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Virtual Marketing Ecosystems - at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
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Virtual marketing

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Virtual Marketing is revolutionizing advertising globally!

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Virtual marketing

  1. 1. Virtual Marketing…Spencer McBride
  2. 2.  Internet Marketing is using the world wide web to advertise their message or product. The internet has revolutionized the way companies and people relay their message to consumers globally. It is virtually everywhere and can sometimes be free to the advertiser.
  3. 3. Marketers Globally havemade the decision to usevirtual marketing becausesocial media outlets havebecome the center ofmany peoples pass time.People of all ages spendtime on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, thuspotentially seeinghundreds ofadvertisements a day.And they can sometimescost next to nothing for theadvertisers.
  4. 4.  Businesses small and large are relying more and more on virtual marketing. They are creating Facebook and Twitter pages, creating events, and having contests and giveaways. Thus creating more followers and having more and more people see their company. Companies have been hiring people JUST to update tweets, and statuses for the said company.
  5. 5.  YES! There is said to be approximately 1 billion Facebook users. Companies have millions of followers who specifically sign up to follow the said company’s updates. Seeing if there are any deals, or information about the company.
  6. 6.  For many years it was said to believe that the majority of Virtual Marketing was meant to ‘target’ teenagers and young adults because they where the ones who spent their spare time in social media sites. However this can’t be further from the truth. In 2011 over 55% of Twitter users where over the age of 35. The people on these sites are from a variety of different cultural backgrounds, different ages, and different incomes. So the demands of the target audience is endless.
  7. 7. Virtual Marketing hasgrown with the growth ofcomputers and cellphones over the pastdecade. Not only domost homes havemultiples computers butmany also have smartphones which allow thesharing of informationvirtually instant andanywhere. Advertisershave JUMPED on thisopportunity.
  8. 8.  VideoAdvertising: Companies are using YouTube, and other video based websites to host there commercials. This is a link to a commercial that is hosted by YouTube: bfgUE
  9. 9. Company’s use TwitterFacebook, MySpace andother sites in which usersfrequently ‘follow’ people tooffer exclusive deals anddiscounts. They also shownew products or companyannouncements to thefollowers.
  10. 10.  Many company’s email there customers about exclusive offers, coupons, or new products. This is incredibly easy for companies as it allows them to relay a message to the customers with a simple click of a button. However many tend to find these emails sometimes ‘annoying’ and delete them before they get a chance to read the offer.
  11. 11.  There is no stopping the potential for Virtual Marketing. The virtual world is continuing to grow and improve with each year that passes, and doing so will create endless opportunities for all types of virtual marketing globally.
  12. 12. 
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Virtual Marketing is revolutionizing advertising globally!


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