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Survey product pages from the Speedy HIre 2011 catalogue

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Speedy Survey Equipment

  1. 1. Health & Safety information and Personal & Environment Monitoring Free Toolbox Talks - pages 22 to 25 Personal & Environmental Monitoring PROTIMETER MMS+ PROTIMETER ATP 4 in 1 ENVIRONMENT FLUE GAS ATP DIGITAL SOUND ATP HIGH TEMP LASER HYGROMASTER METER PT-5035 ANALYSER METER SL-8851 INFRARED THERMOMETER IR-8859 CODE C0905010 C0905030 C0905050 24/5055 24/0120 80/0320 ATP High Temp Laser SERVICEABLE ATP 4 in 1 Environment ATP Digital Sound Meter Description Protimeter MMS+ Protimeter Hygromaster Flue Gas Analyser Infrared Thermometer Meter PT-5035 SL-8851 IR-8859 Personal/Environmental (P/E) E E E E E E Digital Yes u u u u u Light sound, humidity, Flue gas, gas pressure, Metering Function Moisture & hygrometry Hygrometry Sound Temperature temp ambient CO, temp 0-21%Vol 02 0-20000 Lux, 0-200Mbar 30-130dB over Range ”7 to 100%WME 30 to 100%RH 35-130dB,25-95%RH -50 to +1600ºC 0-4,000ppm C0 2 Auto ranges -20 to +750ºC temp -40-600ºC Information Display LED LED LCD LCD LCD LCD Audible Indication Yes u Visual Indication Yes u u u u Memory Onboard logging Onboard logging Data Transfer Method Serial interface Serial interface Infra Red USB interface Results Output PC transferable PC transferable Real time display To infra red printer Via USB port to a PC Display Tripod Mountable Yes u u CalCheck strip Saturated Calibration Method Saturated humidity salts Test gases Via a potentiometer humidity salts Battery Type 2 x 1.5v AA 2 x 1.5v AA 1 x 9v PP3 Lithium Ion 1 x 9v PP3 1 x 9v PP3 Battery Life Auto power off system 5 hours with pump on Auto power off system Auto power off system A precision sound level meter ideal wide temperature Simple operation Has k-type in/out for measuring noise range -50 to 1600 °C, with visual scale and for temperature Charger, levels in different Trigger lock, audible indication of measurements. carry case, environments and response time Detachable sensor dry, suspect or damp Supplied in carry case calibration industries. Manufactured less than a second, Other Features & Benefits and optional surface conditions. Includes with lux, RH & wire certificate to IEC 60651 Type 2, this high and low temperature sensor. temperature sensor temperature sensors Conforms to sound level meter has alarm, distance for total surveying battery and EN50379 & BS 7067 a precision ½ electret to spot size and pathology. wind muffler. condenser microphone ratio 50:1 at the and is lightweight focal point and easy to use Available to Hire No No No Yes Yes Yes Available to Purchase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes PER WEEK £650.00 £190.00 £112.00 £80.00 £77.50 £33.30214 Survey & Measurement Instrumentation Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-214.indd 214 2/3/11 15:49:39
  2. 2. Information on Noise regulations - pages 22 to 25 Personal & Environment Monitoring Personal & Environmental Monitoring SERVICEABLE CODE 24/0122 80/0150 80/0045 80/0245 80/0050 CEL 350 dBadge Personal Description CEL 490 Sound Meter Microdust Pro Apex Air Sampling Pump Microtherm WBGT Sound Meter Personal/Environmental (P/E) E P E P E Digital u u u u u Metering Function Sound Sound, personal exposure Dust, suspended particulate Dust, aerosols Temperature, site monitoring 60 -140dB RMS Range Single 140dB range 1 ugm3 to 2500mgm3 0.5 - 5ltr/min 90 -144dB Peak LCD, real time, Information Display LCD LCD & LED LCD, real time graph LCD, real time flow & volume full logging Audible Indication NO/Voltage output available Pump fail indication u Visual Indication u u u u u Memory u u u u Data Transfer Method Serial Interface Serial Interface Downloadable, Via RS232 Windust Downloadable Results Output Real time display Laboratory analysis software provided Pro software via software Tripod Mountable u u u Hand Held u u u Calibration Method Manual field check Rotameter Rechargeable or Battery Type 4 x 1.5v AA Rechargeable Rechargeable 4 x 1.5v AA 4 x A4 dry cells Battery Life Typically 15 hours 32 hours Typically 20 hours >45 hours @2L per min (GFA) Typically 85 hours Removable probe for Other Features & Benefits 2Mb 800000 points checking air ducts/processes Available to Hire Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Available to Purchase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes PER WEEK £343.10 £357.80 £114.20 £75.70 £108.00 Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.com Survey & Measurement Instrumentation 215MC2011-215.indd 215 2/3/11 15:32:15
