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Speedy Lifting 2011 - part 1


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Lifting products (part 1) pages from the Speedy HIre 2011 catalogue

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Speedy Lifting 2011 - part 1

  1. 1. Training Solutions pages 302 to 317 Material Lifts Material Lift A range of versatile lightweight aluminium material lifts, extending to a variety of heights up to 25ft. These compact material lifts have multiple uses in the construction, entertainment, engineering and maintenance sectors. Speedy hold the UK’s largest fleet of Genie material lifts available for hire, plus a wide range of accessory options. All available to hire from any of our depots nationwide. BIGGEST MATERIAL LIFT FLEET IN THE UK CODE 71/5000 71/5005 71/5015 71/5020 71/5115 71/5125 Description SLA10 SLA15 SLA20 SLA25 GL8 GL12 Base - - - - Standard Straddle HOL Forks Down 3m 4.5m 5.9m 7.4m 2.51m 3.66m HOL Forks Up 3.5m 5m 6.5m 7.9m - - S.W.L. 454kg 363kg 363kg 295kg 181kg 159kg Size 1.5 x 0.8 x 2m 1.88 x 0.8 x 2m 2.08 x 0.8 x 2m 2.08 x 0.8 x 2m 0.88 x 0.63 x 1.72m 1.09 x 0.73 x 2.31m Unit Weight 118kg 144kg 184kg 204kg 60kg 70kg 1ST DAY £77.58 £88.08 £91.68 £98.04 £79.74 £92.88 EXTRA DAY £25.86 £29.36 £30.56 £32.68 £26.58 £30.96 PER WEEK £129.30 £146.80 £152.80 £163.40 £132.90 £154.80 Accessories For SLA10, SLA15, SLA20 & SLA25 1.CCS450 Crane: Turns the Genie into a crane with hoisting capability. 2.Fork Extension: Aluminium sleeves that fit over the standard forks. 3.Boom: Transforms your material lift 2 3 into a vertical crane or hoist. 4.Load Plate: For small heavy loads that are not on a pallet, providing a strong flat surface that fits over the standard forks. 5.Pipe Cradle: Safely holds pipework up to 760mm in place. 6.Also available but not pictured is a Barrel Handler. 1 4 5 CODE 71/5055 71/5030 71/5035 71/5040 71/5045 71/5050 Description CCS450 Crane Fork Extension Boom Load Plate Pipe Cradle Barrel Handler 1ST DAY £12.84 £14.22 £15.60 £14.70 £14.22 £24.66 EXTRA DAY £4.28 £4.74 £5.20 £4.90 £4.74 £8.22 PER WEEK £21.40 £23.70 £26.00 £24.50 £23.70 £41.10164 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-164.indd 164 2/3/11 16:38:33
  2. 2. Manual Handling advice - pages 22 to 25 Material Lifts SLK Counter Balanced Material Lift Material Lift Counter A flexible, lightweight material lift, the SLK counterbalance material lift is designed to allow lifting Balanced of materials up to walls and other surfaces. Specific Can be used as a attachments are also available to allow the lifting of hand truck or fork glass sheets into position. lift. Able to lift loads flush to walls. CODE 71/5120 Description GL10 Base Counter Balance CODE 71/5180 71/5185 71/5190 71/5195 H.O.L. 3.5m Description SLK15 SLK20 SLK25 Glass Lifting Attachment S.W.L. 159kg H.O.L. 4.46m 5.94m 7.42m - Size 0.72 x 0.73 x 1.97m S.W.L. 300kg 300kg 290kg - Unit Weight 75kg 1ST DAY £122.22 £133.56 £148.86 £32.64 1ST DAY £78.06 EXTRA DAY £40.74 £44.52 £49.62 £10.88 EXTRA DAY £26.02 PER WEEK £203.70 £222.60 £248.10 £54.40 PER WEEK £130.10 Compact Material Lift The LMC 380 Compact Material Lift closes down to 1.8m – lowest in class and extends to 3.3m. Can be transported in an estate car or will stand upright in a van. CODE 71/5075 Description LMC 380 3.3m (Max) H.O.L. 1.8m (Min) S.W.L. 250kg Etramo Beam Lift 1ST DAY £109.44 EXTRA DAY £36.48 The Etramo beam lift is a compact, wheeled beam lift using a swivel platform and crane hook attachment PER WEEK £182.40 which makes it ideal for lifting and positioning beams, piping and ducting. It has a screw thread adjustment allowing high precision. The beam can be used as a single unit or as a pair for larger beams. Safety Packs Get it done, safe and sound! CODE 71/5002 We offer a range of Description Beam Lift safety packs which H.O.L. 3m are required when S.W.L. 600kg using certain products. Unit Weight 70kg 1ST DAY £51.84 See page 298 for more details EXTRA DAY £17.28 or ask your local depot PER WEEK £86.40 Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit Lifting 165MC2011-165.indd 165 4/3/11 14:38:12
