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Commercial TVWS Solutions Webinar presented 12/8/2011

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  • The initial demand for this shared spectrum technology is for TV White Space devices. The first devices available will be high power fixed TVWS devices driven by demand for Rural Broadband Coverage, Smart City and Smart Grid applications. WISP’s, City Municipalities and Utility companies looking for access to TV White Space spectrum based on the spectrum characteristics of increased coverage and higher penetration than traditional wi-fi solutions. Other applications for Low Power Enterprise and Home Networking applications will be in the market within 12 months. We believe the deployment of fempto cells is a logical application for service providers to manage the proliferation of wireless devices in a small geographic area (with limited bandwidth). This will be a perfect solution for home networking through a set top box in the home. The future of connecting smart phones, notebooks and all things wireless will accelerate as additional bandwidth beyond wi-fi comes available through shared spectrum access technology. These solutions will be deployed by wireless carriers and other service providers to more effectively serve their customers.
  • Commercial TVWS Solutions Webinar

    1. 1. CommercialTV White Space Solutions Presented by: December 2011
    2. 2. Introduction & Housekeeping Attendees will be in Listen only mode – Submit questions using your GoToWebinar control panel • Select “Questions Tool” section Webinar slides will be posted at… –
    3. 3. Today’s Webinar Agenda1) Current State of TV White Space2) Market Opportunities a) Industry Applications b) TVWS Deployment3) Spectrum Bridge’s Role in Partner Development4) Radio Partners a) KTS Wireless Services b) Carlson Wireless5) Questions & Answers6) Resources and Updates
    4. 4. Webinar Supporting Sponsors WISPA promotes the development, advancement and unification of the wireless Internet service provider industry. WISPA has over 600 members consisting of wireless Internet service providers, equipment manufactures, and service vendors, and other interested parties. Koos Technical Services has been Carlson Wireless - For more than a decade, Carlson designing, manufacturing and delivering Wireless has led the way in providing wireless transformational radio technologies for over 30 communications solutions for a broad spectrum of years. From the advent of Mesh technology, earth applications and users. Carlson is a leading radio station telemetry products and special purpose equipment manufacturer, pioneering wireless industrial radios, KTS provides the expertise for communication solutions for remote environments wireless solutions and will be one of first to market and challenging conditions and serving customers in with TV white space products. public safety and many other industries.
    5. 5. Presenters Peter Stanforth CTO, Spectrum Bridge, Inc. Andy Mancone Director of Marketing, KTS Wireless Jim Carlson CEO, Carlson Wireless
    6. 6. Current State of TVWhite Space
    7. 7. What is White Space?  Wireless Devices will be certified with a database  Channel acquisition and database interaction will be virtually transparent to the end user
    8. 8. White Space Channel Availability(UHF Fixed Channels)
    9. 9. TVWS Milestones in the U.S. 2nd TVWS Report and Order FCC publishes initial NPRM on 1st TVWS Report FCC announces and Order database providers TV White Space2004 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 First TVWS database First TVWS solution Demonstration subject to FCC trial First experimental TVWS network First certified TVWS commercial solution
    10. 10. What is New About TV White Space? Spectrum Bridge expects to be appointed as the World’s First TV White Space Database Provider by the FCC. Anticipated Go Live Date is January 2012 Parallel Radio Certifications in progress with several devices Rules updates under consideration by FCC – antenna heights – access to some of the registration data – emissions mask – Fixed TVBD operation on adjacent channels The FCC leads the world in this innovative approach and the rest of the world is likely to adopt similar rules for TV White Space – UK Ofcom has ongoing trials, some differences in technical detail, but still database-driven – Industry Canada issued a TV white space consultation paper on August 29 – Standards efforts with IEEE and IETF
    11. 11. TVWS complements existing solutions FCC rules for unlicensed White Space operation are similar to those in existing 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz unlicensed bands: – Part 15 rules – 4 W EIRP – Non-exclusive use Aside from the additional capacity afforded by white space spectrum, operating in the VHF and UHF band enables improved coverage and Non-Line of Sight performance: 2.4 GHz 600 MHz
    12. 12. Global Leaders in TVWS Innovation • US First in the World to Adopt TV White Space Innovation - Successful deployments for rural broadband, Smart City, Smart Grid, tele-health, & telemetry applications • SBI actively Involved in Finland, Singapore and Cambridge, UK Trials - Anticipate more trials in 2012 • Regulators are defining rules in other countries across the world
    13. 13. Market Opportunities