  3. 3. Leica Viva GNSS GS15 SmartRover Built on years of knowledge and experience, the Leica GS15 delivers the hallmarks of Leica GNSS - reliability and accuracy. Designed to suit any surveying task it is built for the most demanding environments. • SmartCheck - RTK data processing to guarantee correct results • SmartTrack - Advanced four constellation tracking of all GNSS satellites • SmartRTK - delivers consistent results in all networks • Fully illuminated, rubber and alphanumeric QWERTY keypad • 2 Megapixel camera can be used hand-held or pole mounted • System supplied with Leica Viva CS15 Controller • IP67 and operating temperature -30 to 60 degrees • Colour, illuminated VGA touch screen • Supplied complete with SmartNet RTK Correction Service CODE 24/5030 Description Leica Viva GS15 SmartRover PER WEEK POA Leica GPS900 NetRover The GPS900 NetRover is easy to learn and operate alternative to Total Stations enabling true one person Setting Out. Setting Out can be difficult on busy construction sites with obstacles frequently blocking the line of site, but the GPS900 NetRover requires no line of site so it increases productivity too. • Control/Reference Lines can be defined using the map view. • Set out and measure relative to lines and arcs, enter offsets and heights • Set checks for quality control - ideal for buildings, drainage and foundations • Set out points and digital terrain models (DTMs) • Site Measurements - Calculate Areas and Volumes • Record topographical points with or without code and attribute information • Set out relative to a 3D alignment using the RoadRunner option • Supplied complete with SmartNet RTK Correction Service Additional Reference Stations available upon request. CODE 24/2120 Description Leica GPS900 NetRover PER WEEK POA216
  4. 4. Leica TPS1200+ High Performance Total StationsThe industry’s most accurate reflectorless EDM with the smallest laser dot measures distances over1000 metres. The new telescope, means the most accurate measurements to reflectors.The Leica TPS1200+ Robotic Total Station only needs Leica TCRP1205+ R1000one operator to achieve exceptional performance One Person Robotic Total Stationand accuracy and has outstanding features: Code 24/1795 Per Week POA• Angle and distance measurement (IR-Mode) Leica TCRP1201+ R1000• PinPoint reflectorless EDM (RL-Mode) One Person Robotic Total Station• Automatic Target Recognition (ATR / Lock) Code 24/4005 Per week POA• PowerSearch (PS)• High contrast graphic colour display• Guide Light (EGL)• 360 Degree Reflector• Endless drives for fast, comfortable operation and precise pointing• Touch Screen COMING• Laser Plummet SOON• Compact flash cards, high capacity, Leica TS15 High Performance reliable data storage Total Station• Various models and options availableController and operating software is also available : • Viva SmartWorx (CS15 Controller) • SmartWorx (RX1250TC Controller) • Leica SurvCE (RX1250TC Controller) For information on our Robotic Total Stations call 0845 600 9960 or visit www.speedyservices.com 217
  5. 5. For a full range of consumables visit Total Stations www.speedyservices.com Total Stations CODE 24/0567 24/0570 24/4920 24/0554 Description Topcon GPT3007N Nikon DTM332 Leica FlexLine TS06 Leica TCR805 Angle Measurement [Hz, V] Accuracy [standard deviation] 7” (2.0mgon) 5” (1.5mgon) 5” (1.5mgon) 5” (1.5mgon) Compensator Single axis Single Axis Dual Axis Dual Axis Distance Measurement to a Prism or Reflective Target Single Prism 3000m 2000m 3500m 3500m Reflective Tape or Target Measurement Accuracy +/-2mm + 2ppm +/-3mm + 2ppm +/-1.5mm + 2ppm +/- 5mm + 2ppm Reflectorless Measurement Range 250m 400m 400m General Information Telescope Magnification 30X 33X 30X 30X Keyboard Alphanumeric Alphanumeric Alphanumeric Alphanumeric Plummet Optical Optical Laser Laser Battery Life 4.2 hours 16 hours 