Follett Digital Reader App Directions for Teachers


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Follett Digital Reader App Directions for Teachers

  1. 1. Downloadable eBooks now availablethrough your mobile library catalog! Click (or tap) for instructions…
  2. 2. The following step-by-step directions are for iPads and Android tabletsonly. The Follett Digital Reader (step 2) does not work with phones, yet. Step 1 – Card Catalog App Download the Destiny Quest mobile app to SEARCH our library catalog. Both mobile versions are available. You can scan the QR codes or click the link. iPad Android link link Step 2 – Reader App Download the Follett Digital Reader app to READ and download the eBooks: iPad Android link link
  3. 3. Now that you have both necessary apps. Open up the DestinyQuest app to get started.  The first time you log in, it will ask you your Library URL. Enter:  Then you will choose “John Cooper MIDDLE School Library”  Next, you will log in with your Cooper username and password dragons. dragons *FYI, Destiny Quest does work on phones, but the digital reader app does not.
  4. 4. Search the catalog for books. You’ll see when you come across adownloadable eBook by the description “electronic resource.”
  5. 5. To see all the eBooks in the Middle School collection, click“Resource Lists” and click on the “MS: eBooks” list. MS: eBooks
  6. 6. Click on the book you want. Then click “Check Out” Then click “Read Now”
  7. 7. After clicking “Read Now” the Follett Digital Reader app will automaticallyopen. The first time it opens, you will need to log in. Our FollettShelf addressis: wbb14568. Log in with your Cooper username andpassword dragons. *If you’re using Android, Adobe Air is needed and it will ask you to install at this point. It only takes wbb14568 a moment. dragons
  8. 8. Next, your book will automatically open. You can now continueto read it online. This will enable you to highlight, use thedictionary and take notes. When you’re finished reading, tap the “close book” icon. You will be asked if you want to keep the book checked out OR if you are ready to return the book early.
  9. 9. In addition to reading your book online, you may choose todownload your book. After you close your book, you’ll be taken todigital reader menu. You can click “Download” to download thebook.
  10. 10. The advantage todownloading the book is sothat you can read it withoutbeing connected to theInternet.The disadvantages todownloading it is that youcan’t highlight or make notes.Choose which option worksfor you.However, you can alwaysmove the book back online bychoosing the “move online”button.
  11. 11. Final Tip #1If you see an orange box that says “ASK” this is typically going to bea Gale eBook resource. You will only be able to access this from thedesktop version of our catalog, since it sends you to the Galedatabase to view the eBook. They are not downloadable.
  12. 12. Final Tip #2Once you’ve closedyour book, you canalways go back to itby opening theFollett DigitalReader app.It will show theeBooks that youhave checked out.Simply click on thebook to open it.
  13. 13. Final Tip #3Additionally, you can open the Destiny Quest app and clickon “Account” to see ALL of the books you have checked out,not just the eBooks. Click on “Titles Checked Out” for the list.Click on the eBook you wish to open.
  14. 14. Tip #4To bookmark a page, simply tap the ribbon bookmarkgraphic on the top of the page. It will turn red toshow that it’s been marked.
  15. 15. Final Tip - Tip#5The Destiny Quest mobile app isn’t just for checking out eBooks.You can request a hold on a print book, check your fines, createlists, create a bookshelf and much more. Have fun exploring! Letus know if you have questions! Created by Pamela Hill 2012