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All about me


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Published in: Education
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All about me

  1. 1. All About Me By Sandra Perez
  2. 2. ♥My childhood♥ My name is Sandra Perez I am 13 years old I was born in July 11, 1997 I was born in Tampa Florida♥
  3. 3. My family I am the third child of my mom♥ I have two sister’s and two brother’s♥ I am the little sister at home☻ I am the angel at home
  4. 4. My pets ♥ I have five dogs and two cats two baby chick They name are Werra Tacito chochae Pimienta viviana♥ They are playful and nice One of my dogs is having a baby
  5. 5. My favorite song Justin bieber baby Selena Gomez round and round♥ Hannah Montana no body is perfect Titanic every night in my dreams ♥
  6. 6. My BFF Liliana Elisabeth Maria Madison
  7. 7. My favorite food♥ Chicken nuggets Pizza Pasta Sandwich
  8. 8. My favorite movie Goose bumps Hello kitty Titanic The mummy
  9. 9. My hobbies Thather ball Soccer Volley ball Base ball
  10. 10. My favorite color Pink Blue Purple black
  11. 11. School subjects and activities Math Reading Science Social studies
  12. 12. My favorite places or cities you've visited Florida Houston McAllen Dallas
  13. 13. Favorite book Goose bumps Clifford the big red dog Best friends for ever♥ Copper copper
  14. 14. Things I do for fun Play out side I play on my trampoline Go to my friends house Watch TV
  15. 15. things about I don’t at school Math Science Bell lunch
  16. 16. My favorite sport Soccer Jump a rope Go fishing Volley ball
  17. 17. Thank you