20 hours 6 hours Dust and Splash Proof IP66 IP66 IP55 IP55 Temperature Range -20 to 50ºC -20 to 50ºC -20 to 50ºC -20 to 50ºC Emitting Guide Light u u Data Storage and Communications Internal Memory and Point Storage 24,000 points 10,000 points 100,000 points 18,000 points USB Memory Stick 1GB Interfaces RS232 9 PIN Serial USB, Bluetooth RS232 Programmes and On Board Software Topography (Orientation & Surveying), Stake Out, Resection, Height Transfer, Construction Area (Plan & Surface),Volume Calculation, Tie Distance, u u u u Remote Height, Offset, Reference Line, Arc & Plane Roadworks 3D, Traverse Pro Optional Detail Kit Included Tripod, Detail Pole and Prism u u u u Mini Prism Set Optional Extra Optional Extra u u Half Traverse Set 24/1880 Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra Full Traverse Set 24/0580 Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra Long Diagonal Eyepiece for Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra Optional Extra Vertical Sighting 24/0510 PER WEEK £213.80 £320.70 219.40 £200.20218 Survey & Measurement Instrumentation Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-218.indd 218 4/3/11 15:51:01
  6. 6. The ultimate serviceAs a Leica Geosystems approved service partner Speedy can offer the ultimate surveyingand confined space servicing and repair facilities. Offering servicing repair and calibration, the service centre offers a quick efficient service with the fastest possible turnaround, getting you back to work as soon as possible. • Largest independent UK service centre • Manufacturer trained technicians & engineers • Over 120 years’ experience in one location • Multi manufacturer approval • Over 1000 repairs completed monthly • Cutting-edge UKAS accredited test equipment • UK delivery and collection service • Quotations available on request • Service recall facility available • Over £100,000 of spare parts in stock“Speedy Survey’s level of investment in test equipment,technical training and spare parts makes them anexcellent choice to carry out repairs and servicing onall Leica Geosystems equipment. We fully accreditthem as a Leica Geosystems authorised service centre.”David Price, Managing Director,Leica Geosystems UK & Ireland. To find out more call 0121 541 2002 or visit www.speedyservices.com 219
  7. 7. Health & Safety information and Grade Lasers Free Toolbox Talks - pages 22 to 25 LEICA RUGBY 410 DG LASER LEICA RUGBY 410 DG LASER Grade Lasers CODE 24/0219 24/0218 Description Leica Rugby 410 DG Laser Leica Rugby 400 DG Laser Applications: Railway and Airport Construction u u Precise Depth Control for Sub Base and Fine Grade Excavation u u Site Preparation and General Construction u u Agricultural Applications u u Landfill Construction u u Construction of Sports Pitches u u Machine Control Applications u u Technical Specifications: Fully Automatic Self Levelling u u Dual Grade u u Operating Range 800m diameter 750m diameter Accuracy +/- 1.6mm per 30m +/- 1.6mm per 30m Grade Capability -5 to +25% in either Axis -5 to +25% in either Axis Operating Temperature -20 to +50º -20 to +50º Grade Entry with Display u u Remote Control Range 200m 60m Beam Masking u u Wind Sensitivity Settings u u Selecatable Rotating Speeds u u Laser Beam Invisible [IR] u u Battery Type Rechargeable 100hrs Rechargeable 100hrs Environmental Specifications Watertight to IPX-7 Watertight to IPX-7 Rechargeable battery, charger, Rod Eye Receiver Rechargeable battery, charger, Rod Eye Receiver Standard Accessories with bracket and remote control with bracket and remote control PER WEEK £212.00 £200.20 Optional accessories: Machine Control Tripod, Messfix Measuring Rod and Column Clamp220 Survey & Measurement Instrumentation Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-220.indd 220 4/3/11 15:48:42
