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Spencer Print - Why Thinkstock

  1. 1. Why Thinkstock?Thinkstock offers millions of premium art-directed and user-generatedroyalty-free photos, vectors and illustrations selected from Getty Images,iStockphoto, Jupiterimages and ourworldwide image partners.We are the only stock subscription designed with one goal inmind -– to give you the freedom to focus on being creative. Find out howwe do it.
  2. 2. Why buy an image subscription? Concentrate on being creativeWe want you to stop worrying about whether the images you love for yourprojects have the correct licence or worrying about making sure invoicesget paid, or about tracking an image or staying within budget and on time.
  3. 3. Design without worrying about budgetsImagine being able to approach any of your projects without thinkingtwice about the cost of using multiple images in a design.An image subscription allows you to do just that -- to design andproduce creative projects using images without having to worry aboutbudgets
  4. 4. Always use the best images regardless ofbudgetWhat if projects with little or no budgets could get the same amount of high-qualityimagery, love and attention as the projects with the larger budgets? A Thinkstock subscription allows you to use great imagery for every project, regardless of budget.
  5. 5. Create designs that were never possibleImagine having the freedom to use 20, 50, 100 or even more images in adesign.The types of designs that were never possible to create before becausepaying a licence fee for each image would have been too expensive arenow possible.
  6. 6. Use any image at any size without affecting the price Normally with royalty-free stock images, the price is different depending on the file size. Low-resolution files cost less and high-resolution files cost more. With a subscription, you can download and use any image at any file size without affecting your price.
  7. 7. Pay less for the same great pictures that cost hundreds ofdollars individually. Many of the images available on Thinkstock can be licensed individually on other websites. For example, this picture would cost hundreds of dollars for a medium or high- resolution file if purchased individually. But on Thinkstock, this picture is included as part of the subscription and is simply counted as part of your specified download limit.
  8. 8. No more low resolution watermarked compsUse high-resolution images with no watermarks in comp designs and ayouts.
  9. 9. Save timeWhen you download an image from Thinkstock, it automatically comes with a licence touse the image.You save lots of time by not having to go back and licence images from projects once theyare approved.
  10. 10. Cut down on invoices and trackingIn most cases, you probably don’t want to get an invoice every time you use animage.With Thinkstock, you can choose to receive only one invoice per month.or just oneinvoice for an entire year of service.
  11. 11. PART 2Why choose Thinkstock?
  12. 12. What makes us uniqueThinkstock is the only subscription that combines millions of photos, vector art andillustrations selected from Getty Images, iStockphoto, Jupiterimages and worldwideimage partners.
  13. 13. Access to premium image collectionsThinkstock is the only subscription that offers images from over 40 unique collections,some of which are the most recognisable and highest quality brands in the world.
  14. 14. Access to a growing collection of vector illustrations In addition to millions of photos from iStockphoto, Getty Images and more, Thinkstock also offers a growing collection of vector art and stock illustrations.
  15. 15. Fresh, new images added dailyWe add fresh new images selected every day from Getty Images,i Stockphoto,Jupiterimages and worldwide image partners.So no matter which plan you choose --- subscription or image packs --- you haveaccess to a constant supply of new content for all your projects.
  16. 16. Every image reviewed and edited. . . for your protectionBecause Thinkstock is part of Getty Images, we have access to a large team of imageeditors who thoroughly review every image before it’s added to our selection.This ensures that the images presented to you are of the highest quality, are less-riskyto use (meaning they are free of trademarks or logos) and include reliable modelreleases.
  17. 17. Legal protectionBecause we review and edit every image, we are able to offer industry leading legalprotection--anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000--for every Thinkstock image youuse in a project.For an overview of licence options and acceptable uses for images,view our licence details.
  18. 18. Monthly paymentsThinkstock offers one of the only subscriptions that can be paid in 12 monthlyinstalments.For less than the price of a few images per month, use as many images as you needto create your best work.
  19. 19. Exclusive subscriber benefitsThinkstock 1-year subscriptions include 10% discounts on additional purchases fromGetty Images and iStockphoto.
  20. 20. CALL SPENCER PRINT ON 01432 870528TO DISCUSS YOUR STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY REQUIREMENTS Spencer Print can provide you with a plan that best matches your image requirement to your available budget. Whether it be Image Packs, or Subscription Plans, whatever type of license required Thinkstock has a solution for you http://www.spencerprint.co.uk/Stock-Images.html http://www.thinkstockphotos.co.uk http://www.spencerprint.co.uk Email: mike@spencerprint.co.uk Mike Spencer:: Getty Images Independent Sales Executive