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Dmaic model


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Dmaic model

  2. 2. Voice of the Customer Measure Analyze Improve Control Define Institutionalization The DMAIC Model
  3. 3. Characterization Recognize Identify Key Business Issues Measure Analyze Optimization Improve Control Institutionalization Standardize Integrate Black Belt Projects Breakthrough Strategy Identification Objective Define Stage Breakthrough Strategy Phase Understand Current Performance Levels Achieve Breakthrough Improvement Transform How Day-to Day Business is Conducted
  4. 4. Define Define the problem and customer requirements. Control Measure Measure defect rates and document the process in its current incarnation. Analyze process data and determine the capability of the process. Improve the process and remove defect causes. Improve Analyze Control process performance and ensure that defects do not recur. THE DMAIC ALGORITHM
  5. 5. PROJECT OF :BirdsNest
  6. 6. Project on:
  7. 7. Projects Begin with a Detailed Assessment of Customer Needs DEFINE : A. Identify project CTQs: what the customer thinks is essential. B. The Team Charter represents the business case for the project. C. Define and build a process map that relates measurable internal processes to customer needs. These will now be addressed in greater detail