  3. 3. Training Solutions pages 302 to 317 Material Lifts Material Lift Roust-A-Bout Easily operated by one person. Can place loads in tight spaces. Acts like a mini crane and can be used for tandem lifts provided relevant assessments are made. ‘T’ head extension bar enables handling of wide loads. HEALTH & SAFETY TIP Weighing Requires two persons to load and unload Pallet Truck safely from a vehicle. Must be raised to height before load is lifted For the lifting, moving and measuring of palletised loads, the weighing pallet truck has scales with capacity up to 2000kg. CODE 71/5150 71/5165 71/5170 71/5160 R-100/150 R-250 (MATERIAL R-250 (EXTENSION R-100/150 CODE 71/5745 Description (MATERIAL LIFT) LIFT) HEAD) (EXTENSION HEAD) H.O.L. 110mm Maximum Height 4.6m 7.6m - - Length m 1.335 S.W.L. with Extension Head 455kg 455kg - - S.W.L. 2.0t S.W.L. 680kg 680kg 455kg 455kg Unit Weight 143kg Unit Weight 140kg 178kg 9.5kg 15kg Width 560mm 1ST DAY £123.78 £136.56 £9.96 £9.96 1ST DAY £147.12 EXTRA DAY £41.26 £45.52 £3.32 £3.32 EXTRA DAY £49.04 PER WEEK £206.30 £227.60 £16.60 £16.60 PER WEEK £245.20 Electric Stacker Truck Material Lift - Gas Panel Lifter A versatile stacker truck suitable For use with lightweight ducting or This purpose built lift for the lifting and moving of similar types of work. Simple one makes plasterboarding loads up to 1200kg. Models are man operation, can be used with CO2 ceilings, dry lining walls available to suit your application bottle or for more frequent use can be and other similar jobs with options of powered lift and/ attached to a portable compressor. a breeze. The Panel or powered drive. Lifter holds the lift in position while you fix them permanently into place, turning most fixing operations into a simple one-man job. CODE 71/5080 71/5085 Description 2012 2018 CODE 71/6055 71/6060 H.O.L. 3.8m 5.6m Description PANEL LIFTER EXTENSION CODE 71/5785 Platform 480 x 610 480 x 610 Extension H.O.L 1.22m - H.O.L. 3.5m S.W.L. 136kg 113kg S.W.L. 68kg - S.W.L. 1200kg Unit Weight 29kg 31kg Standard H.O.L 3.35m - 1ST DAY £218.10 1ST DAY £75.96 £86.88 Unit Weight 45kg - EXTRA DAY £72.70 EXTRA DAY £25.32 £28.96 1ST DAY £53.52 £5.10 PER WEEK £363.50 PER WEEK £126.60 £144.80 EXTRA DAY £17.84 £1.70 3 & 3.5m options available Refilling charge applies to gas bottles PER WEEK £89.20 £8.50166 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-166.indd 166 1/3/11 10:50:41
  4. 4. See back gatefold for Symbols Guide Pallet Trucks Standard Pallet Trucks High-Lift Pallet Trucks Standard pallet trucks are widely used in all industries for boxed and palleted loads. 2 models available, Make ideal, stable work standard and wide. platforms. Electric and manual HEAlTH & SAfETY TiP versions available. These pallet trucks are not designed for use on any rough terrain, uneven ground or gradients. Size Standard Wide Fork Length 1150mm 1150mm CODE 71/5700 71/5777 Fork Width 540mm 685mm High-Lift Pallet Electric High-Lift Description Truck Pallet Truck Lift Height 150mm 200mm Fork Length 1150mm 1150mm S.W.L 3t 2.5t Fork Width 520mm 540mm Unit Weight 75kg 80kg Lift Height 800mm 800mm CODE 71/5715 71/5750 71/5710 71/5705 71/5725 S.W.L. 1t 1t Description Standard 2.5t Standard 3t Wide 2.5t Narrow Long Unit Weight 98kg 145kg 1ST DAY £29.94 £41.46 £38.70 £38.70 £49.74 1ST DAY £85.14 £103.32 EXTRA DAY £9.98 £13.82 £12.90 £12.90 £16.58 EXTRA DAY £28.38 £34.44 PER WEEK £49.90 £69.10 £64.50 £64.50 £82.90 PER WEEK £141.90 £172.20 All Terrain Pallet Trucks Pallet Truck - Powered The perfect means of moving palletised loads over Petrol A rechargeable 24v battery provides rough, uneven ground. Electric and petrol versions the power for the smooth drive and offer even more flexibility and make moving pallets lifting actuation. A reliable and over rough terrain even easier. robust truck which makes Manual version not suitable moving palletised loads an for gradients. effortless task. Electric HEAlTH & SAfETY TiP These pallet trucks are not designed for use on any rough terrain, uneven ground HEAlTH & SAfETY TiP Manual or gradients. Multi person handling. Multi person handling. CODE 71/5775 CODE 71/5765 71/5762 71/5760 Description Powered Lift & Drive Description Petrol Electric Manual Fork Length 1150mm Fork Length 1200mm 1400mm 1400mm Fork Width 500mm Lift Height 300mm 200mm 300mm Lift Height 200mm S.W.L. 1.2t 1.2t 1.2t S.W.L. 2t Unit Weight 228kg 200kg 200kg Unit Weight 445kg 1ST DAY £242.76 £212.16 £66.72 1ST DAY £160.62 EXTRA DAY £80.92 £70.72 £22.24 EXTRA DAY £53.54 PER WEEK £404.60 £353.60 £111.20 PER WEEK £267.70 Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit Lifting 167MC2011-167.indd 167 1/3/11 10:53:48
