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GOETS Introduction


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GOETS Introduction

  1. 1. Service & Marketing Platform For International Educators GOETS’ Approach To Serve International Educators & Worldwide Overseas-educated Chinese
  2. 2. Global Overseas-EducatedTalent Services (GOETS)“To be the number one and naturalchoice of education professionals topromote international education,training, exchange and advancementof Chinese students and professionals.”
  3. 3. GOETS • Officially launched on Dec 16, 2008 • Honorary Chairman – Mr. Han Qide, Vice Chairman of People’s Congress of China • 500K+ registered members • A portal to all other GOETS services and functions
  4. 4. GOETS Commencement
  5. 5. Organization Structure Honorary Chairman Board of Governors Administrative Council Advisory Board Global Overseas-educated Talents Services Executive Office LX AID Returnees Jobs Returnees Friends Returnees Home IEOCN
  6. 6. Leadership• Honorary Chairman: Mr. Qide Han - Vice Chairman of China National People’s Congress (NPC)• Honorary Vice Chairman: Mr. Xinsheng Zhang - the Director General of Bureau of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); the formal Vice Minister for Minister of Education, China• Board of Governors:• Chairman of the Board: Mr. Jieyan Chen - Deputy Secretary General of Western Returned Scholars Association; the first Secretary General of China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation• Executive Chairman: Dr. Robert Zhang, Senior Advisor of China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation• Governor: Mr. Weimin Tang, Director of Shanghai Overseas- Educated Talents Exchange Center• Governor and Secretary: Ms. Hong Zhu, the Deputy Secretary General of China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation; the Deputy Director of Western Returned Scholars Association• Deputy Secretary: Mr. Kejian He• Administrative Council:• Director: Mr. Jieyan Chen• Executive Director: Dr. Robert Zhang• Deputy Director: Mr. Weimin Tang• Deputy Director and Secretary: Ms. Hong Zhu• Deputy Secretary: He Kejian• Executive Office:• President: Dr. Robert Zhang• Vice President Corporate Relations: Mr. Keith Wootan• Vice President Operation: Mr. Yue Liu• Vice President Marketing: Mr. Chibin Lu
  7. 7. Advisory Board• Mr. Steven Milovich, Senior Vice President, Disney• Mr. Henry Low, COO, Amazon China• Dr. Zhijian Fan, CEO & President, Nokia Siemens Network (Shanghai)• Mr. Joe Zhou, CEO & President, Eaton China• Mr. Charles Mah, Senior Vice President, UT Starcom• Mr. Mike Liu, Vice President, Alcatel-Lucent China• Ms. Moon Xia; Vice President, Teleplan• Mr. George Wu, General Manager, Meon China• Mr. Leo Lu, General Manager, Office Depot China• Ms. Mary Han, Formal HRD, GE China• Ms. Nina Liu, Managing Director, SPX Asia Pacific• Dr. L. Hyatt, Associate Professor, College of Education and Organizational Leadership, University of La Verne• Ms. Eliza Kwok, Country Managing Director (China Region), SOS International
  8. 8. History• December 2007, Two special funds established with China Overseas- educated Scholars Development Foundation (COSDF)• GOETS officially launched in Dec 16, 2008• Returnees Social Network launched in February 2009• Charitable E-shopping launched in March 2009
  9. 9. History (Cont.)• Returnees Friends launched in May 2009• International Exchange of China (IEOCN) launched in June 2009• Returnees online Job launched in December 2009• LX AID (LX stands for study abroad) launched in March 2010• GOETS on campus
  10. 10. Targeted Customers• International education institutes and educators• Chinese Students who are going to study abroad• Chinese Students who are currently studying abroad• Returned Chinese who had overseas education/working experience• Foreigners who are currently working, studying, and living in China
  11. 11. Many Solutions, One Partner• Prepare, recruit, manage, and advance Chinese students to study abroad• Serve, support, and help Chinese students study, work, and live abroad• Design, develop, and implement international exchange programs for Chinese students• Re-localize returned Chinese in China• Develop and implement marketing strategy, promotion, and government & customer relationship for international education institutes
  12. 12. Prepare, Recruit, Manage, and Advance ChineseStudents to Study Abroad
  13. 13. LX AID • LX AID (LX stands for study abroad) launched in March 2010 • The first Non-profit and DIY service in industry • Sophisticated technology and data applied • Integration of information, tool, and knowledge
  14. 14. Our Approach• Enable our students to be prepared• Recruit based on matching students with international education institutes• Manage the application and pre-departure processes• Retain and advance students by working closely with international education institutes
  15. 15. Hear What US Higher EducationColleagues Say About LXAID Today more than ever public universities need additional revenue to offset state budget reductions. In light of China’s booming economy many Chinese families have sufficient amounts of discretionary money to support a child’s higher education in America, Australia, or Great Britain. LX Aid can assist your institution tap this market through their unique access to the secondary school system in China. If you are skeptical about an invitation to explore student recruiting in China you are wise. During the many years I was the Director of the International Center at Utah Valley University (formerly UVSC) in Orem, Utah, I was bombarded with solicitations from agents in China, many of whom were of questionable integrity. LX Aid is very different. As a non- profit organization sponsored by the Chinese Central Party the LX Aid has extraordinary access to the Chinese student market. As one who has been a student of Chinese history and politics for over forty years (and a university faculty member both in the U.S. and in China) I assure you that the CCP “pulls significant strings” in both secondary and higher education in China. “Or as a People’s University professor recently told Richard McGregor, author of The Party, and a long time China correspondent for the Financial Times: ‘The Party is like God. He is everywhere. You just can’t see him.’”(Foreign Policy, September/October 2010, p. 146.….Boyd H. Bauer, Ph.D. School of International Service, American University, Washington, D.C. LX Aid Director of University Relations