  8. 8. Find your nearest depot on pages 318 to 333 Interior Lasers Leica Rugby 200 Green Beam Laser Topcon PL 1 Fisco Multipoint Interior Lasers SERVICEABLE CODE 24/0234 24/4865 24/0229 24/0260 Horizontal & Vertical Rotating Horizontal & Vertical Rotating Description Single Beam Plumbing Laser 5 Beam Laser Pointer Laser Laser Applications: Interior Construction u u u u Installing Ceiling Grids u u Transferring Points from Floor to Ceiling u u u u External Applications u u u Dry Wall Building u u u Technical Specifications: Beam Type Visible Red Beam Visible Green Beam Visible Red Beam Visible Red Beam Fully Automatic Self-Levelling Yes Yes Yes Yes Plumb Beam u u u u Working Range 300m with a rod eye 300m with a rod eye 100m 30m Accuracy +/-1.5mm per 30m +/- 3mm per 30m +/- 10mm @ 100m Scan Function u u Scan Modes 10, 45, 90, 180º 10, 45, 90, 180º Alignment Beam u Wall Mount u Motorised Battery Life 30hrs rechargeable 25hrs rechargeable 24hrs D batteries 30hrs AA batteries Remote Control u u Laser Glasses Standard Standard Optional Optional Water and Dust Resistant IPX-6 IP54 IPX-6 Laser Receiver (Rod Eye) Optional Standard Tripod Optional Optional Optional Column Clamp Optional Optional Optional PER WEEK £152.30 £181.30 £159.10 £67.80 Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.com Survey & Measurement Instrumentation 221MC2011-221.indd 221 4/3/11 12:44:19
  9. 9. Guidance on safe working in Confined Spaces Exterior Lasers & Pipe Lasers - pages 22 to 25 Exterior Lasers RUGBY 100 Rugby 200HV SERVICEABLE CODE 24/4825 24/0237 24/4835 Description Rugby 100 Rugby 100LR Rugby 200HV Applications: Concrete Forming, Pad Placement and Framework u u u Setting Foundations and Footing u u u Precise Depth Control for Sub Base and Fine Grade Excavation u u u Finish grade and sub grade u u u Technical Specifications: Fully Automatic Self Levelling u u u Manual Grade Capacity Yes up to 10% Yes up to 10% Yes up to 10% Accuracy +/-1.5mm @ 30m +/-1.5mm @ 30m +/-1.5mm @ 30m Highly Visible Beam for Quick and Easy Location u u u Out of Level Indicator Light u u Yes Working range with Rod Eye 300m diameter 750m diameter 300m diameter H.I elevation alert feature prevents errors due to shifting or movement of the tripod u u u Plumb beam for 90 degree setting out u Battery Life 35 hours rechargeable 35 hours rechargeable 30 hours rechargeable Water and dust resistant IP66 IP66 IP56 Rechargeable batteries, Rechargeable batteries, Rechargeable batteries, Standard accessories charger, rod eye charger, rod eye charger, rod eye and staff bracket and staff bracket and staff bracket PER WEEK £115.00 £132.60 £152.30 Pipe Lasers Construction Laser Receivers NEW - Rod Eyes For use with any external or internal rotating laser level, hand held or staff mounted they are used to pick up the beam emitted from a laser transmitter. CODE 24/0205 24/0210 The new Rod Eye Digital and Plus are Leica ‘Piper 200’ Topcon ‘TP-L4’ supplied with 2 x AA batteries, staff Description Pipe Laser Pipe Laser bracket and have Anti-strobe protection. Applications: Storm & Sanitary Sewer Construction Yes Yes Gravity Flowpipes Yes Yes Technical Specifications: Fit inside a 100mm or 4 inch pipe Yes No CODE 24/4820 24/4830 Working Range 200m 200m Description Rod Eye Plus Rod Eye Digital PER WEEK £122.10 £112.80 PER WEEK POA POA222 Survey Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-222.indd 222 4/3/11 15:44:52
  10. 10. Training Solutions pages 302 to 317 Digital Levels Digital Levels †Tripod and staff Leica Sprinter Series† Leica DNA Series† included in hire rate. CODE 24/0300 24/0297 24/4815 24/4810 Description Leica Sprinter 100m Sprinter 200m DNA 03 DNA 10 Applications Quick Measurements of Heights, Height Differences and Stake Outs u u u u Error Free Levelling for all Construction Projects such as Roads, Railways u u u u and Buildings High Accuracy Levelling in All Application Areas: Construction and Civil u u u u Engineering 1 and 2 Order Levelling [High Precision Measurements] u Cadastral Levelling [Precision Measurements] u u u u Height Accuracy – Electronic Measurements With Standard Staffs 2.0mm 1.5mm 1.0mm 1.5mm With Invar Staffs - - 0.3mm 0.9mm Electronic Measurement Range 80m 80m 110m 110m Time for Single Measurement 3 seconds 3 seconds 3 seconds 3 seconds Measurement Modes [Single and Tracking] u u u u Measurement Programs [Measure, Record, Staff Height, Distance, Height u Plus additional u Plus additional u u Difference with Onboard Adjust programmes programmes Coding u u Data Storage Internal Memory 500 measurements 500 measurements 6,000 measurements 6,000 measurements Backup - - PCMCIA card PCMCIA card Online Operations [GSI Format via RS232 Cable] u