  5. 5. Find your nearest depot on pages 318 to 333 Trucks & Trolleys Storage Crates Flexible, convenient storage with a host of uses including industrial, commercial and office environments. Furniture Skate CODE 71/6450 71/6455 Description 80ltr 40ltr 368mm x 710mm 250mm x 600mm Pallet Crate Dimensions x 460mm x 400mm Skate PER WEEK £4.60 £3.70 Minimum hire period - one week Cabinet Mover Piano Specifically designed to move filing and storage cabinets between Skates 400mm and 800mm up to a weight of 750kg, the cabinet mover Skates makes office moves or re-organisation a breeze. For easy movement of awkward objects. CODE 71/6140 Fork Length 1025mm Max Width 925mm Min Width 525mm CODE 71/6300 71/6320 71/6325 71/6310 Overall Length 1370mm Furniture Piano Skate Piano Skate Pallet S.W.L. 750kg Description Skate 2 Wheel 4 Wheel Skate Unit Weight 48kg S.W.L. 40kg 200kg 200kg 500kg 1ST DAY £104.34 PER WEEK £19.10 £27.00 £29.80 £12.80 EXTRA DAY £34.78 Minimum hire period - one week PER WEEK £173.90 Double Single Pipe Bogey Board Trolleys Gas Bottle Trolleys Allows you to move pipework effortlessly and easily Used to carry awkward products such as conti-board, For the safe movement of gas cylinders. All are fitted around site. plasterboard, etc. easily around site. with a safety chain. Double trolley has a lifting eye. See page 178 for crane option. CODE 71/5850 CODE 71/5875 71/5880 Pipe Diameter 260mm Description 4 Wheel 2 Wheel CODE 71/5820 71/5825 71/5830 S.W.L. 500kg S.W.L. 350kg 100kg Double Double All Description Single Unit Weight 35kg (Item Weight) 1ST DAY £19.68 £17.82 (small/large) Terrain PER WEEK £20.90 EXTRA DAY £6.56 £5.94 PER WEEK £25.40 £32.30 £34.60 Minimum hire period - one week PER WEEK £32.80 £29.70 Minimum hire period - one week168 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-168.indd 168 4/3/11 12:26:50
  6. 6. For a full range of consumables visit Trucks & Trolleys Three-Way Trolley Turntable Trucks The three-way trolley consists of a An assortment of turntable trucks are available to suit Electric Turntable Truck two wheel hand trolley, four wheel every situation. Pneumatic tyres optional. hand cart or assisted hand trolley. The electric turntable truck is a battery-powered Lightweight, no assembly required platform truck, ideal for transporting all kinds of loads. and easy one-hand conversion. CODE 71/5960 71/5965 71/5990 Hire OR Buy Flat Bed & Description Flat Bed Flat Bed Drop Sides CODE 71/5930 CODE 71/6135 1220 x 1525 x 1525 x Description Electric Description Three-Way Trolley Platform Size 610mm 760mm 760mm Platform Size 1725 x 870mm Capacity 453.5kg S.W.L. 500kg 1t 1t S.W.L. 500kg 1ST DAY £15.54 PER WEEK £43.20 £41.70 £64.20 PER WEEK £252.00 EXTRA DAY £5.18 Minimum hire period - one week Minimum hire period - one week PER WEEK £25.90 Stair Climber - Powered / Manual Perfect for moving large cumbersome objects smoothly and easily up or down stairs.Powered version is a one man operation, manual version is designed to aid the mounting of kerbs and door steps. If manual Skoots version is used on stairs it is advisable HEALTH & SAFETY TIP Sack Trucks Ideal for those heavy awkward objects, display Loads should be secured to the for two people to Stair Climber prior to moving. cabinets, safes, filing cabinets, washing machines, etc. operate. For loads too heavy to carry manually. Ensure lifting capacity remains The wheels can swivel 360º for easy manoeuvring. The within the manual handling CODE 71/5940 71/5945 71/5950 weight is lifted by two hydraulic jacks, secured to the regulations item by two ratchet straps which are supplied with Pneumatic Combination the machine. Description Solid Tyre CODE 71/6005 71/6010 71/6000 71/6025 