The "Crazy" Sharing Economy


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A collection of the most bizarre (yet brilliant) examples in the sharing economy.

  • The collaborative economy is a human activity that seeks to generating value in common and that is based on new forms of work organization. It relies on a more horizontal than vertical organization, sharing of goods, spaces and tools (use rather than possession), the organization of citizens 'network' or communities and generally intermediation internet platforms (except for models such as reciprocal knowledge exchange networks).

    The collaborative economy is understood in a broad sense, which includes collaborative consumption (GAC couchsurfing, carpooling, etc..) But also the modes of collaborative life (coworking, Colocation, shared housing), collaborative funding (crowdfunding, ) Transition initiatives, contributory output (digital fabrication, DIY, Fablabs 3D printer maker spaces) and open culture.

    This type of economµy in a context of mistrust of institutional actors of the traditional capitalist system, economic crisis, but also environmental ethics.
    It takes different forms (sharing economy, functionality economy, economy solutions, economy in peer-to-peer) based on the types of goods and services concerned or purpose (consumer empowerment, eco-efficiency).
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  • Great P2P compilation and composition.
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  • p2p 보험 jFloat, 시간제 지역 일자리 연결 Wonolo, 공공주차장 떠나면서 돈받고 넘겨주는 Monkey Parking, p2p 환전 Weeleo, 캠핑 A camp in garden
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The "Crazy" Sharing Economy

  1. 1. MARCO TORREGROSSA Managing Director, European Sharing Economy Coalition Rotary Club Brussels, 24 June 2014 The “Crazy” Sharing Economy
  2. 2. The Sharing / Collaborative Economy Source: Collaborative Lab
  3. 3. It all started with this …
  4. 4. peer to peer bathrooms
  5. 5. peer to peer accommodation for sport fans
  6. 6. peer to peer accommodation for gay
  7. 7. peer to peer dog sharing
  8. 8. peer to peer private jets / boats
  9. 9. peer to peer caravans
  10. 10. peer to peer land sharing
  11. 11. peer to peer journalism
  12. 12. peer to peer insurance
  13. 13. peer to peer mortgages
  14. 14. on demand jobs
  15. 15. on demand car rental (at airports)
  16. 16. peer to peer leftovers exchange
  17. 17. on demand grandparents grandchildren matching
  18. 18. peer to peer street parking
  19. 19. on demand electric vehicle charge points
  20. 20. on demand cash
  21. 21. peer to peer investments in sport players
  22. 22. peer to peer currency exchange
  23. 23. on demand virtual private assistants
  24. 24. peer to peer wifi
  25. 25. peer to peer art
  26. 26. peer to peer camping
  27. 27. peer to peer community help
  28. 28. peer to peer decision making
  29. 29. peer to peer fashion advice
  30. 30. peer to peer cannabis delivery
  31. 31. peer to peer medical equipment
  32. 32. on demand lawyers
  33. 33. on demand doctors
  34. 34. peer to peer space sharing
  35. 35. peer to peer trust
  36. 36. peer to peer partners sharing (in Samoa, website unavailable)
  37. 37. Key Takeaways Make it more accessible, cheaper, faster and with higher quality for a large group of people to do what matters to them Tackle market segments that existing companies want to exit or ignore because unprofitable or too small to matter Offer the same product multiple times: consumers help you to create, distribute and market your products Show durability of your products, commitment to sustainability, a long- term relationship with customers Collect more users feedback and improve your services Act now, you will have the first mover advantage
  38. 38. THANKS! MARCO TORREGROSSA Managing Director, European Sharing Economy Coalition