u u u Telescope magnification (optical) 24x 24x 24x 24x Power Supply AA Batteries AA Batteries Rechargeable Rechargeable Alphanumeric Keyboard u u Environmental Conditions Working Temperature -10 to +50º -10 to +50º - 20 to +50º - 20 to +50º Dust/water resistant IP55 IP55 IP53 IP53 Sensitivity in measuring - visible light, artificial light and low light u u u u conditions -20 lux Standard kit includes a tripod and bar coded telescopic staff u u u u PER WEEK £55.90 £93.80 £249.70 £238.00 Additional Accessories Invar Bar Coded Staff u u Fibreglass Staff u u u u Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.com Survey 223MC2011-223.indd 223 4/3/11 09:20:30
  11. 11. Find your nearest depot on pages 318 to 333 Optical Levels Optical Levels †Package includes Tripod and Staff NA720 NA2 CODE 24/0342 24/1865 Description Leica NA720 Builders Automatic Level NA2 Precise Automatic Level Applications Basic Levelling and Setting Out work on the Construction site u u Routine levelling for the construction of Roads, railways, pipelines etc u u Precise levelling and settlement Determinations on buildings u Deformation measurement and monitoring of bridges u Technical Specifications: Magnification 20x 32x Telescope image Upright Upright Gas filled u u Angle Measurement 360º 360º Accuracy [Standard Deviation for 1km Double Run] 2.5mm 0.7mm With Parallel Plate Micrometer - 0.3mm Environmental Specifications IP57 IP53 Temperature Range -20 to +50º -20 to +50º Water and dust resistant u u PER WEEK £30.70 £98.60 Levelling Accessories Description Additional Aluminium 5/5m ‘E’ Reading Telescopic Staff Parallel Plate Micrometer for Leica NA2 Precise Level Invar levelling staff for Leica NA2 Precise Level FOK73 Eyepiece for Leica NA2 Precise Level (40x Magnification) Wooden Tripod for precise levelling Diagonal Eyepiece for Leica NA2 Precise Level Fibreglass (non conductive) ‘E’ Reading Telescopic Staff224 Survey Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-224.indd 224 4/3/11 12:46:14
  12. 12. High DefinitionSurveying TMHigh-Definition SurveyingTM from Leica Geosystems not only offersmany benefits to the measurement professional, but also to therecipients and users of accurate spatial information.• High Speed up to 10x faster full dome scans• Powerful bore sighted video/camera for real-time streaming with zoom• High accuracy long-range laser scanner with full field-of-view and dual axis compensator• Compatible with standard surveying equipment (GPS/Prism) for complete flexibility• High resolution digital image tough screen colour display• Onboard batteries and memory Range no cables or computer required For information on High Definition SurveyingTM call 0845 600 3546 or visit www.speedyservices.comManaged Services 225
  13. 13. Cable Avoidance & Machine Control Systems The world’s first excavator mounted buried service avoidance system - the unique EZiDIG. Range • The system receives POWER, RADIO & GENERATED (8-33kHz) frequencies simultaneously. • Provides instant audible and visual feedback warning of the presence of buried services direct to the excavator operator. • Reduces cable strikes and their associated costs - saving you both time and money! • Increases site safety, reducing risk to personnel and equipment. A smart and integrated range of accurate, easy to use, upgradeable and rugged machine control solutions through a unique partnership with the market leader Leica DepthMaster Leica Leica PowerDigger 2D PowerGrade 2D Leica DepthMaster is designed for digging Leica PowerDigger 2D Leica PowerGrade applications where only uses three sensors 2D regulates the indicate control is placed along the elevation and cross required. Mounted on the excavator arm to calculate slope of the grading dipper stick it works with exact position of the blade through any rotating laser and transforms excavators into bucket teeth. Operators cutting-edge sensor technology. By integrating high precision, time saving measuring tools can then view arm and bucket position on the with the machines hydraulic system, fully • High precision - saves time over digging and in-cab display. automatic blade control ensures the desired finished surface is achieved. backfill material costs • Full colour, high contrast