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  • Passport Gender Marker Policy Passport Policies. The Department of State updated its policy for changing gender designations on passports in accordance with evolving medical standards to eliminate the requirement for sex reassignment surgery. 
  • Rhode Island Governor Lincoln ChafeeRhode Island's governor signed into law a bill legalizing same sex civil unions, but said it does not go far enough toward legalizing gay marriage.Governor Lincoln Chafee, an independent who supports gay marriage, nonetheless signed the measure with the promise that it would move Rhode Island closer to the ultimate goal of legalizing gay marriage.Chafee had urged the General Assembly to consider same-sex marriage this legislative session. But some legislators felt it would be doomed in a state populated by many elderly and Catholic voters, and a civil unions bill was passed instead.
  • Judge Virginia Phillips: A federal judge ordered the government to stop banning openly gay men and women from serving in the military under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.  U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips found the policy unconstitutional in September. She rejected an Obama administration request to delay an injunction and ordered enforcement of the 17-year-old policy permanently stopped.Government attorneys had warned Phillips that such an abrupt change might harm military operations in a time of war. They had asked Phillips to limit her ruling to the 19,000 members of the Log Cabin Republicans (the group that brought the suit), which includes current and former military service members.The Department of Justice attorneys also said Congress should decide the issue — not her court.  Phillips disagreed, saying the law doesn't help military readiness and instead has a "direct and deleterious effect" on the armed services by hurting recruiting during wartime and requiring the discharge of service members with critical skills and training.Judge Joseph Tauro: Judge Joseph Tauro of the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts struck down a key part of DoMA. In his opinion in the main case, Gill v. Office of Personnel Management, Tauro rejected every possible reason to retain the law. Tauro didn't buy the rationale that apparently sounded reasonable to Congress when it passed DoMA in 1996, the lukewarm defense the Obama administration came up with, or any other reason the court could conceivably imagine."The Constitution 'neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens,' " Tauro opened, a pointed citation of Justice Harlan's dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson, the universally discredited 1896 Supreme Court ruling that upheld segregation. He then decimated the Obama Justice Department's rationale for DoMA as a legitimate effort to preserve the existing social order to buy time for society to digest the controversial idea of same-sex marriage. The anti-miscegenation laws that spread among the states before the Supreme Court struck them down in 1967, he said, did not cause Congress the concern for social order it invoked in defense of DoMA. Nor did the existing marriage law of Massachusetts' neighbor, New Hampshire, which alone among the states allows a 14-year-old to marry a 13-year-old. Tauro concluded that DoMA was driven only by animus against gay people. And animus alone is not a legitimate basis for the government to act. "If the Constitution means anything, it does at the very least mean that the Constitution will not abide a bare congressional desire to harm a politically unpopular group," Tauro wrote.
  • Highlight the lack of laws in many of these areas – non-discrimination protections; safe schools; hate crimesAnd the presence of bad laws in areas of relationship recognition and adoption
  • ·Anti gay activists can be effective:o   The “look what I learned in school today – a prince can marry a prince and a princess can marry a princess” ad remains one of the most effective ones out there … and we (the gays) have yet to find a really good message to refute it.o   “Not My Bathroom.com” … was a campaign in Missoula, Montana … trying to strike down the city’s anti discrimination laws … and this catchy web site suggested that allowing the law to stay in place would mean that “men in dresses” (aka trans people) would soon be stalking children in bathrooms.  They lost – and disbanded – but the slogan was “catchy”  - and could be emulated elsewhere.
