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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. How violence Affected my life ♥Sandra Marily Perez♥
  2. 2. Main menu • Violence affected my life • What causes violence • Where causes violence • Why causes violence • When causes violence
  3. 3. violence affected my life • Violence affected my life by drugs • Also it affected by hitting • And also by pushing each other • Also teenagers fighting
  4. 4. What causes violence • By killing • It causes by drugs • By pushing • Also by bad words
  5. 5. Where causes violence • It causes in the store • It causes in the house • It causes in side a building • It causes in a school
  6. 6. Why causes violence • Maybe they jealous • Maybe they are upset • maybe they want to fight • Maybe they hate each other
  7. 7. When causes violence • At night or afternoon • Maybe at restaurant • Maybe at the island♥ • Maybe at houses