display - essential information at a glance to the operator • Fits most bulldozers, motorgraders and • Increases productivity - no more stopping work attachments eg; box blades and drag boxes to check excavation depth • Work from a datum point on the ground or from a rotating laser reference • Achieve maximum grade accuracy • Compatible with any excavator or backhoe automatically - increasing project cycle speeds • Maximum uptime - all-day battery • Guided maximum depth and grade accuracy increasing the spread of excavation • Reduce material and rework costs • Works with any rotating laser • Reduce material and rework costs • Creates a green site - reduced rework and • Setup in seconds increased productivity mean big fuel savings For information call 0845 600 3546 or visit www.speedyservices.com226
  14. 14. Work at Height safely - pages 22 to 25 Cable & Utility Location Additional savings can be made when CAT & Genny are hired together Locator (Cat) CODE 24/0005 24/5065 24/0023 24/0015 24/0006 24/0018 24/0012 24/5150 Description Rigid SR20 RD8000 RD4000 RD400 Cat 3V Cat CAT+ CAT i500 Power Mode 0 to 10m Multi 0 - to 3m Multi 0-3m 0-3m 0-3m 0-3m 0-3m 0-3m (energised electric services) Frequency Frequency 0 to 10m Multi 0-2m Multi Radio Mode (metallic services) 0-2m 0-2m 0-2m 0-2m 0-2m 2-2m Frequency Frequency Strike Alert Function - If Activated - - - If Activated If Activated If Activated Genny Genny Genny Genny Genny Genny Depth Measurement Function - - Optional Required Required Required Required Required LCD & Digital Visual Indication LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD LCD Mapping SENSITIVITY Auto Semi Auto Semi Auto Manual Manual Manual Manual Auto Power Supply Locator, Battery 4xC 2xD 4xD 12 x AA 2xD 2xD 2xD 6 x AA Instructional DVD u - u - - - - - Plastic Utilities (polypropylene PPE) - - - - - - - - Network Rail Approved - - u u u u u u Certificated Training POA u u u u u u u - Available to Hire Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Available to Purchase Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes PER WEEK £161.10 POA £153.20 £148.70 £100.60 £89.90 £89.90 POA Signal Generator CODE 24/0004 24/5067 24/0024 24/0014 24/0007 24/0019 24/0013 24/5155 Description ST-305 (5W) RD8000 RD4000 RD400 RD Genny 3 RD Genny+ RD Genny i500 0 to +10 Multi Multi 0 to 3m Multi Generator Mode 0 to 3m 0 to 3m 0 to 3m 0 to 3m 0-3m Frequency Frequency Frequency Signal Generator Induction Range Range 150m+ Rage n150m+ Range 150m+ Range 150m Range 150m Range 150m Range 150m Range 150m Signal Generator Direct Range 250m+ Range 250m+ Range 250m+ Range 150 Range 150 Range 250m Range 250m 250m Connection Range Generator Signal (kh) 33,8 & 1 940Hz to 200kHz 33,8 & 1 33,8 & 1 33 33 33 33 & 8 Power Supply Signal 6xC 8xD 12 x D 10 x AA 4xD 4xD 4xD 4xC Generator Battery Instructional DVD u - u - - - - - Network Rail Approved - - NOT RD4000 Genny - u u u u Certificated Training POA u u - - - - u u Available to Hire Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Available to Purchase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes PER WEEK £161.10 POA £158.00 £148.70 £64.70 £85.50 £64.70 POA Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.com Survey 227MC2011-227.indd 227 4/3/11 09:24:13
  15. 15. Training Solutions pages 302 to 317 Inspection, Detection & Imaging Hilti Ferroscan PS200 An easy-to-use portable system for detecting the position and diameter of reinforcement in concrete and PS20 measuring depth of cover. This system consists of scanner, monitor and For identifying the position of PC-based software. reinforcement copper water pipes Hire OR and unshielded live electric cables. Buy • Support beams/columns/ceiling/ tunnels & bridges • Rebar location & CODE 24/0053 structural renovation • Rebar strike Description PS20 prevention • Shows rebar depth & PER WEEK £61.00 CODE 24/0070 diameter • 30m continuous scan - essential when working in tunnels/ Description FERROSCAN PS200 bridges PER WEEK £788.40 Gatorcam Digital • Robust and convenient digital video • Reliable image storage on memory cards and simple high quality video image transfer to a PC • Rugged Control Module with LCD Intrinsically Safe Colour screen Video Inspection System • Tough cameras and interchangeable Radiodetection Flexicam options with bright white LED lighting The Mini Flexiprobe • Range of rods up to 150m system is an intrinsically safe solution Versatile inspection system that allows successful inspection and • Fully locatable with sonde and locator reporting within ATEX environments • Built-in LCD screen accessories • External video recorder connection • 25mm (1”) to 100mm (4”) pipe • Variety of skids and brushes for pipe CODE 24/0753 • Self retracting 50 foot Flexirod inspections manoeuvrability Description Gatorcam Digital • 61 metres (200 ft) of patented 7mm • Ability to negotiate tight corners and • Audio input for voice over annotation PER WEEK £689.90 multiple 90 degree bends semi rigid rod USES • 5 hour battery life RECHARGABLE • True portability, weighs only 21kg and BATTERIES PS38 operates from a 12v DC external supply CODE 24/0690 NEW • Composite video output/input allowing A highly versatile multi-detector for Description FLEXICAM connection to a video recorder or locating metal, electrical conduits, PER WEEK £240.90 external monitor wood and plastic objects • Integrated high resolution 6.4” colour CODE 24/5060 LCD allowing improved image Description PS38 recognition PER WEEK POA • QWERTY keyboard for text annotation on site • Integral electronic meterage counter PW Allen Endoscope that displays distance on screen in 0.1m increments which is accurate to +/- 1%. 9.6mm ø probe, 315mm working Elcometer length, bright tip illumination, c/w Cover Meter carry case, scope protector, spare bulb, Hire OR Buy rechargeable battery. • Accurate bar determination • c/w detector head CODE 80/0480 • Analysis unit • Battery pack and charger. Intrinsically Safe Description CODE 24/0700 24/0705 Inspection Unit CODE 24/0054 Description Endoscope Endoscope Image Recorder ATEX Rating 0 Description Cover Meter P331 PER WEEK £134.60 £152.00 PER WEEK POA PER WEEK £142.70228 Survey & Measurement Instrumentation Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-228.indd 228 4/3/11 09:05:05
  16. 16. For a full range of consumables visit www.speedyservices.com Tracing Equipment Cobra Compact and portable fibreglass duct rods provide a means of rodding and locating a sewer, drain or duct, installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes or surveying drains with CCTV cameras. Duct rods can be used with all Sondes and Mouse transmitters with M10 threaded ends. Signal Clamps Used in conjunction with a signal generator, the signal clamp applies a CODE 24/0028 24/0029 24/0030 24/0031 24/0032 24/0033 Flexi Trace signal safely to a pipe or live cable up Cobra Cobra Cobra Cobra Cobra to 76mm diameter without interrupting Description Cobra 50m 100m 120m 150m 200m 250m Flexible fibreglass rod for tracing bore the supply. A signal can also be applied pipes down to depths of 3m. Powered to an insulated line without removal of PER WEEK £131.40 £142.40 £154.50 £165.40 £177.50 £188.50 by a compatible signal generator. the insulation. RD500 CODE 24/0035 CODE 24/0048 Description Flexi Trace 50m Description Signal Clamps A simple to use locator for buried non PER WEEK £138.20 PER WEEK £31.80 metallic water pipes, comprising a Transonde transmitter and a hand held receiver. The Transonde transmitter applies a distinct pressure wave to the water in the pipe, which is detected by a seismic sensor in the receiver. CODE 24/0016 Description RD500 inc transmitter PER WEEK £243.50 Property Connection Cable Set Cable set to connect signal Sonde from signal generator into the property power cables. Transmitting sondes enable receivers Metal Detector to trace non metallic sewers, drains, ducts or pipes and to locate blockages Hire or collapses. OR Buy CODE 24/0043 24/0044 CODE 24/0090 Super CODE 24/1895 24/0047 Description Sonde Description Metal Detector Sonde Description Property Connection Cable Set Inductive Signal Clamp for SR20 PER WEEK £58.80 PER WEEK £28.60 £58.80 PER WEEK £17.40 £32.30 Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.com Survey & Measurement Instrumentation 229MC2011-229.indd 229 4/3/11 09:19:14
