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Professional and Social Responsibility


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This is a presentation I did based on Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep 7th edition on Professional and Social Responsibility

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Professional and Social Responsibility

  1. 1. Professional and Social Responsibility Prepared by Stephen Penn October 13, 2012Information derived or quoted from Rita Mulcahy
  2. 2. The Ethical Application of Project Management
  3. 3. Project Managers Got Attitude: Assertive & In Control
  4. 4. PMI-isms in Professional and Social Responsibility1. You will not get involved with PMI to promote your own business2. You have a duty of loyalty to PMI3. Give equal access for all to submit a proposal when handling PMI chapter work4. Don’t allow anyone to cheat on PMP exam5. No one will copy PMP exam prep materials6. No telling questions on the PMP exam7. Promote PMI and PMP exam in your organization
  5. 5. 4 Categories of Professional and Social Responsibility PMI
  6. 6. • Ownership of Decision & Actions • Decisions based on best interest of company not your own • Only accept assignments you’re qualified for • Protect proprietary information
  7. 7. International Copy Right Laws• Report unethical behavior and violations
  8. 8. • The Appropriate Treatment of People and Resources 1. Maintain an attitude of mutual cooperation 2. Respect Cultural differences 3. Engage in good faith negotiations 4. Be direct in dealing with conflict
  9. 9. Fairness – Being Objective and Making Impartial Decisions • Act impartially without bribery • Do not discriminate against others • Do not use your position for gain at others expense • Disclose conflict of interest • Apply the rules of the organization without favoritism • Do not award contracts based on personal interest
  10. 10. • Understanding the Truth and Taking Action Based on Truth 1. Try to understand the truth 2. Be truthful in all communications, and create an environment where others tell the truth 3. Provide accurate information in a timely manner 4. Act in good faith 5. Do not engage in dishonest behavior
  11. 11. • Hurts the project• Hurts the organization• Hurts the profession• Hurts your reputation
  12. 12. Practice Exam
  13. 13. Practice Exam
  14. 14. Practice Exam
  15. 15. Answers
  16. 16. Answers