Tyre Truck Description Powered Powered Manual Powered Overall Height 1220mm 1420mm 1330mm S.W.L. 190kg 310kg 150kg 680kg Overall Width 480mm 480mm 480mm Weight Shoe Length 230mm 240mm 160mm CODE 71/6065 71/6070 71/6075 37.5kg 40kg 17kg 58kg inc battery Wheels 200mm 200mm 200mm S.W.L. 900kg 2t 5t 1ST DAY £147.48 £183.24 £18.00 £204.48 1ST DAY £13.56 £14.22 £18.96 1ST DAY £179.82 £112.68 £176.10 EXTRA DAY £49.16 £61.08 £6.00 £68.16 EXTRA DAY £4.52 £4.74 £6.32 EXTRA DAY £59.94 £37.56 £58.70 PER WEEK £245.80 £305.40 £30.00 £340.80 PER WEEK £22.60 £23.70 £31.60 PER WEEK £299.70 £187.80 £293.50 Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit Lifting 169MC2011-169.indd 169 1/3/11 11:05:13
  7. 7. Health & Safety information and Kerbs/Stone Handling Free Toolbox Talks - pages 22 to 25 Kerb / Stone Layer (Vacuum) We have available A flexible vacuum lifting machine that can be attached to any type of fork lift or a wide range of alternatively, trailer mounted. Easily and precisely lays up to 300 metres of kerbs in accessories one day. The pack of materials is carried along safely on the forks or trailer. Suction, lifting and laying are all completed in one manoeuvre, making a simple one man for the versatile operation. Allows the operator to stay within the manual handling legislation and kerb/stone layer work safer, faster and more efficiently. to handle virtually any kerb stone. Please contact your nearest depot to discuss your CODE 73/5815 73/5800 73/5805 73/5810 73/5705 73/6005 exact requirements! Vacuum Tilt Table Fork Mount Fork Mount Bogey Trailer Description Lifter Suction Hydraulic Petrol Mount Mount SH2500 Plate S.W.L. 150kg 150kg 150kg 150kg 2500kg - Type BV h BV b JM b BV t SH2500 PER WEEK POA POA POA POA POA £125.50 Power Hydraulic Petrol Petrol Petrol Petrol Minimum hire period - one week. Reach 4m 4m 4m 4m - All other accessories are £12.00 per week. Unit Weight 490kg 520kg 720kg 970kg 100kg Al Vac Handy A versatile vacuum lifter available with assorted attachments to suit a variety of kerbs/stones. The AL - vac® Handy is a petrol powered vacuum lifter HEALTH & SAFETY TIP with a maximum load capacity of 1,000 kg. The SWL dependent upon plate fitted Handy is designed to be suspended from the bucket linkage of a suitable sized excavator or boom crane. Fast and precise pick-up and laying of kerb stones, tiles, concrete elements, steel plates etc. No need for hydraulics or electrical connections. Easy mounting with strap or chain. CODE 73/6000 Description Al Vac Handy S.W.L. 1,000kg Width 850mm Length 330mm Height 1000mm Unit Weight 75kg PER WEEK POA170 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-170.indd 170 4/3/11 16:14:06
  8. 8. Find your nearest depot on pages 318 to 333 Kerbs/Stone Handling Paving Stone Layer VPH Mobile NEW Powered by battery pack. The flexible, The VPH mobile combines the popular VPH 150 paving stone layer with the new powerful manual laying device for dense VPH wheel set turning a two-man slab lifter into a single operator trolley. materials such as granite or high quality HEALTH & SAFETY TIP concrete. Complete with 75/150kg options. SWL dependent upon plate fitted HEALTH & SAFETY TIP SWL dependent upon plates fitted CODE 73/5300 S.W.L. 75/150kg CODE 73/5303 1ST DAY £57.54 Description VPH Wheel Set EXTRA DAY £19.18 1ST DAY POA PER WEEK £95.90 EXTRA DAY POA Wider range of plates available PER WEEK POA HEALTH & SAFETY TIP SWL dependent upon plates fitted Stone Magnet & Trolley CODE 73/5500 73/5505 Description Magnet - Vacuum Trolley Used either on its own lifted by a machine or in conjunction with its matching trolley, the stone magnet is a powerful lifting device for dense stone slabs. S.W.L. 400kg 150kg Specifically designed and equipped for heavy duty work. Ideal for repair or 1ST DAY £77.16 £62.58 snagging work.The capacity is dependent upon the plate fitted – 200kg and EXTRA DAY £25.72 £20.86 400kg options available. PER WEEK £128.60 £104.30 Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit Lifting 171MC2011-171.indd 171 4/3/11 12:27:39