    14. 14. Initial Deployments: High power, fixed devices at moderate cost M2M Telemetry Rural Broadband Smart City$$ Smart Grid Public Sector Home NetworkingTODAY 2015 HIGH POWER, FIXED LOW POWER, MOBILE DYNAMIC SPECTRUM TVWS DEVICES TVWS DEVICES ACCESS DEVICES Dedicated Broadband Dedicated Broadband for Anytime, Anywhere Wireless for Local Use Local and Enterprise Use
    15. 15. TVWS Applications – Rural Broadband Rural Broadband o Isolated communities Backhaul o Capacity management Benefits – Non-line of sight, better coverage – A lot of TVWS spectrum available
    16. 16. TVWS Applications – M2M (machine-to-machine) Telemetry – Real-time data transmission – Machine monitoring & Inventory tracking SCADA – Remote monitoring of substations – Meter triggering Transportation – Traffic monitoring – Traffic metering Smart City application – Video monitoring *illustration from Intel
    17. 17. How a TVWS device gets deployed? TVWS Platform Authorized Shared Access Internet Rules-based Spectrum Platform Secondar Billing & Bandwidth Spectrum Spectrum y Market Clearing Manager Sharing Tools ExchangeBase Station Client Endpoint
    18. 18. TVWS Service Provider DeploymentPlanning: Step 1: Check for available spectrum in your area at http://showmywhitespace.comDeployment: Physical installation of radios Configure base station and connect to the internet Deploy client devices (device registration is automatic) Manage the network – Configure preferred channel list – not all channels are equal – Maintain internet connection required – no internet = no white space – Neighbor awareness – coexistence, interference mitigation – Enhanced services to support network operation
    19. 19. Partner Development
    20. 20. TVWS Ecosystem Partners System Integrators RadioPartner Value-Added Resellers Connecting & Managing Access
    21. 21. Partner Program Radio Partners – Turnkey solution includes API functions to get products to market faster – Assistance with regulatory & certification process – SBI platform supports radio for useful life Service Providers & Network Operators – Service more customers with a TVWS portfolio – Enhanced capabilities from Show-My-Whitespace – Access to secondary markets spectrum System Integrators & Value-added Resellers – Differentiate your solutions using TVWS and licensed spectrum – Deployment support and expertise – Co-marketing in new Vertical Industries
    22. 22. Radio Partners
    23. 23. KTS WirelessAndy Mancone, Director of MarketingLarry Koos, VP of Engineering
    24. 24. KTS Wireless - Agility White Space Radio(AWR) FSK, SOQPSK - Field Upgradeable Waveform(s) for 2012 Availability: Now – FCC Certification December, 2011 FSK 2.0 Mbps – SOQPSK 3.1 Mb/s Throughput Outdoor/Pole Mounting – Weather Proof Enclosure VHF and UHF Versions Available / Log Periodic Antennas Also Available FCC Part 15 Subpart H compliant (pending) Power over Ethernet Managed by SBI TVWS DB
    25. 25. KTS Wireless - Agility White Space Radio(AWR)  Vertical Solutions  White Space Broadband Applications  Mission Critical Industrial Telemetry  Provides a SCADA Migration Path  Challenged Terrain Requirements  Dense, Consistent Coverage  Designed for Always On Application Requirements
    26. 26. KTS Agility White Space Radio - Applications Increasing Mission Criticality/ Application Integrity M2M Solutions SCADA + and Secure, Resilient SOHO Internet Applications Telemetry Industrial Access KTS’ FSK and SOQPSK KTS’ AWR Provides a Performance Envelope SCADA Migration Path Decreasing Increasing Data Rate Reliability
    27. 27. Carlson WirelessJim Carlson – CEOKiely Cronin – Product Specialist Best Product of the Year Neul – Carlson Solution
    28. 28. Radio PartnerProduct Design Evolution Initial Market Requirements from WISP Market – NLOS Coverage Critical – Multipath Challenge – Adequate Bandwidth for Last Mile Customers – Justifiable Cost Carlson Hardware Solution – UHF Full Range 470-786 MHz (698MHz for US) – 16 Mbps OTA with 10+ Mbps to Users – Cost Under $600 per CPE moving to < $400 in 2013 Neul – Software Solution – Tested in extreme locations
    29. 29. Radio PartnerProduct Design Challenges Meet Regulatory, BW and Cost without ASIC – Power at Antenna max legal + 36 dBm EIRP – Spectral Emissions at +/- 3 and 9 MHz - 55, 72 dBc – 2nd and 3rd Harmonics at Lowest Operating Freq – Power Spectral Density Rule 12.2 dB – PA Cost and Efficiency – POE Outdoor Enclosure (NEMA 4 or IP66)
    30. 30. Radio Partner Targeted Applications – WISP – Machine to Machine • Smart Grid • Utility Metering • Asset Tracking • Traffic Signal – Video Surveillance – Telemedicine and Distance Learning – Public Safety and Campus Networks – Backhaul
    31. 31. Radio Partner Timeframe of RuralConnect II – Running Production Quantity to Meet Market Price. – 1000 Units in Production Cycle – 1st Product to Roll off Line in January 2012 – FCC and IC Certification Planned for February 2012 – 2nd Production Run in Planning Stages – ASIC Solution Early 2013
    32. 32. Q&ASubmit questions in the “Questions” section of theGoToWebinar Control Panel
    33. 33. Questions & Answers Send Additional Questions with your Webinar Survey… Following slide contains resources & information…
    34. 34. Resources & Updates
    35. 35. Keep Informed Where to stay updated on TVWS – – – Partners website: • • • More links to resources on TVWS will be posted in materials distributed after the webinar Q1 2012 Based on Survey Survey will be emailed to attendees for feedback Feedback, future webinar topics will be Please register for future announcements at our website. announced
    36. 36. Thank YouAdditional TV White Space Information andWebinars will be available at the following