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Sam mendes


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Sam mendes

  1. 1. Sam Mendes By Spencer Johnston
  2. 2. Introduction • Sam Mendes was born in Reading, Berkshire in 1965. • He is a British Stage and Film Director best known for Oscar winning movies ‘American Beauty’ and ‘Skyfall.’ • He is also famous for his portrayals of popular stage musicals ‘Oliver’ and ‘Gypsy.’
  3. 3. Sam Mendes’s style of Direction • Mendes’s movies usually contain many subplots opposed to just being focused on Characters, he has been praised for his use of conflicting themes within his movies. • Mendes has become known for starting his films as well as scenes with ‘high angle master shots’ especially in American Beauty and Road to Perdition. • Mendes is also noted for frequently starting end ending his movies with monologues.
  4. 4. • American Beauty is considered to be Sam Mendes’s ‘masterpiece,’ it is also my favorite movie of all time. • The movie centers around Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) a middle aged man fed up with having to fake all the enjoyment in his life. The movie has several different plots with ‘beauty’ being the most evident theme in the movie and how it can be found in the strangest places. • Critics lauded the exploration of the movies other themes explorations of romantic and paternal love, sexuality, materialism, self-liberation, and redemption. • American Beauty won 5 Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director for Sam Mendes.
  5. 5. Skyfall • Skyfall was the 23rd James Bond movie and Daniel Craig’s third appearance as James Bond. • The movie is about villain Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) who is hellbent on getting revenge on M (Judi Dench) who betrayed him. James Bond, despite be • The film was a massive success with Mendes being receiving large amounts of praise. It grossed $1,108,561,013 making it the eighth highest grossing film of all time. • It one two Oscars for ‘Best Original Score’ and ‘Best Original Song.’
  6. 6. Jarhead • Jarhead is a biographical war drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx. • Jarhead is about a marine called ‘Swoff’ who is fighting in Saudi Arabia in 1975 in the Desert Storm. The films themes differ from loyalty and friendship through to love and Isolation. • Jarhead was fairly successful in the box office making over $25,000,000 million more than its budget. • I admire the films bravery as it deals more with the boredom and depression war causes opposed to the psychological damage war causes.