  • Bohnett Leadership Fellowship at Harvard– $500,000 granted to the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute. Provides scholarships to qualified LGBT leaders who have been accepted to Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government program. Leaders include:Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston, TexasTom Duane, New York’s State SenateJoel Burns,city council member in Fort Worth, TexasHRC’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities Program:$456,000 granted since 2003 for changing the HBCU campus climate to become more inclusive of LGBT students and facultyNBJCis dedicated to empowering black LGBT people and its mission is to eradicate racism and homophobia. Recently invited to the White House and completed “Out On the Hill” for six days of meeting with legislators.Transgender Law Center is a civil rights organization advocating for transgender communities.  Inclusion in Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).Immigration Equality is a national organization fighting for equality under U.S. immigration law for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and HIV-positive individuals. Helping “bi-national couples” in preventing the deportation of partners in same sex relationships.David Bohnett CyberCenter’s – NEXT SLIDE
  • Over 60 have been funded nationwide12 at University Campus LGBT Centers 8 at Youth LGBT Centers480 Workstations totalLGBT Community Centers serve 30,000 individuals a weekA center with a DBCC serves 164 more patrons and clients a weekCreates opportunity to access information, connect socially and increase productivity: job searching resume writing social networking
  • Family Equality Council – LGBT Families - works to ensure equality for LGBT families – from adoption to federal family leave protectionsGLAAD – LGBT Media -amplifying the voice of the LGBT community and holding the media accountable for the words and images they presentAmerican Foundation For Equal Rights – LGBT Marriage – California’s Prop 8 and Olsen/Boies case
  • Network of LGBT campus centers provide connection and places for activism in many parts of the country – centers can serve as places for faculty, staff, and students to talk about their needs and to create strategies for change in their campus communities and surrounding towns  highlight the ways in which the Spectrum Center helped in the UM fight for domestic partner benefits. Maybe get other examples of ways that the Center has acted as more than a resource, but a connector (with WRAP, phone banking, volunteering with local queer youth, etc).
  • David bohnett SC40

    1. 1. This Moment in theLGBT MovementSpectrum Center 40th Anniversary LectureThe University of Michigan 1
    2. 2. What are we trying toachieve?How are wedoing?Where do we find ourselvesnow? 2
    3. 3. What are we trying toachieve? 3
    4. 4. About8 millionAmerican adultsare LGB (3.5%) Nearly700,000 are trans (0.3%)LGBT parentsare raising about2 million kids 4Source: Williams Institute, MAP
    5. 5. LGBT People Are More Likely to be Poor 27% 24% 19% 15% 13% 13% LGB Heterosexual Women Men Trans American Americans AdultsSource: The Williams Institute, 2009 from National Survey of Family of Growth; adults 18-44; National Transgender 5Discrimination Survey, 2011; 2010 Census Bureau Data
    6. 6. LGBT People are Racially/Ethnically Diverse 11% 11% 9% 9% 7% 5% 5% Same-Sex 4% Transgender 2% 2% 2% Heterosexual 1% Latino/a Black Asian Other/ Multi- RacialSource: The Williams Institute, 2010; National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 2011. 6
    7. 7. LGBTAmericanslive ineveryone’sneighborhood 7
    8. 8. African American same-sex couples (per 1,000 households)LGBTAmericanslive indiversecommunities 8
    9. 9. Latino/a same-sex couples (per 1,000 households)LGBTAmericanslive indiversecommunities 9
    10. 10. LGBT Americans seekequal opportunity toparticipate fullyin American lifeWhat does this mean? 10
    11. 11. LGBT Americans want the same chance as everyone else to:Pursue health &happiness• Free from stigma and discrimination• Equal access to health insurance benefits• Access to competent and welcoming health care providers 11
    12. 12. LGBT Americans want the same chance as everyone else to:Earn a living• Protection from being unfairly fired• Access to the same benefits and tax credits 12
    13. 13. LGBT Americans want the same chance as everyone else to:Serve theircountry• Military service• Public service, including running for public office or volunteering 13
