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Donor For A Day Template


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We all know how important online donations are for our organizations. But, do you really know if your organization is positioned to reap the benefits?
I suggest you create a Donor for a Day program. First, conduct an internal audit. Next, pull together a volunteer committee to review your website and online donation program. Hold a virtual brainstorming session to review the findings and garner suggestions. Don’t forget to empower your volunteers and thank them for their suggestions.

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Donor For A Day Template

  1. 1. Donor for a Day TemplateWe all know how important online donations are for our organizations. But, do you really knowif your organization is positioned to reap the benefits?I suggest you create a Donor for a Day program. First, conduct an internal audit. I created thischecklist to use as a guide with clients.Online Donation Checklist  Our website is visually interesting  We have easy to find contact information on the homepage  We keep relevant content updated  Our Donate Now button is prominent and easy to find  We provide a link to our donation page in all our materials  We have an easy to understand donation URL that we add to our phone message  We track our donors so we can monitor which pages are getting the most hits and which sources are sending the greatest number of visitors to our donation page.  We keep the number of clicks necessary to make a donation to a minimum.  We test the donation form to ensure that it is easy to follow and doesn’t take too long to complete  We provide a contact name and number/email on the donation form  We have an auto-reply set up that thanks our donors for their gift  We provide personalized fundraising pages for our events & Friends & Family campaigns  Our donation page works well on mobile devices  We make sure we stay in touch with all our donors and share what a difference their donation makes   (888) 924-4648
  2. 2. Create a Donor for a Day Program 1. Invite a cross-section of members and volunteers to become Donors for a Day. 2. Use participation in the program to inspire and empower volunteer leadership and donors. 3. Task the committee members with ‘trying out’ your on-line donation program. 4. Provide a checklist. (see below) 5. Hold a virtual brainstorming meeting to collect impressions & suggestions. 6. If a virtual meeting is not practical, survey the participants. 7. Use the findings to evaluate your current program & implement changes where necessary to garner the most from your online donation program. 8. Don’t forget to engage your donors for a day beyond the technology to discuss person to person communications. 9. Write up the results and share with your Volunteer for a Day participants as well as senior management. 10. Don’t forget to thank your participants – and then thank them again!Donor for a Day Checklist  I found the website to be visually pleasing  It was easy to navigate through the website  I knew almost instantly who you are and what you do  I learned what you would do with my gift  I found measureable proof of your recent successes  The success stories were compelling  I saw stories/statements from volunteer leadership  The Donate Now button was easy to find  I found links to services & programs and other ways to engage  ‘Contact Us’ information was easy to find. It contained an email address/fill-in form, contact person’s name and a phone number  The donation page has the same look & feel as the website  The donation form was easy to fill-in  I received an automatic tax receipt/thank you when I made a donation  I had the option to sign-up for an e-newsletter and notifications of events  My online thank you was followed by a personalized thank you note.   (888) 924-4648