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15 1 the debate over slavery


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15 1 the debate over slavery

  1. 1. CHAPTER 15:A Divided Nation Section 1:The Debate over Slavery
  2. 2. VOCABULARY Sectionalism: A devotion to theinterests of one geographic regionover the interests of the country as awhole Secede: To formally withdrawfrom the Union
  3. 3. NEW LAND RENEWS SLAVERY DISPUTES New land causes bitter debate overslavery • Will slavery spread into new territories?
  4. 4. NEW LAND RENEWS SLAVERY DISPUTES Southerners wanted slavery in allterritories
  5. 5. NEW LAND RENEWS SLAVERY DISPUTES Northerners supported theWilmot Proviso (never passed) • Stated no slavery in territories
  6. 6. NEW LAND RENEWS SLAVERY DISPUTES Beginning of sectionalism
  7. 7. NEW LAND RENEWS SLAVERY DISPUTES Some say the solution is popularsovereignty • People who live in territories will vote yes or no on slavery
  8. 8. THE CALIFORNIA QUESTION California to apply for statehood • They do not want slavery
  9. 9. THE CALIFORNIA QUESTION But this would upset the balance ofpower in the Senate  South threatens to secede
  10. 10. THE COMPROMISE OF 1850 Compromise of 1850 – Submittedby Henry Clay
  11. 11. THE COMPROMISE OF 1850• CA enters Union a free state• Rest of Mexican Cession landwould be decided by popularsovereignty• Slave trade – but not slavery –would end in Wash. D.C.• Fugitive Slave Act passed
  12. 12. The Compromise of 1850
  13. 13. FUGITIVE SLAVE ACT Made it a crime to help runawayslaves. Allowed for the arrest ofescaped slaves in the North andrequired their return to slaveholders
  14. 14. Fugitive Slave Law Reward Posters
  15. 15. FUGITIVE SLAVE ACT• African Americans were returnedwithout a trial and could not testifyon their own behalf