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Video on Facebook - iSentia Two Social


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Video on Facebook - iSentia Two Social

  1. 1. Video •• Facebook Video
  2. 2. •• Facebook Video Create content that users want to consume, engage with and share
  3. 3. Best in class content marketers are 24% more likely to use original video content Original video in content marketing Source: Aberdeen Group survey of organisations using content marketing divided the respondents into three tiers –  Best-in-Class (the top 20% of performers), Industry Average (the middle 50%), and Laggards (the bottom 30%). The research found that Best-in-Class companies are 24% more likely than Laggards to use original video content (68% vs. 55%). •• Facebook Video
  4. 4. Video sharing Shares of the John Lewis (UK) Christmas TVC within the first 24 hours of posting 76.9% 23.1% •• Facebook Video
  5. 5. 1 billion videos watched per day on Facebook* 15% monthly growth *Source: •• Facebook Video
  6. 6. “People ask us are you a social network? Are you a mobile platform? What we’re saying now is because of the rise of video we’re actually a video platform which is perhaps quite an unexpected way to start presentations.” Ellie Rogers, Head of Agency Sales, Facebook Australia •• Facebook Video
  7. 7. Video views and posts on Facebook Source: Comscore, 2014 •• Facebook Video
  8. 8. Video views and posts on Facebook Source: Social Bakers, 2014 •• Facebook Video
  9. 9. Facebook video engagement “YouTube is still the video king online, but this is ever more evidence Facebook is on its ascension to the throne.” Business Insider, Facebook Video Is Driving YouTube Off Facebook, December 2014 •• Facebook Video
  10. 10. Mobile is driving Facebook video consumption •• Facebook Video
  11. 11. 1 in 3 of all mobile internet minutes are spent on Facebook •• Facebook Video
  12. 12. In Australia, there are 9 million active daily Facebook users 7.3 million of these access Facebook from a mobile device •• Facebook Video
  13. 13. Video vs Image in Dark Posts Average CTR 6.1% Average reach of 137 per $1 Average CPL of $3.60 Average CTR of 0.84% Average reach of 88 per $1 Average CPL of $4.10 55% improvement 12% reduction •• Facebook Video
  14. 14. think courageously •• Facebook Video