    14. 14. LGBT Americans want the same chance as everyone else to:Be safe in theircommunities• Protection from hate crimes• Welcoming and affirming schools• Safe places to worship 14
    15. 15. LGBT Americans want the same chance as everyone else to:Take care of theones they love• Marry the person they love• Secure legal ties between parents and children• Take leave to care for a sick partner or spouse 15
    16. 16. In sum, we aim for equal opportunity in American life Earn a livingLGBTAmericanswant the Pursue health & happiness Serve their countrysame chanceas everyoneelse to: Be safe in their Take care of the 16 communities ones they love
    17. 17. Securing equality requires work on three fronts: Change the Culture Change the Laws Change the Lived Experience 17
    18. 18. How are wedoing? 18
    19. 19. Major federal successes in past two years Federal hate crimes law DADT repeal Major administrative successes o DOJ: heightened scrutiny; won’t defend DOMA o Hospital visitation o FMLA includes children of domestic partners o Census to report same-sex married couples o Repeal of the HIV-ban on immigration o Passport gender marker policy o Clarification of schools’ responsibility on bullying Major judicial successes o Federal court finds marriage ban unconstitutional o Federal court finds DADT unconstitutional 19
    20. 20. Federal challenges remain • DOMA o House defense of law o Federal legislation to repeal is stalled • Federal legislation being considered: o Domestic partner benefits for federal employees o Removing extra taxation on benefits o Access to COBRA, FMLA o HIV/AIDS funding o Addressing immigration challenges o Safe schools o Nondiscrimination in adoption and foster care 20
    21. 21. Major state successes in past two years Marriage in DC, IA, NH, NY & VT Civil unions/DPs in DE, HI, IL, NV, RI & WA Anti-bullying laws in AR, IL, NC, NH, NJ & NY Non-Discrimination laws in CT, HI & NV Supportive parenting laws in DC, NM & WA Defeat of bans on LGBT parenting in AR & FL 21
    22. 22. State-level challenges remain • Marriage/relationship recognition efforts stalled in MD • Marriage amendments passed in IN, MN & NC; pushed in IA & WY; ballot measures in MN & NC • Non-discrimination legislation didn’t advance in UT • Politicized judicial retention election in IA • TN legislation banned local non- discrimination ordinances 22
    23. 23. Sodomy laws (2001) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK SC AR AZ NM MS AL GA 17 states with laws TX LA AK FL HI 23
    24. 24. Sodomy laws (2011) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK SC AR AZ NM MS AL GA 0 states with TX LA enforceable laws AK FL HI 24
    25. 25. Non-discrimination laws (2001) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NV NE OH DC NV DE IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN AZ NM OK AR SC 1 state with trans- MS AL GA inclusive law TX LA 10 states + DC with AK sexual orientation laws FL HI 25
    26. 26. Non-discrimination laws (2011) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH NV DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK AZ NM AR SC 15 states + DC with MS AL GA trans-inclusive laws TX LA 6 states with sexual AK orientation laws FL HI 26
    27. 27. Second-parent adoption (2001) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK SC AR AZ NM 5 states + DC MS AL GA TX LA AK FL HI 27
    28. 28. Second-parent adoption (2011) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH NV DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK SC AR AZ NM 19 states + DC MS AL GA TX LA AK FL HI 28
    29. 29. Safe school laws (2001) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK AZ NM AR SC 1 state with trans- MS AL GA inclusive laws TX LA 1 state with sexual AK orientation laws FL HI 29
    30. 30. Safe school laws (2011) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK AZ NM AR SC 16 states + DC with MS AL GA trans-inclusive laws TX LA 2 states with sexual AK orientation laws FL HI 30
    31. 31. Relationship recognition (2001) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN AZ NM OK AR SC 0 states with MS AL GA marriage TX LA 1 state with full AK rights FL HI 2 states with limited recognition 31
    32. 32. Relationship recognition (2011) ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD MI CT WY PA NJ IA NE OH DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK AZ NM AR SC 6 states + DC with MS AL GA marriage TX LA 9 states + DC with AK full rights FL HI 3 states with limited recognition 32
