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personal learning environment in my understanding


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this is a presentation that illustrates the future learning of what i have imagined SA, to be. please do enjoy the presentations. thank you.

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personal learning environment in my understanding

  1. 1. From Personal Learning Environment Buildingto Professional Learning Network FormingAimForminglearningnetwork forcompetencedevelopmentProfessionalnetworkorganizingThe meaningof social andprofessionalnetworks foreducationBuilding PLEon startpages(MalinkaIvanova,
  2. 2. AimTo analyze the experience gained inusing of Web 2.0 environment forcompetence development and forprofessional network organizing
  3. 3. Professional network generally refers to aprofessional network service, a virtual communitythat it is focused on professional interactions insteadof social interactions.WikipediaSocial-oriented applications andprofessional networks - new opportunitiesfor learners and educatorsProfessionalNetworks
  4. 4. PLEs are systems that help learners take control ofand manage their own learning.This includes providing support for learners to set theirown learning goals, manage their learning;managing both content and process;communicate with others in the process of learningand thereby achieve learning goals.WikipediaBuilding PLE on start pagesPersonal Learning Environment
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  6. 6. “Its not whatyou know thatcountsanymore. Itswhat you canlearn.”– Don Tapscotthttp://www.nationalpost.comSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2011Connections toyourcommunity ofpractice
  7. 7. Social Media useSource: http://econsultancy.com2 Billion views/day24 hours/minuteSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2011
  8. 8. Some advanced students during the PLE building self-orient and arrange content, knowledge and contacts intwo different networks: personal and professionalThe transition from PLE to PfLN passes through a middle step of PLN set upThis process is dynamic and continuouslyadapted to the present students’ interestsIn some cases the boarders between PLN and PfLN are blurred, becauseof coincidence of personal and professional interestsPLE can be presented as a core fornetworks expandingThe PLE building supports students in socialization and networkprocesses set upProfessional Network Organizing
  9. 9. Web 3.0Semantic WebWeb 1.0The WebWeb x.0Meta WebWeb 2.0Social WebDegree of Social ConnectivityDegreeofInformationConnectivityConnects information Connects peopleConnects knowledge Connects intelligenceThe eXtended WebSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2011
  10. 10., audio and images ...... all contribute to therichness of thenarrative.SteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2011
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  13. 13. Conclusion• A model for PLE building is proposed• The modified Rogers’ model for competence developmentlifecycle in a learning network is used in order to be examinedthe main phases in competence progress of each student• Social networks contribute to the processes by which learnersmeet and communicate, and pool, share, learn about andreuse their resources, knowledge and competencies• PLE building is found to be a core for PLN and PfLN deployment• The transition from PLE to PfLN is an important step that supportsstudents to become self-organized and life-long learners