  16. 16. Serve, Support, and Help Chinese Students Study, Work, and Live Abroad
  17. 17. A Natural Service Platform• Services offered by 3rd party providers via our network, i.e., insurance, SOS, housing, travel, etc.• Direct connection to work with over 1000 Chinese Students and Scholars Associations abroad• Job placement via• A special social network and dating services
  18. 18. Design, Develop, and ImplementInternational Exchange Program for Chinese Students
  19. 19. International Exchange of China International Exchange of China (IEOCN) launched in June 2009
  20. 20. • A functional site to host international exchange programs – Summer Camp – Travel and work – Summer credited class – Internships• It is a platform to bridge service providers and potential Chinese students• Integration of technology and MGMT
  21. 21. Re-localize Returned Chinese in China
  22. 22. • Help returned Chinese to – Find a job, start business, make friends, live happily
  23. 23. Develop and ImplementMarketing Strategy, Promotion, and Government and Customer Relationship for International Education Institutes
  24. 24. • A unique strategy to integrate marketing promotion and CSR• Effective China market penetration and promotion by utilizing the resources from government, NPO, education institutes and corporations• Exclusive on-campus media resources to access to millions of Chinese students efficiently• Integrate MGMT and advanced technology to ensure the success of the project implementation
  25. 25. Information onCampus Media Resources
  26. 26. Summary• A high school direct sales channel to cover all middle and high schools in China• On-campus Bill Board in more than 200 major universities in over 15 major cities• On-line BBS advertisement controls for over 220 major universities in China• GOETS on Campus Work Station in each major universities and high schools in China
  27. 27. Established Mid- and High-SchoolDirect Sales Channel• More than 1000 direct sales• Sales live all over different places in China• Cover schools in county level and above• Proven track record of recruiting and product/service promotion• Established relationships with principles of almost all of the mid- and high-schools in China
  28. 28. Number of Campus and Students Covered inEach Major City --- On Campus Bill Boards Number of Universities Number of University Number of High Schools Number of High School City Covered Students Covered Covered Students CoveredBeijing 45 500,000 105 472,500Tianjing 11 100,000 52 234,000Shanghai 30 400,000 110 495,000Nanjing 17 200,000 83 373,500Hangzhou 20 300,000 98 441,000Guangzhou 25 300,000 97 436,500Shenzhen 2 40,000 56 252,000Zhuhai 1 10,000 25 112,500Chengdu 20 250,000 83 373,500Chongqing 15 200,000 87 391,500Shenyang 15 170,000 84 378,000Wuhan 15 160,000 89 400,500Xian 18 160,000 78 351,000Total 234 2,790,000 1,047 4,711,500 Cover more than 7 million students in China
  29. 29. University BBS information Users from  Number  211 school  of 211  registered  Schools  total  Users from  (5,338,675) (76) number  other  of  Schools  Schools  registered  (227) (10,729,990 )Cover More than 12 million current collegestudents in China
  30. 30. BBS in BJ, SH and GZ Number of  Number of  Number of  registered  registered  211  users from  Total  users from  Schools 211 schools  number of  other  (32) (2,345,476) schools  schools,  ( 64) (3,914,919)Morn than 4 million college studentscovered in BJ, SH and GZ cities
  31. 31. Some Examples (Bill Board)
  32. 32. Some Examples (Online BBS) • More than 220 University online BBS • Cover more than 12 million students • 30K daily average view pages/site
  33. 33. GOETS on Campus Work Station• Nationwide on-campus student organization• Support student activities on campus• Support GOETS overall business and strategies• Carry out and support GOETS on- campus events
  34. 34. Campus Work Station (Cont…)
  35. 35. Campus Work Station (Cont…)
  36. 36. Campus Work Station (Cont…)
  37. 37. Campus Work Station (Cont…)
  38. 38. Campus Work Station (Cont…)
  39. 39. Strategic Partners
  40. 40. Integrated Promotion Strategy• Meaningful contents – NPO, charity events/stories, etc.• Creditable government support, i.e.,• Strategically partnered with many well- known media resources – – – Music Radio China – Etc.
  41. 41. Successful Integration• For Chinese students as our customers – In three different stages – Most of our services can share our customers in different stages• Guide service providers to develop relevant products/services• Integration of business with chartable events/services• Integration of government resources
  42. 42. Integration Benefits• One brand to all customers• Reaching out to students faster, and more efficiently• Reduces the level of effort, while increasing communication flow for all parties• Higher value for all of our customers• Better Customer retention• New types of customers generation, i.e., parents, relatives, and friends, etc.• Shared marketing and promotion expenses
  43. 43. Questions• Visit our Web site at for more information on all of our services• Email Robert Zhang, Executive Director of GOETS at