  9. 9. Manual Handling advice - pages 22 to 25 Kerbs/Stone Handling SAFETY NOTE Ensure lifting capacity remains within the manual handling regulations. Mechanical Boulder Concrete Step Handles Grab A range of adjustable kerb/stone A versatile grab designed to grabs to accommodate a wide move rocks, boulders and range of shapes and sizes of kerb/ other natural stone. stone. VZM TSZ TSV CODE 73/5075 CODE 73/5060 73/5110 73/5065 S.W.L. 1.5t Description TSV VZM TSZ Unit Weight 85kg S.W.L. 250kg 250kg 500kg 1ST DAY £72.30 1ST DAY £30.72 £46.32 £43.26 EXTRA DAY £24.10 EXTRA DAY £10.24 £15.44 £14.42 PER WEEK £120.50 PER WEEK £51.20 £77.20 £72.10 Universal Handles BVZ Block / Slab Extractor Adjustable opening range means the Drive the steel blades into the joints for handles can be universally used for quick and easy removal of blocks and all gardening and landscaping design paving slabs. products. CODE 73/5135 1ST DAY £20.76 EXTRA DAY £6.92 PER WEEK £34.60 CODE 73/5145 73/5115 Lifting Clutches Description Block Slab Makes lifting and movement of pre-cast S.W.L. 20kg 20kg units simple and easy. 1ST DAY £19.74 £22.14 EXTRA DAY £6.58 £7.38 PER WEEK £32.90 £36.90 Kerb Stone Handles Easy handling of kerbstones, edging stones, gutters and similar items. CODE 72/9205 72/9210 72/9230 72/9235 Capstan Lifting Capstan Lifting Frimeda Ring Frimeda Ring CODE 73/5130 Description Clutches Clutches Clutch Clutch S.W.L. 100kg S.W.L. 1.5 - 2.5t 3 - 5t 2.5t 5t 1ST DAY £20.76 PER WEEK £14.00 £14.00 £19.70 £26.00 EXTRA DAY £6.92 Minimum hire period - one week PER WEEK £34.60172 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-172.indd 172 1/3/11 11:23:50
  10. 10. See back gatefold for Symbols Guide Manhole Handling/Conveyors Manhole Cover Lifter Manhole Ring Lifter Powerful hydraulic system allows you to lift all Designed to lift manholes in a safe and efficient standard manhole covers. Simple one man operation. manner. CODE 73/7010 73/7005 Description 4key 2key CODE 73/7020 S.W.L. 3t 1.5t S.W.L. 2.5t 1ST DAY £81.84 £60.06 1ST DAY £112.20 EXTRA DAY £27.28 £20.02 EXTRA DAY £37.40 PER WEEK £136.40 £100.10 PER WEEK £187.00 Conveyor Systems Suitable for demolition, excavation and renovation work through to landscape gardening. 110v system Manhole Pipe Lifting Pins can work singularly or as part of a “series of conveyors”. Up to 4.5 metres long with a 400mm wide slatted belt Speeds lifting operations. Safe and simple. No threads Manhole Chain Clamp to minimise slip. Maximum belt loading 150kg @ 40º to protect or nuts to safeguard. Pins should be used in subject to the type of materials being moved. sets of 3. Non standard sizes available. For the transportation and installation of concrete pipe sections of varying diameters. All come in sets of 3 CODE 71/6400 71/6405 Heavy Duty 3m Heavy Duty 4.5m Description CODE 73/7040 73/7045 73/7050 73/7055 Section Section 2.25t 3t 4.5t 6t CODE 73/7030 73/7035 Unit Weight 100kg 135kg S.W.L. per set per set per set per set S.W.L. 1.5t 3t 1ST DAY £129.72 £193.62 1ST DAY £31.44 £33.18 £37.32 £41.10 1ST DAY £34.56 £51.84 EXTRA DAY £43.24 £64.54 EXTRA DAY £10.48 £11.06 £12.44 £13.70 EXTRA DAY £11.52 £17.28 PER WEEK £216.20 £322.70 PER WEEK £52.40 £55.30 £62.20 £68.50 PER WEEK £57.60 £86.40 Erection/dismantle charge applies NEW Supa Screen CODE 71/6440 Portable and compact, the Supa Screen can be used Description Supa Screen with wheelbarrows and conveyors and loaded either Width 870mm by hand or mini-digger. It is ideal for sifting dug Power Supply 110v materials reducing the amount of site waste and truck 1ST DAY POA journeys. The Supa Screen and Shifta conveyor can be run from one power supply and the screen can sift up EXTRA DAY POA to 100 tons per day. PER WEEK POA Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit Lifting 173MC2011-173.indd 173 4/3/11 08:50:29
