In Memory of "DownTown" Tony brown


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To one of the best flight companions and coworkers I have ever had the plesure to work with.

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In Memory of "DownTown" Tony brown

  1. 1. Aubrey “ Tony ” Brown In memory of a good worker, a fine mechanic, a go-getter, someone you could always have fun with, but most of all, a friend you could always rely on.
  2. 2. These are some of the pictures of our last adventure together. We left to Africa in May 14 th 2005, in what we thought would be one of the most exciting tours of a continent that still remains on the wild side. This trip took us to Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Gabon, South Africa, Chad, Libya, Pakistan, Dubai, France, England, and Austria. A trip that had all the excitement we thought and some more, but many more risks than what we were prepared for.
  3. 3. Together we went to many places… far and away, in the cold of the Canadian winter, or the heat of Equatorial Africa in summer. There was always a smile to share with everyone, and his generosity touched many around the world. Leave it to Tony to feed a hungry kid in the streets of Kenya, or to give a good tip to a hard working waitress. A big heart that had no limits.
  4. 4. He wanted to see Paris again. It was not possible on this trip since it was always too busy. He wanted to go on a safari, but again, work took the best of his time. We enjoyed good dinners, a lot of laughs, plenty of friendship, and most of all, we enjoyed the company of someone whose heart was always bigger and taller than any of the problems we were ever faced with.
  5. 5. Always on the go, the bags packed, and the spirit high. We went on for days at a time… What made it worthwhile was having a friend by your side. We talked many times about how difficult life was for people in Africa, and he used to say “we are putting our 2 cents here bringing this food to Niger”.
  6. 6. His usual words to Maintenance Control: “It could be worse boss, it could really be worse”… Always a smile and thinking that whatever the problem was, he would give his best try to fix it and get us going again.
  7. 7. On our last flight together we had 25 stops in 14 days, three layovers, 4 showers, and a break down in Niger. During this trip he was always doing what he did best; giving 150 percent on the job. Being tired was only a state of mind that could be overcome.
  8. 8. Tireless day, round the clock working, extreme heat, monsoon rain, a sand storm, and mosquitoes that could carry you around. This all happened in one day in Niamey, Niger. But he pressed on. Duty was first.
  9. 9. No job was too big or too hard, no work day was too long. He always had the strength to keep going, and to cheer us all up in the meantime.
  10. 10. That same peace you inspired on us. We were fortunate to have known you, and I was lucky to have been your partner in so many flights. You will always be in my heart and so many others. Rest in peace Tony Brown… Fly free now, that not even the sky is the limit.