    33. 33. Where do we findourselves now? 33
    34. 34. 1. LGBT movement is becoming part of abroader progressive movement 34
    35. 35. Growing ally support across many areas 35
    36. 36. 2. There is growing political and judicial support 36
    37. 37. Growing political support President Barack Obama Gov. Andrew Cuomo Gov. Lincoln Chafee 37
    38. 38. Growing judicial support Judge Vaughn Walker Judge Virginia Phillips Judge Joseph Tauro 38
    39. 39. 3. There is growingbipartisan support 39
    40. 40. Unexpected high-profile support for marriageDick Cheney Ken Mehlman Laura Bush & Cindy McCain & Barbara Bush Meghan McCain 40
    41. 41. Growing Republican voter support for marriage 53% 37% 33% 34% 25% 2004 2010 13% Marriage Civil Unions No Recognition 41 Source: CBS News Poll
    42. 42. 4. There is growing public support 42
    43. 43. Increasing moral acceptability of gay & lesbianrelations 56 55 54 53 52 49 52 51 51 49 48 44 45 44 47 47 43 42 Acceptable 40% 38 39 Wrong 2001 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 2011 43 Source: Gallup
    44. 44. Strong public support for“equal rights in terms of job opportunities” 85% 86 88 89 87 89 89 89 Yes No 11 11 10 8 11 9 8 8 2001 02 03 04 05 06 07 2008 44 Source: Gallup
    45. 45. Strong support for equal treatment in the workplace Sexual orientation shouldnt matter 78% Equal access to FMLA 70% Remove taxation on benefits 63% Equal access to benefits 62% 45 Source: 2010 Out & Equal Workplace Survey
    46. 46. Most Wrongly Believe,“A Person Can’t be Fired Just for Being Gay” Disagree, 33% Agree, 61% No opinion, 6% 46 Source: Harris poll, 2007
    47. 47. Majority of Americans now support marriage • Six national polls since August 2010 show over 50% support:  Gallup poll showed 7 point increase in one year; 54% support up from 47% • Accelerated support  ~4 point gain in each of the last two years  About double the long-term rate of increase of 1-2 points/year 47 Source: Regression analysis by Nate Silver, fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com, April 2011
    48. 48. Almost three-quarters (70%) favor some form ofrelationship recognition None, 25% Marriage, 40 % Unsure, 5% DPs/civil unions, 30% 48 Source: CBS News Poll, Aug 2010
    49. 49. 5. Unprecedented media visibility 49
    50. 50. LGBT characters become part of mainstream TV 2001 2011 50
    51. 51. Portrayals include youth, gay parents and marriageGlee Degrassi High Modern Family Grey’s AnatomyBullying and First trans character Two gay dads Marriageromantic kiss 51
    52. 52. 6. Bullying and suicides spur unprecedented national response 52
    53. 53. Today’s youth are coming out at more vulnerable ages Never 12% 16% 43% 63% 53% 18+ 57% 25% 31% Before18 Age 45-62 today Age 26-44 today Age 18-25 today 53 Source: General Social Survey (GSS), 2008; Williams Institute
    54. 54. LGBT youth suffer a hostile school climate … LGBT high school students self report Verbally harassed (LGB) 85% Physically harassed (LGB) 40% Physically harassed 27% (based on GI/E) Felt unsafe at school 61% 54 Source: GLSEN, The 2009 National School Climate Survey.
    55. 55. … contributing to increased risky behavior High school Non-LGB students 59% LGB 35% 34% 25% 22% 17% 5% 6% Drank before age Currently smoke Have attempted Sex without a 13 suicide condom 55 Source: WI Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2009
    56. 56. LGBT youth suicide deaths drew unprecedentedvisibility and response 56
    57. 57. 7. While progress is stalled in somestates, local progress is still possible 57
    58. 58. 28 states show little progress on LGBT equality ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA NE OH DC DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC TN OK AR SC LGBT Equality AZ NM MS AL GA 28 states with little or TX LA no progress AK FL HI 58
    59. 59. 41 states have a ban on marriage ME WA MT VT ND NH OR MA MN NY WI RI ID SD CT MI WY PA NJ IA DC NE OH NV DE NV IL IN UT WV MD VA CA CO MO KS KY NC Marriage Bans TN OK AZ NM AR SC 12 states: legislative MS AL GA bans TX LA 10 states: AK constitutional bans FL HI 19 states: constitutional “Super DOMA” 59
    60. 60. Local progress possible where statewide progress stalled… Florida 1997 Florida 2010 60
    61. 61. … even on issues that show little state movement • New TN law prohibits such local ordinances • Similar law in CO was found unconstitutional 61
