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The power of sponsorships


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Corporate sponsorships are key to a nonprofit's fundraising tool kit. Please contact for a sponsorship timeline.

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The power of sponsorships

  1. 1. The Power of Sponsorships! Deborah Spector, PresidentCreative Solutions & Innovations Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  2. 2. Why Corporate Sponsorships? Increased revenues Volunteers In-kind contributions Attract & retain donors Provide gateway for board members Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  3. 3. Strong Revenue SourceNorth American businesses spent more than $17.2 billion sponsoring events in 2010. These included charity galas, athletic contests, concert series, and the like -- according to IEG Sponsorship Report. Creative Solutions & InnovationsDecember 2011 | | 404.325.7031
  4. 4. Building PartnershipsMarketers learned that programs that combine loyalty with value equal profit.Sponsorships are about building effective partnerships that enhance both an organization’s mission & the sponsors business goals. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  5. 5. How do nonprofits recognize sponsorships? Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  6. 6. Awareness of valueIs your nonprofit aware of the value of sponsorships? Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  7. 7. 10 Attributes of nonprofits with successful sponsorship programs - #1 Entrepreneurial culture that allows for risk taking and sets benchmarks for achieving financial goals in new ventures. Flexible & can quickly assemble effective, cross-functional teams around tasks. These teams are efficient, solve problems and report information. Know that programming is everything. Their events and programs are superior. Understand that sponsorship is an exchange of frees for marketing assets, not a fundraising tool to pay the cost of a project or answer a budget shortfall. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  8. 8. 10 Attributes of nonprofits with successful sponsorship programs - # 2 Know their audience and possess detailed, up-to- date intelligence. Conduct aggressive outreach. These nonprofits understand the value of communication. Leaders and staff enjoy regular contact with business-people, not only to seek revenue. Keep sales materials ready to go to keep communications flowing between themselves & their prospects. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  9. 9. 10 Attributes of nonprofits with successful sponsorship programs - # 3 Know it takes time to build a sponsorship program, develop realistic timelines and project revenues accordingly. Have written policies to guide their negotiations, have buy-in across the organization to support the sponsorship effort with action & deliver on promises. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  10. 10. Steps for securing sponsors - #1 Put together a sponsorship team. Hold a brainstorming session to identify companies and local businesses that would want to reach your audience. Speak with your board, members and volunteers and find out with which companies they have relationships and if they are willing to pursue or provide contact information for your sponsorship committee to use. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  11. 11. Steps for securing sponsors - #2Research your prospects before you approach. Do you have an understanding of why current sponsors support your event? When do they set their marketing/sponsorship commitments? Do they sponsor specific organizations or causes? Do you provide access to their target audience? Do you have key influencers to help you reach your prospects? Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  12. 12. Steps for securing sponsors - #3Set sponsorship levels: Make sure the benefits at each level are distinct and enticing enough to encourage new sponsors to participate and to encourage previous sponsors to move up a level. You should base your sponsorship levels on the benefits to the sponsor. Be flexible and be prepared to customize levels to meet their marketing needs. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  13. 13. Steps for securing sponsors - #4Be prepared to call prospects and pitch your event as a great marketing opportunity. You have 20 seconds to describe your audience, some of the marketing benefits and to offer to email your package. Be sure and post your sponsorship levels on your event website. Follow up, follow up, follow up! Once you’ve made your pitch and sent your proposal, don’t let the opportunity slip away. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  14. 14. Steps for securing sponsors - #5 Cultivate your relationships by staying in touch before & after the event, not only when you receive their money. Always give your sponsors all the publicity you promised. Provide links to all the publicity posted on your site. Thank your sponsors & then thank them some more. Don’t go overboard & spend a lot of money on presents. Create baskets with donated goods for sponsors’ gifts. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  15. 15. ResourcesSponsorships:• Patricia Martin, Made Possible By: Succeeding With Sponsorship Jossey-Bass, 2004• National Council for Nonprofits s/corporate-sponsorship-toolkit• Why do companies sponsor Charitable Events, Joanne Fritz - ponsormotivation.htm• IEG’S Nonprofit Sponsorship Survey sorship-Survey.aspx Creative Solutions & InnovationsDecember 2011 | | 404.325.7031
  16. 16. Thank You! Please contact for sample sponsorship timeline.December 2011 Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031