Kings of Leon


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Kings of Leon

  1. 1. Spencer Giles
  2. 2. Who They Are • American rock band from Nashville Tennessee. • 3 band members (all brothers) formed in 1999 • 9 top 40 singles (UK) • Only by the night album reached platinum in the United States
  3. 3. Social Media Activity • Twitter- • • • • • Use twitter to promote upcoming events Promote contests to win tickets Interact with fans Promote album release Support on going events (Olympics)
  4. 4. Social Media Activity • Facebook • • • • • Post upcoming events Pictures from past concerts Music videos Contests/giveaways Fan access to post, comment and connect with the band
  5. 5. Social Media Activity • Myspace – • • • • • • Fans can listen to albums Have a “Top Fan” category based on fan activity Photos Videos Upcoming events Band portfolio
  6. 6. Social Media Activity • Official Website – • • • • • • Displays upcoming tours Online store to purchase merchandise Fans can purchase tickets for their tours Email list sign up Music videos News section for fans of upcoming events and promotions
  7. 7. Online Steaming Community • Kings of Leon allows fans to access their music on a wide range of platforms such as: • • • •
  8. 8. Online Streaming Community • These websites allow for kings of Leon to stream, promote, and market their music on these platforms. • It gives fans access to sample and enjoy their latest music.
  9. 9. Have they Found Their Online Audience? • Kings of Leon use these platforms to capture the attention of a younger generation that are active on social media platforms • This has been created and maintained by their large follower population that use social media and follow their posts.
  10. 10. Meaningful and Sharable Content • Kings of Leon are active in charity and share their support on their social media platforms for the following • Red Cross • Crisis (for single homeless people)
  11. 11. Meaningful and Sharable Content • Promote their upcoming events on twitter
  12. 12. Fan Engagement • Website allows for newsletter sign up • Running contests (ticket giveaways, merchandise) • Kings of Leon should engage more with fans by acknowledging their posts and responding to comments.
  13. 13. Continue the Social Push • Kings of Leon are active in social media by constantly posting events, giving away merchandise, ticket giveaways online and at concerts. • It is very effective because it creates a relation with the fan base that they will cherish and value.
  14. 14. Post Consistency • Kings of Leon are currently posting daily on their social media platforms. • They use all these platforms effectively as it is a free advertising platform that reaches out to hundreds of thousands of people. • Daily posts/contests keep fans tuned in
  15. 15. Kings of Leon • Uses their social media platforms effectively & consistently. • Could improve on directly interacting with fan comments which will create a better relationship with the fans.