    62. 62. In Michigan:Very little state-wide progress But many cities have non- • Marriage discrimination protections • Employment Non-Disc • Ann Arbor • Huntington Woods • Housing Non-Disc. • Birmingham • Kalamazoo • Joint Adoption • Detroit • Lansing • Second-Parent Adoption • Douglas • Saginaw • Stepparent Adoption • East Lansing • Saugatuck & Township • Safe Schools Law • Ferndale • Traverse City • Hate Crimes Law • Grand Rapids • Ypsilanti • Ability to Change Gender on Birth Certificate 62
    63. 63. 8. Marriage remains asignificant battleground 63
    64. 64. Marriage litigation cases show promising early results Perry v. Schwarzenegger Massachusetts v. HHS Golinski v. OPM Pedersen v. Office of Personnel Mgt Gill v. Office of Windsor v. United States 64 Personnel Mgt
    65. 65. Significant resources invested inmarriage campaigns and litigation $41 million for “No on 8” campaign alone 65
    66. 66. 9. Anti-gay activists arewell-resourced buthave mixed results 66
    67. 67. LGBT groups have $0.6 billion in revenue Revenue $ millions $16 $13 $20 $574 $35 More than 550 $90 LGBT nonprofits $102 collectively had $127 $574 million in revenue in 2009 $172Health & Human Services Centers Community AdvocacyIssue Advocacy Legal Arts & Culture & RecreationalPublic Education Social Research & Total 67 Source: GuideStar, MAP analysis
    68. 68. Top 10 opponents triple revenue of top 10 LGBT groups Revenue, $337.0 Nat’l Org for Marriage (C3/C4), $7.4 Traditional Values Coalition (C3/C4), $9.9 $ millions American Center For Law & Justice, $12.1 Family Research Council (C3/C4), $14.0 Concerned Women For America (C3/C4), $14.6 Coral Ridge Ministries, $17.3 American Family Assn, $21.4 Victory Fund, $3.6 Alliance Defense Fund, $30.1 GLAD, $3.6 Empire State Pride, $3.7 Heritage Foundation, $69.2 SAGE, $3.9 GLSEN, $4.5 GLAAD, $5.0 $94.3 Equality CA, $8.0 Task Force, $9.7 Focus on the Family (C3/C4), $141.1 Lambda Legal, $11.8 HRC, $40.5 Top 10 LGBT Groups Top 10 Opponents 68 Source: MAP analysis of 990 data and annual reports
    69. 69. Anti-gay activists can be effective … 69
    70. 70. …but their stridency leads to mixed results “If there is an disbelief surrounding my newfound support for civil marriage equality, it is disbelief from those who surround me. … I soon realized that there I was surrounded by hateful people, propping up a cause … I had begun to question.” – Louis Marinelli NOM “Summer for Marriage” Organizer “For me the transition to supporting marriage has not been an easy one… What I witnessed from the opponents… was appalling. Witness after witness demonized homosexuals, vilified the gay community, and described gays and lesbians as pedophiles.” - James Brochin Maryland State Senator 70
    71. 71. LGBT advocates offer effective affirmative messagesThese and more available at www.lgbtmap.org 71
    72. 72. Impact 72
    73. 73. • Since 1999, David Bohnett and the David Bohnett Foundation have contributed more than $14 million to LGBT organizations 73
    74. 74. Top Priorities• LGBT Leadership Programs – David Bohnett Leadership Fellows at the Harvard Kennedy School – HRC’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities Program• Diversity – National Black Justice Coalition – Transgender Law Center – Immigration Equality• David Bohnett CyberCenters 74
    75. 75. David Bohnett CyberCenters 75
    76. 76. National Organizations 76
    77. 77. So where does thatleave us? 77
    78. 78. Opportunities State & local initiatives Federal administrative initiatives Safe schools laws Non-discrimination laws Litigation Public education Engage LGBT community Engage allies 78
    79. 79. LGBT Campus Centers Are a Growing Part ofthe LGBT Movement 79
    80. 80. Opportunities for You to Make a Difference • Federal legislation: Congress needs to hear from you – Particularly on the Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti- Harassment Act • Get involved – State efforts (Equality Michigan; contact your state representative) – Efforts in your local home communities • Support LGBT organizations – Volunteer – Donate (only about 4% of LGBT people donate to LGBT causes) • Reach out – People more likely to support LGBT equality when they have talked about the issues with someone they know 80
    81. 81. Questions? 81
    82. 82. This Moment in theLGBT MovementSpectrum Center 40th Anniversary LectureThe University of Michigan 82