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Speed Reading: Essential Eye Training and Brain Rewiring


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These slides are from the Iris Speed Reading Classes & Memory Improvement Courses. Iris is the largest and leading provider of Speed Reading & Memory Improvement Courses in the United States. This course covers essential eye-training and brain rewiring techniques for speed readers.

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Speed Reading: Essential Eye Training and Brain Rewiring

  1. 1. Essential Eye-Training and Brain Rewiring Welcome!
  2. 2. What We Will Discuss Today...● Training Your Eyes● Brain Rewiring / Neuroplasticity
  3. 3. Using Your Hand To Guide YourEyes● It helps you focus● How it trains your eyes to read differently
  4. 4. Two Types of Eye Movements● Saccadic ○ Jerky eye movement● Smooth Pursuit ○ Smooth eye movement
  5. 5. How many fixations per line? Research shows faster readers make less fixations per line
  6. 6. An Exercise to Help You Make Less Fixations Per Line 2-Fixation Drill When to do 3 fixations (longer lines) When to do 1 fixation (narrow newspaper columns)
  7. 7. Eye-Training for Reading on the Computer Screen AccelaReader.comHow it can help you read groups of words easily Lets try it out...
  8. 8. Peripheral Vision
  9. 9. Green Dot ExerciseAll that year the animals worked like slaves. But they were happy in their work; they grudged no effortor sacrifice, well aware that everything that they did was for the benefit of themselves and those oftheir kind who would come after them, and not for a pack of idle, thieving human beings. Throughout the spring and summer they worked a sixty-hour week, and in August Napoleonannounced that there would be work on Sunday afternoons as well. This work was strictly voluntary,but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half. Even so, it wasfound necessary to leave certain tasks undone. The harvest was a little less successful than in theprevious year, and two fields which should have been sown with roots in the early summer were notsown because the ploughing had not been completed early enough. It was possible to foresee that thecoming winter would be a hard one. The windmill presented unexpected difficulties. There was a good quarry of limestone on the farm,and plenty of sand and cement had been found in one of the outhouses, so that all the materials forbuilding were at hand. But the problem the animals could not at first solve was how to break up thestone into pieces of suitable size. There seemed no way of doing this except with picks and crowbars,which no animal could use, because no animal could stand on his hind legs. Only after weeks of vaineffort did the right idea occur to somebody — namely, to utilise the force of gravity.
  10. 10. Neuroplasticity / Brain RewiringThe idea that your brain can change itself It is malleable... like plastic
  11. 11. Neuroplasticity / Brain Rewiring Think you arent good at something? WRONGYour brain can literally change itself based on mental exercises and practice.
  12. 12. Neuroplasticity / Brain RewiringThe brain is like a muscle and needs mental workoutsLearning and brain exercises slow age-related mental decline and even improve brain function.
  13. 13. Neuroplasticity / Brain RewiringIntense learning of abstract information can also trigger plastic changes in the brain.The brains of medical students showed learning- induced changes in brain regions involved in memory and learning.
  14. 14. Neuroplasticity / Brain Rewiring Your brain contains billions of neurons Learning increases the connections among neuronsPhysical exercise helps create new neurons in the brain, a process known as neurogenesis
  15. 15. Neuroplasticity / Brain Rewiring Training Your Neurons Faster Clearer Teamwork
  16. 16. Neuroplasticity / Brain Rewiring Training Your Neurons 30 millisecond pause between firing
  17. 17. Neuroplasticity / Brain Rewiring Dyslexia Auditory Processing Problem
  18. 18. Neuroplasticity / Brain Rewiring Training Your Neurons The speed of thought is also plastic
  19. 19. Neuroplasticity / Brain Rewiring Practicing at very high speeds, blinking 2 or 3words at a time, trains your neurons to fire faster Lets try it out...
  20. 20. Neuroplasticity / Brain RewiringWhy Speed Reading Drills Works
  21. 21. Summary You can train your neurons to fire faster using and Speed Drills ConsistentlyDont get caught up in widening your eye span. Instead, focus on reading for ideas and understanding.