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Ees Document And Product Counterfeit Protection


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Comprehensive program to prevent document and product counterfeiting

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Ees Document And Product Counterfeit Protection

  1. 1. Executive Engagement Solutions Presents Creating a partnership that address’s the issues of today’s Document Security and Product Counterfeiting Challenges.
  2. 2. The anatomy of the solution: Joint Ownership of Solution The Ergonomic Group Document Security Systems: • IT Solutions Innovator • Founded 2002 Public Company: • Privately held, est. 1984 ASE Symbol - DMC • Var Top 50 USA • Member of US Secret Service • 55% Technical / Engineering Document Security Alliance • 11 patents, 24 patents pending, 30 technologies
  3. 3. The Situation ” The pain reaches in to all corners of the economy, and high technology manufacturing is no exception. China Syndrome Fake Cisco Counterfeit electronic components can be found in all serial numbers in $1 million corners of the high tech chain, from basic light switches Chinese computer parts scheme and games to advanced medical scanners and telecommunications infrastructure. Two Kansas men are accused of By John P. Brown, Verical buying network gear in China, and then attaching fake Cisco serial numbers to the components, placing them in Cisco boxes, and selling HP maintains an aggressive approach to anti- them as Cisco products; security counterfeiting and has conducted more than 4,620 experts have warned that counterfeit investigations in 55 countries during the last four networking gear could contain back years, This activity has resulted in the seizure of more doors that allow spies to conduct than US$795 million worth of counterfeit printing industrial espionage on U.S. supplies products worldwide over this same time companies period. MIS Asia, 28 Aug 2009 HSNW 17 Feb 2010 Pub. 4 Dec 2009
  4. 4. If it can happen to Barbie it can happen to anyone! An article in The Wall Street Journal on the Mattel toy recall poses a question about • Firm-specific costs whether harm has been done to Mattel’s • Brand and Reputation reputation. “And the steps it has taken so far haven’t stopped some experts from questioning • Felt throughout the supply chain the fate of the Mattel brand in the wake of the • Market Cap: Mattel lost 30% when bad news.” One commenter said that this could market lost confidence in supply chain be Mattel’s reputation tipping point. • Rework and replacement • Covenants for late delivery BARBIE™ • Seizures, impounded shipments • Warranty returns • Industry-wide costs • Consumer safety, innovation, investors
  5. 5. Counterfeit Technology Solutions • Validating and Securing Information – Information Distribution – Document Security – Proposals – Government Documents – Financial Documents – R&D – Patent applications – Internal Legal documents – Supply Chain – Verification – Authentication – Overall Asset Tracking – Temporary Passports / Visa – Globally Experience – China, Latin America
  6. 6. Product Portfolio • The portfolio of technologies which can be layered for increased protection and multi-level verification – AuthentiGuard® Block-OutTM  Works against counterfeits made on high-end color copiers – AuthentiGuard® Laser MoiréTM  Prevents accurate capture of graphics with a desktop scanner – AuthentiGuard® MicroPerfTM  Provides easy to read, difficult to reproduce self-authentication – AuthentiGuard® On-DemandTM  Provides variable data authentication, deliverable through digital printing devices
  7. 7. Product Portfolio – AuthentiGuard® Pantograph 4000TM  Counterfeit deterrence, copy warning feature that reveals hidden words and logos on copies and scans. – AuthentiGuard® PhantomTM  Clear to read, vibrant and overt self authentication – AuthentiGuard® PrismTM  Authentication feature that is revealed with proprietary hand held lens. Copies and scans will not reveal the hidden word or logo with the lens. – AuthentiGuard® Survivor 21TM  Robust hidden feature survives the archival scanning background drop of Check 21 compliance processes to serve as an authentication of the scanned check. – AuthentiGuard® VeriGlowTM  Two step, covert authentication that can not be copied or scanned. • Compatible to layer with other security printing technologies and substrates including holography, security inks, films, digital watermarks, barcodes and more ...
  8. 8. Competitive Landscape
  9. 9. Next Steps • Gain Executive Sponsorship – Meet with the person / teams that control document security and product counterfeiting. – Upon mutual agreement, have the technical teams meet to discuss current IT security / product counterfeiting processes and procedures. – Match our products and solutions against potential security challenges – Mike Childs, CEO 978-479-8010 – Shawn Heaney, COO 303-862-6724