets like POKEMON. He should pursue ANIMATION to further his career options and also take up Japanese certificate course (Insight) Because