  11. 11. Find your nearest depot on pages 318 to 333 Material Hoists Hoddi Hoist The Hoddi is aimed at the builder, catering for the standard lifts in house building; bricks, blocks, mortar and lintel frames can all be transported quickly and efficiently. Easily erected and can move loads up or down. Petrol/electric 110v available. CODE 71/5220 71/5225 Description 5m Hoddi Hoist Hoddi Bucket* Portable Transformer 3kw N/A S.W.L. 80kg 80kg 1ST DAY £80.16 £3.06 EXTRA DAY £26.72 £1.02 PER WEEK £133.60 £5.10 *Hoddi buckets available for purchase - POA Bumpa Hoist The Bumpa is designed for the roofer. An ingenious tile lifter specially designed to move tiles and slates up to where they are needed quickly with the minimum of effort. This unit is reversible and can be used for the removal of roof tiles, etc. Brick Cart Brick Cart Ideal for moving materials on/off the Bumpa and Hoddi hoists CODE 71/5205 71/5215 71/5200 71/5210 8m Electric 10m Electric 8m Petrol 10m Petrol Description Bumpa Hoist Bumpa Hoist Bumpa Hoist Bumpa Hoist Portable Transformer 3kw 3kw - - CODE 71/5230 Power 110v 110v - - Description Brick Cart S.W.L. 80kg 80kg 80kg 80kg S.W.L. 140kg 1ST DAY £83.64 £96.48 £82.62 £93.60 1ST DAY £16.62 EXTRA DAY £27.88 £32.16 £27.54 £31.20 EXTRA DAY £5.54 PER WEEK £139.40 £160.80 £137.70 £156.00 PER WEEK £27.70174 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-174.indd 174 4/3/11 12:29:07
  12. 12. Training Solutions pages 302 to 317 Material Hoists Ladder Hoists Versatile hoist quickly erected into position offering a safe and easy method of moving material to elevated working positions. The frame also has a bend section to accommodate roof pitches from 25º-60º. Units are available for vertical applications. Can assist in the hoisting of wheel barrows, mortar skips etc. Due to the many variances in installations, please contact your HEALTH & SAFETY TIP nearest depot for a site survey and quotations. A qualified scaffolder must be available during ladder hoist installation CODE 71/5300 71/5303 71/5330 71/5335 71/5337 71/5305 71/5310 71/5315 LADDER LADDER HOIST 2m 1m 0.5m SHEET/BOARD AUTO TIPPING WHEELBARROW Description HOIST 110v PETROL SECTION SECTION SECTION CARRIER ASSEMBLY ASS. 1ST DAY £121.92 £156.54 £39.30 £12.90 £6.66 £14.40 £17.58 £23.10 EXTRA DAY £40.64 £52.18 £13.10 £4.30 £2.22 £4.80 £5.86 £7.70 PER WEEK £203.20 £260.90 £65.50 £21.50 £11.10 £24.00 £29.30 £38.50 Due to the need for skilled installation, there is an additional charge for erection and dismantling of the Ladder Hoists. Rack and Pinion Material Hoists Perfect for the safe, efficient transportation of materials to 50m high for 300kg and to 100m for 500kg model. Quick and simple to erect by our trained and qualified technicians. CODE 71/5422 71/5407 71/5290 Description 200Z Rack & Pinion Hoist 300Z Rack & Pinion Hoist 500Z Rack & Pinion Hoist S.W.L. 200kg 300kg 500kg Speed 25m/min 20m/min 30m/min Height of Lift 50m 50m 100m Voltage 110v 240v 415v 1ST DAY POA POA POA EXTRA DAY POA POA POA PER WEEK POA POA POA Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit Lifting 175MC2011-175.indd 175 3/3/11 16:34:59
  13. 13. Health & Safety information and Site Equipment Free Toolbox Talks - pages 22 to 25 Scaffold Hoists / Pulley Wheel When working off scaffolding, the 180º scaffold hoist offers reliable, safe movement of materials to the work area. A popular 180º choice for all trades, the scaffold hoist is a versatile product, particularly useful in confined areas. Super Props also available. Rope is a sale item Pulley Wheel CODE 70/5700 70/5705 72/9600 Builder’s Gantry Hoist Description 180º Hoist 180º Hoist Pulley Wheel (Braked) Height of Lift 25m 25m - Lightweight and easy to erect this robust and reliable electric hoist/gantry is ideal Power 110v 110v - for use where scaffolding is not available. Used in conjunction with ballast boxes S.W.L. 200kg 300kg 50kg this gantry may be used freestanding. Unit Weight 45kg 77kg 5kg 1ST DAY £73.32 £91.38 £16.68 EXTRA DAY £24.44 £30.46 £5.56 PER WEEK £122.20 £152.30 £27.80 Hoist Accessories CODE 70/5800 70/5820 Description Gantry/Hoist 300kg Gantry/Hoist 500kg CODE 70/5885 70/5887 70/5888 70/5889 70/5890 76/5010 Height of Lift 25m 25m Hand Test Bucket Bucket Bucket 2 Bucket 4 Bucket Power 110v 110v/415v Description Weight 45ltr 90ltr 120ltr Carrier Carrier S.W.L. 300kg 500kg 20kg Unit Weight 62kg 90kg S.W.L. 150kg 200kg 300kg 70kg 150kg - 1ST DAY £126.36 £146.40 1ST DAY £16.02 £21.24 £26.22 £14.64 £21.12 - EXTRA DAY £42.12 £48.80 EXTRA DAY £5.34 £7.08 £8.74 £4.88 £7.04 - PER WEEK £210.60 £244.00 PER WEEK £26.70 £35.40 £43.70 £24.40 £35.20 £6.70 Rubbish