  17. 17. Thermal Imaging Thermography or Thermal Imaging is a non intrusive technology that can be used for investigation and analysis, the key advantage being the ability to “see into” structures that our own eyes cannot. A thermal imaging camera is able to visually present temperature Thermal Imaging provides high resolution images for distribution and variation of a subject to highlight thermal enhanced problem detection and analysis. It identifies anomalies in applications as diverse as: small temperature differences to show anomalies quickly and reduce time in locating or identifying the problem. Electrical With reporting software you can easily generate reports Identifying hotspots in electrical equipment, distribution boards, including images to document findings. switchgear, electrical control cabinets and electrical connections. Testo 875 series thermal imaging cameras are suitable for Mechanical most applications. With High Thermal Sensitivity and a 160 Detecting and monitoring faults eg; pumps, motors, compressors. x 120 pixel high resolution configuration and large display, Buildings these cameras provide high quality thermal images for • Tracing heating system pipes and leaks, highlighting thermal quick and efficient Investigation or analysis. anomalies on buildings - heat loss / air leakage and insulation. • Identifying damp areas and potential mould. • Verification of under-floor heating systems & radiators For more information about Thermal Imaging call 0845 602 8077 or visit www.speedyservices.com230
  18. 18. DetectionOur range of compact, highly sensitive and versatile detection equipment is invaluablein preventing water damage, wastage and detecting underground services. RangeWater Leak Detection We can offer water leak detection products to suit a variety of applications, available in a variety of configurations. Water leak detection equipment from Speedy offers a perfect preventative maintenance solution, with potentially significant cost savings and reduced wasted resources.Ground Penetrating Radar The E-Spade ground penetrating radar gives a clear view of services below the surface prior to any excavation. Compact, portable and powerful, it is the perfect tool for quickly gaining a view of services underground. E-Spott is a hand-held, portable ground penetrating device allowing the user access into awkward areas such as between parked cars. The E-Spott is a one-touch device delivering the reading within 10 seconds. The transmission device operates between 600MHz to 2.5GHz. To find out more call 0845 600 3546 or visit www.speedyservices.com Managed Services 231
  19. 19. For a full range of consumables visit Distos www.speedyservices.com CODE C0901018 24/0405 C0901019 24/2232 24/2235 Description DXT D2 D3a D5 D8 Functions Smart Horizontal Mode u Min & Max Measurements u u u u u Continuous Measurement u u u u u Addition & Subtraction u u u u u Area or Vol Measurements u u u u u Room Dimensions u u u u Indirect Measurement with Pythagoras u u u u Horizontal Distance Past Obstructions u u Trapezium Measurements u u Indirect Measurement with Tilt Sensor u Technical Data Typical Measuring Accuracy +/- 1.5mm +/- 1.5mm +/- 1.0mm +/- 1.0mm +/-1.0mm Range 0.05 - 70m 0.05 - 60m 0.05 - 100m 0.05 - 200m 0.05 - 200m Power Range Technology u u u Tilt Senor Measuring Range +/-45º +/-45º 360º 0.0 degree; 0.00%; Units in the Tilt Sensor 0.0º, 0.00%, mm/m, in/ft 0.0mm/m; 0.00in/ft 4 Fold Digital Viewfinder u u Store Constant Values 1 1 1 Recall Last Values 10 10 20 20 30 Time Delay Release [timer] u u u u Display Illumination u u u u u Measuring Units m, ft, in m, ft, in m, ft, in m, ft, in, yd m, ft, in, yd Free Software u Data Interface Bluetooth (Class2) Measurements Per Set of Batteries Max up to 5,000 up to 5,000 up to 5,000 up to 5,000 up to 5,000 Multifunction Endpiece Automatic Manual Automatic Automatic Automatic Tripod Thread Metal Metal Battery Type 2 x AAA 2 x AAA 2 x AAA 2 x AA 2 x AA Dust and Splash Proof IP65 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 Dimensions 122 x 55 x 28mm 111 x 42 x 23mm 127 x 48 x 27.3mm 143.5 x 55 x 30mm 143. 5 x 55 x 30mm Weight with Batteries 159g 90g 149g 195g 205g Available with Bluetooth u u Available to Purchase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes232 Survey Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-232.indd 232 2/3/11 18:26:47