How the Liposuction Procedure Can Improve Your Confidence


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Liposuction can remove excessive fat from different areas of the body and enhance your appearance. Liposuction treatment offers high-definition body sculpting. Looking better goes a long way in improving your confidence.

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How the Liposuction Procedure Can Improve Your Confidence

  1. 1. Phone - 212-265-2724 How the Liposuction Procedure Can Improve Your Confidence This article looks at the liposuction procedure and how the aesthetic benefits that it offers can improve your confidence. Liposuction can be done using conventional methods or using laser-assisted technology. The laser-enabled, minimally invasive techniques have taken the world of cosmetic surgery by storm for their extremely effective results intransforming a person’s appearance.Cutting-edge Cosmetic Surgery ProcedureSmartLipo was pioneered in Europe and approved by the FDA inNovember 2006. It has now acquired the label of a cutting-edgetechnolgy in cosmetic surgery. One of the latest innovations in the Phone - 212-265-2724
  2. 2. Phone - 212-265-2724field is SmartLipo Triplex. Liposuction treatment using thisadvanced modality offers high-definition body sculpting.The optimal candidate for the procedure is a healthy person who ishealthy, within 25 pounds of his/her ideal weight, and has one ormore areas of local body fat deposits that refuse to go away despitea strict diet and exercise regime. This minimally invasive surgeryis effective for removing excess fat deposits from the followingareas of the body: • Face • Neck • Abdomen • Chin • Thighs • Upper Arms • Hips • Male Breasts • Buttocks • Mons Pubis • Bra Strap Phone - 212-265-2724
  3. 3. Phone - 212-265-2724 • Thighs • Upper Arms • Knees • BackThe procedure involves the introduction of a minute probecontaining three low energy laser wave-lengths into the targeted fatdeposit. The laser energy ruptures the fat cells which are thendrained away. A single session normally lasts up to an hour andcan remove as much as eight pounds of fat. The individual isadministered just local anesthesia and not general anesthesia,which makes it comparatively risk-free. The procedure stimulatesthe production of collagen and has great skin-tightening effects.Many BenefitsThe use of the FDA approved laser-assisted procedure for fatremoval offers many benefits: • Encourages collagen growth • Has better coagulation effects to minimize bruising Phone - 212-265-2724
  4. 4. Phone - 212-265-2724 • Allows the surgeon to more control over the process, thus limiting the likelihood of injury and trauma to the surrounding tissues • Stimulates natural skin-firming proteins • Multiple laser energy wavelengths ensure both skin tightening and fat elimination, thereby reducing treatment time • Minimal down time and quick recoveryLaser-assisted cosmetic surgery works for small and large areas offat deposits. If necessary, the procedure may be done along withtraditional liposuction. This liposuction procedure offers dramaticresults as far as your appearance is concerned and can definitelyimprove your confidence.Park Avenue Smart Lipo128 Central Park South,New York, NY 10019Phone - 212-265-2724http://www.parkavenuesmartlipo.com Phone - 212-265-2724