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Freebase and the semantic web


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presentation in October 2010, at FSOSS

video is here

Published in: Technology
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Freebase and the semantic web

  1. 1. We Will Manage Our Information better We Will Collaberate More intellegently The Pope Is catholic Tadpoles become frogsFreebase & semantic web @spencermountain
  2. 2. We gave the monkeys the bananas because they were hungry. We gave the monkeys the bananas because they were ripe.
  3. 3. all concepts and things can be put into beautiful order Unambiguity, formality, consistency An alphabet of thought
  4. 4. Wayne gretzky played for the Edmonton Oilers David bowie is really tall Darth vader is luke skywaker's father Folksonomy Openmind, mindpixel, knowledge web
  5. 5. Murdoch had experimented with this idea in 1784 but had been discouraged by Watt. Schwab was ambitious and enjoyed personal publicity and the trappings of wealth. 59,000 relations (Oct 2010) One of the most powerful unions in America, the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers, had established a hold at Homestead.
  6. 6. 2) Phylogeny
  7. 7. Category: Saxophonists who are capable of circular breathing Category: Actors who have played serial killers Category: Films that are 87 minutes long
  8. 8. Category: Christian cheerleaders Category: Blonde Characters ● Blonde person ● Cheerleader ● Fictional Character ● Teenager ● Christian ● Tambourine player Betty Cooper is Category: Babysitters from Riverdale Category: Multi-instrumentalists Category: High-school students
  9. 9. SVO language ● Fred ● Barney ● Wilma ● Likes ● Says Three Nouns Two Verbs
  10. 10. Fred says barney likes wilma. Fred says barney likes wilma. Barney says
  11. 11. Subject Verb Object Triple, tuple, troople..
  12. 12. Bases -> Types -> Properties
  13. 13. 13 Million Topics 3 million from wikipedia 5 million from Open Library 2 million from MusicBrainz 304 million facts 3 Gigabytes compressed
  14. 14. Untyped topics
  15. 15. [{ "type":"/astronomy/planet", "name":[ ] }] { "code": "/api/status/ok", "result": [ { "name": "Earth", "type": "/astronomy/planet" }, { "name": "Venus", "type": "/astronomy/planet" }, { "name": "Mars", "type": "/astronomy/planet" }, { "name": "Mercury", "type": "/astronomy/planet" }, { "name": "Jupiter", "type": "/astronomy/planet" }, { "name": "Neptune", "type": "/astronomy/planet" }, { "name": "Saturn", "type": "/astronomy/planet" }, { "name": "Uranus", "type": "/astronomy/planet" } ], "status": "200 OK" } MQL > SQL
  16. 16. [{ "type":"/astronomy/planet", "name":[ ], "/book/book_subject/works": [ ] }] { "code": "/api/status/ok", "result": [ { "/book/book_subject/works": [ "Exploring the Earth and the Cosmos", "The reasons for seasons", "Planet Earth, inside out", "Planet Earth", "Tanar of Pellucidar", "Back to the Stone Age", "Pellucidar", "Core", "The Earth Path", "Earth in Upheaval", "The librarian who measured the earth", "The Last Ghost Dance", "The Earth and I", "The Origin Of The Earth", "Notes from the Holocene", "The singing web", "Revisioning the Earth", "Re-visioning the earth", "Highest, longest, deepest", "The Atlantis Researches", "Atlantis of the west", "Earth Then and Now", "Beginnings of Earth and Sky", "Terra Amata" ], "name": [ "Earth" ], "type": "/astronomy/planet" }, { "/book/book_subject/works": [ "Venus", "Perelandra", "Space Cadet", "Venus", "Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and F "Child of Venus", "Podkayne of Mars", "Man of Two Worlds", "The Jungle / Clash by Night", "Venus of Dreams", "Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus",
  17. 17. ● Gilmore, Australia ● Gilmore, Arkansas ● David Gilmore ● Jimmy Dale Gilmore ● Gilmore Girls ● Gilmore, Florida
  18. 18. ../search?query=gilmore&type=/ice_hockey/hockey_player ● Doug Gilmore
  19. 19. E(xtended)MQL stocks lyrics Freebase MQL query This will be awesome news
  20. 20. Things that suck ● Information of absence ● Transitivity ● Internationalisation ● Identity over time ● Sharealike conflicts
  21. 21. @spencermountain