Best Symbian Apps For Your Nokia Smartphones


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Nokia smartphones are becoming the part of many individuals due to its amazing features and extraordinary symbian apps. If you are looking for the best symbian apps to make your life easy, here in this article know features of some of the popular apps.

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Best Symbian Apps For Your Nokia Smartphones

  1. 1. Spencer HarryBest Symbian Apps For Your Nokia SmartphonesSymbian based mobiles apps areunquestionably endowed with the mostinteresting features. This highly advancedoperating system provides a wide array oftools to develop applications for high-endand high-tech mobile devices that haveadvanced functions. In order to customizeand optimize this mobile operating system,the custom applications need to bedeveloped. This is possible through hiring experienced Symbian developers.After Java, Symbian is the second largest mobile app development system.Symbian apps development is growing invariably with new generation Nokiaphones This OS is said to be consisting of structures with close similarity to thatof numerous desktop operating systems. There are many advantages of Symbianoperating system over others: it enhances the memory of the mobile phones andhelps in developing user-friendly apps just in little time. Moreover, companieslook to hire Symbian developers to cater the needs of the present Nokia appsmarket.Here are some of the best symbian based apps that are very much useful:Joiku Spot:This app helps the users to turn theirdevice into a wireless router. When theuser have a Wi-FI enabled NokiaSmartphone to run the app, it will givethe user a wireless access point thathelp to connect them to the internet viatheir mobile internet connection. Thisapps can be downloaded free as wellpaid version.Best Symbian Apps For Your Nokia Smartphones
  2. 2. Spencer HarryResco Photo Viewer:Nokias default gallery app is the worst app forviewing photos. Whereas, there are other notableapps that are really wonderful for photo viewing.Resco – a symbian based photo viewer is one suchapp. This app supports a plenty of image formats andalso has different elements to edit like color, contrastand adjustments, etc. This app also navigates quicklyand is easy to use.Mobbler:Crazy about FM Radio? This app helps users to listen FMRadio on their Nokia Smartphone. Moreover, thisamazing app also plays your favorite songs from theplaylist. Mobbler is very simple and easy to use app.Supporting Local File Playback, it automatically playsthe local files on the memory card instead of streamingonline.Instant Messenger for Symbian Phones:Providing connectivity on the socialnetworking sites is one of theinteresting features provided bySmartphones. Instant messenger hasbecome the most paramount part forthe smartphones. This allows theusers to get connected with theirfriends on the social networksthrough common platform. The onlydrawback this app has is that itdoesnt connect to Facebook.Gravity:Gravity is a popular Twitter and socialnetworking app for Nokia smartphones.Integrated with excellent features such asdrafts, favorites, picture posting, RT, URLshortening, delete tweets, users search, basicgeolocation, scheduled tweets, etc. Gravity is anBest Symbian Apps For Your Nokia Smartphones
  3. 3. Spencer Harryexcellent app for Nokia devices. Moreover, it supports basic Facebook, GoogleReader and Statusnet. With high intuitive UI, this app practically perform withhigh speed.Log on to to know moreabout symbian smartphone applicationBest Symbian Apps For Your Nokia Smartphones