Chute Hoist & Fixing Frame Scaffold Runway System This system has been designed specifically for the easy/safe mounting and erection A versatile and flexible runway system of rubbish chute systems. The fixing frame is secured to the structure and with the designed to attach to scaffold. Allows winch attached allows safe controlled lifting of the rubbish chutes. attachment of a variety of equipment Max safe working load 10x 11kg rubbish chute sections. such as hoists to form a flexible lifting and handling system. Ideal for glass lifting systems. Please contact any of our Lifting depots for further information and a quotation to suit your application. CODE 70/5770 70/5760 70/5765 08/1670 08/1700 Winching Window Description 21m Winch 41m Winch Hopper Fixing Frame Section PER WEEK £12.70 £31.60 £47.60 £20.90 £27.70 Minimum hire period - one week176 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-176.indd 176 3/3/11 15:17:11
  14. 14. For a full range of consumables visit Site Equipment Rubble Tilt Truck Rubble tilt truck that handles and controls heavy loads Forklift Skips with ease. Unique steering wheel handle provides excellent manoeuvring capability. Truck fits through Tipping skips attach to the forklift truck to remove waste and rubbish easily. Optional front tipper or bottom standard commercial doors and onto lifts. release. Other capacities are available. CODE 08/0814 CODE 71/5505 71/5515 71/5520 71/5485 71/5490 71/5495 Height 0.97m ROLL ROLL ROLL BOTTOM BOTTOM BOTTOM Length m 1.64m Description FORWARD SKIP FORWARD SKIP FORWARD SKIP RELEASE SKIP RELEASE SKIP RELEASE SKIP Mass Capacity 272kg Capacity 500 ltr 1200 ltr 1500 ltr 500 ltr 1000 ltr 1500 ltr Volume Capacity 0.6m3 S.W.L. 1t 2.4t 3t 1t 1.25t 1.5t Weight 42kg 1ST DAY £55.86 £57.84 £63.00 £58.44 £48.36 £49.50 Width 0.77m EXTRA DAY £18.62 £19.28 £21.00 £19.48 £16.12 £16.50 PER WEEK £41.70 PER WEEK £93.10 £96.40 £105.00 £97.40 £80.60 £82.50 Minimum hire period - one week Mortar Skip - Forklift Extension Forklift Hook Plastic Forks Attachment Designed to maintain Use to extend the reach of Simple but effective rigidity when loaded. the forks or stabilise the way of using a forklift Lifting points top and load. truck as a small bottom for use with mobile lifting point. crane or forklift truck. CODE 73/7145 Non-load Description bearing CODE 73/7125 73/7130 CODE 71/5420 1ST DAY £27.66 Description Attachment Attachment Capacity 250 ltr EXTRA DAY £9.22 Lengths available up to 1m S.W.L. 2t 3t PER WEEK £31.80 PER WEEK £46.10 (reduces SWL to 156kg) Unit Weight 45kg 50kg 1ST DAY £41.10 £45.30 Forklift - Jib EXTRA DAY £13.70 £15.10 PER WEEK £68.50 £75.50 Attaches to your forklift truck to offer flexible lifting options. HEALTH & SAFETY TIP CODE 73/7150 73/7155 73/7160 73/7165 73/7167 Always take into account the S.W.L. 1t 2t 2.5t 3t 5t weight of attachments. 1ST DAY £47.70 £51.84 £55.98 £60.06 £64.92 Ensure operation of forklift is in accordance with manufacturers EXTRA DAY £15.90 £17.28 £18.66 £20.02 £21.64 recommendations. PER WEEK £79.50 £86.40 £93.30 £100.10 £108.20 Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit Lifting 177MC2011-177.indd 177 2/3/11 16:25:31
  15. 15. Manual Handling advice - pages 22 to 25 Site Equipment Recommended use of a spillage net Crane Fork Allows you to effortlessly and Block Grabs safely move palleted loads on site using a crane. An adjustable fork width to fit most Accommodates all standard block and brick packs. pallets. Tapered forks for easy pick-up of pallet. Can be used on forklifts and cranes. Brick & Block Cart The brick and block cart allows easy and safe CODE 73/7100 73/7105 73/5015 CODE 73/5000 73/5005 73/5015 transportation of stacked blocks. Description Crane Fork Crane Fork Safety Net Block Grab Block Grab Description Safety Net Min Load 375kg 500kg Half Pallet Full Pallet CODE 71/5800 S.W.L. 1.5t 2t Unit Weight 190kg 200kg - Description Brick & Block Chart Unit Weight 95kg 120kg S.W.L. 1.8t 1.8t S.W.L. 400kg 1ST DAY £87.00 £86.10 £8.34 1ST DAY £60.78 £73.68 £8.34 1ST DAY £53.10 EXTRA DAY £29.00 £28.70 £2.78 EXTRA DAY £20.26 £24.56 £2.78 EXTRA DAY £17.70 PER WEEK £145.00 £143.50 £13.90 PER WEEK £101.30 £122.80 £13.90 PER WEEK £88.50 Gas Bottle Access Cage Cage Designed to carry A safe efficient personnel and their means of lifting tools in a safe manner gas bottles using whilst working at a crane. See p168 height. for gas bottle trolleys. HEALTH & SAFETY TIP Safety harness must be worn Pipe Laying Hook by each user Up to 2 Ensures greater safety and saves time when laying man capacity pipes. CODE 73/7065 CODE 77/5310 77/5300 Description RLH3 CODE 71/5835 Access Cage Access Cage Description S.W.L. 3t Description Crane Lift (Crane Lift) (Fork Lift) 1ST DAY £28.74 S.W.L. 350kg 1ST DAY £68.70 £68.70 EXTRA DAY £9.58 PER WEEK £46.10 EXTRA DAY £22.90 £22.90 PER WEEK £47.90 Different sizes available PER WEEK £114.50 £114.50 Different lengths available Minimum Hire Period - One Week See also stretcher cage178 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-178.indd 178 2/3/11 14:00:00
  16. 16. Industrial Forklifts An extended range of additional lifting capacity for those bigger jobs Our wide range includes electric and engine counterbalance trucks with capacities of up to 16000kg. Wide range of Range attachments forks and parts available for specialist applications. • Additional models and configurations available • Fully serviced LOLER certified forklifts Model Capacity Type Power Lift Height Weekly H2.00 2000kg Counterbalance LPG/Diesel 3250mm £ POA H2.50 2500kg Counterbalance LPG/Diesel 3750mm £ POA H5.00 5000kg Counterbalance LPG/Diesel 3000mm £ POA H12.00 12000kg Counterbalance LPG/Diesel 5336mm £ POA E1.50 1500kg Counterbalance Electric 3290mm £ POA E2.00 2000kg Counterbalance Electric 3290mm £ POA R1.4 1400kg Reach Truck Electric 5076mm £ POA For information call 0845 600 3546 or visit www.speedyservices.comManaged Services 179
  17. 17. Health & Safety information and Site Equipment Free Toolbox Talks - pages 22 to 25 4x4 Mini Dumper Heavy duty Mini Dumper designed to transport construction and landscaping materials across rugged terrain, with heavy duty chassis and gearbox for harsh on-site conditions. Unique drive system offers increased traction and gradient climbing on all surfaces in addition to ease of service and easy wheel change. Ask your local depot for details. Skip ramp also available. Hose is sale item CODE 27/0029 Description Petrol Mini Dumper Twin Flow Column Skip Geared Cone Flow Height 925mm Length 1588mm Concrete Skips Power 5.5hp A range of general purpose skips for concrete pours. 2000kg option also available. S.W.L. 300kg Please contact your local depot for more skip options. Skip Volume 150ltr Unit Weight 155kg Cleaning charge applies Width 716mm PER WEEK £121.30 CODE 71/5570 71/5575 71/5550 71/5555 71/5578 71/5580 Minimum hire period - one week Twin Twin Column Column Geared Geared Description Flow Flow Skip Skip Cone Flow Cone Flow Skip Lifting Cradle Size 500ltr 1000 ltr 500 ltr 1000 ltr 500 ltr 1000 ltr S.W.L. 1.5t 3t 1.5t 3t 1.5t 3t A safe method of lifting builders’ skips CODE 73/7115 Unit Weight 250kg 350kg 290kg 380kg 260kg 460kg without using the standard lifting lugs. S.W.L. 12t 1ST DAY £73.86 £77.94 £73.86 £77.94 £73.86 £77.94 1ST DAY £89.58 EXTRA DAY £24.62 £25.98 £24.62 £25.98 £24.62 £25.98 EXTRA DAY £29.86 PER WEEK £123.10 £129.90 £123.10 £129.90 £123.10 £129.90 PER WEEK £149.30 Boat Skip Muck Skip General muck and waste removal skips. Heavy duty skip for removal of general The low loading height and drop down site rubbish. bale arm makes fitting easy. Designed with a drop hanger, hook ring and latch for automatic emptying. HEALTH & SAFETY TIP Use of a drop chain is recommended CODE 71/5460 71/5465 71/5470 71/5475 CODE 71/5430 71/5435 71/5440 71/5445 71/5450 Description 500ltr 1000 ltr 1500 ltr 2000 ltr Description 100 ltr 500 ltr 750 ltr 1000 ltr 1500 ltr Unit Weight 130kg 275kg 425kg 540kg Unit Weight 28kg 150kg 220kg 290kg 470kg 1ST DAY £49.50 £64.08 £75.90 £93.78 1ST DAY £15.78 £30.84 £44.04 £54.24 £60.54 EXTRA DAY £16.50 £21.36 £25.30 £31.26 EXTRA DAY £5.26 £10.28 £14.68 £18.08 £20.18 PER WEEK £82.50 £106.80 £126.50 £156.30 PER WEEK £26.30 £51.40 £73.40 £90.40 £100.90180 Lifting Call 0845 602 8077 | Visit www.speedyservices.comMC2011-180.indd 180 4/3/11 12:03:09