Best Review Resources for Android Developers


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Mobile gadgets are in the forefront when it comes to staying connected, conducting and promoting business, or even for gaming purpose. Review websites also hold an important place in the promotion and marketing of apps helping Android developers without investing anything. We have discussed some of the most prominent and popular review websites dedicated to Android apps.

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Best Review Resources for Android Developers

  1. 1. Author : Spencer Harry Best Review Resources for Android DevelopersDeveloping mobile app is not all, marketing of the same is equally important. Submitting apps tosome professional and reputed online review sites is one of most popular marketing andpromotional strategies being observed nowadays. This activity offer an extra exposure to yourmobile app amongst the users at large. Here, in this piece of post, we would talk about somevaluable and most promising Android App review websites that can be used as promotionalplatform for the Android developer.AppBrainHaving a catalog-style features, this review site allows theusers/readers to browse and find apps based on category.It is also comprised of a “Latest Reviews” button,featuring the current app reviews i.e. the most recent appreviews. In this site, you can write a short descriptionabout your custom android app, with screenshots, appprice, videos or images, and rating of the users.Using this site users can upload your custom android appswith one mouse click and also can share the same withtheir family members or friends. This goes to say thatyour app are out to earn some real and additionalpromotion without putting any extra effort.AndroidTapp This site is dedicated to offering the current news and app updates, app recommendations and mobile developers interviews. Being a blog-style database site, it allows user to post comprehensive review of different apps, its advantages and disadvantages based on the mobile device they have used the app on. Users are also free to rate your submitted app, which include pricing details, videos and screenshots.If you get interviewed, your app will receive ample boost thus pushing your marketing activities.AndroidTapp can be considered as one of the ideal websites able to manifest your app developingexpertise.AndroidLibThis is one of the great review resource for Androiddevelopers featuring the recent apps in the market,enabling users post short reviews on the functions andbenefits of your app in the form of screenshots. This isagain a catalog-style database showcasing segregateddetails regarding pricing and also allow rating of other userposted on any specific application.The best part of this website is that it exhibits the number of times the app being accessedwhenever it is browsed. That means the more popular your app is, more often it will find place in Best Review Resources for Android Developers
  2. 2. Author : Spencer Harrythe “being browsed” list.AndroidApps This is quite orderly laid-out, blog-style review site allowing users to search applications on the basis of different categories. It allows you to post comprehensive descriptions and app recommendations. Users are free to upload screenshots and some restricted number of videos of app online also. Using this site, you can inform your users about the pricing part – any updates, just to keep informed the users on the latest changes. It also posts the top reviewers each week so that you can select from among the best reviewers to review your app.SynopsisThere are thousands of Android app review sites out there nowadays. There are many more! Here,we have highlighted some of the most popular resources. Hopefully it will help Google SDKdevelopers take a decision on planning out their app promotional strategies.For more details on review sites you can switch to Best Review Resources for Android Developers