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Design Methodologies 2nd Draft


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Directed Research, Pratt Institute, Summer 2013
Yayoi Kusama, Artist
Karim Rashid, Industrial Designer
Helen Pickett, Choreographer

Published in: Design, Business, Career
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Design Methodologies 2nd Draft

  1. 1. Methodology ExplorationAllen Spector | Directed Research | Tom KlinkowsteinSummer 2013
  2. 2. Yayoi Kusama(1929 – )artistKarim Rashid(1960 – )industrial designerHelen Pickett(1974 – )choreographerAllen Spector | Directed Research | Tom Klinkowstein
  3. 3. Allen Spector | Directed Research | Tom KlinkowsteinYayoi KusamaWorking is the only wayto stay sane.Create a work / life balance that allows you to work hard and stayhealthy. I once went on a 3 day work bender, and had a nervous breakdown and moved back to Japan. Now I live in an asylum and workeveryday from 9:00 to 6:00 across the street in my studio.
  4. 4. Allen Spector | Directed Research | Tom KlinkowsteinLet your work speak for itself.Yayoi KusamaCreate what you think is important, and let the audience come totheir own conclusions.
  5. 5. Allen Spector | Directed Research |Tom KlinkowsteinKarim RashidDesign is democratic.I love to design for everybody. I’ve designed everything from snowshovels to trash cans. And I believe that everybody should havebeautiful things in their life.
  6. 6. Allen Spector | Directed Research |Tom KlinkowsteinWork harder than everybody else.Karim RashidIf a client asks for some ideas, give them 30 sketches. I believe inpluralism. I work on several projects at the same time and in manydifferent disciplines.
  7. 7. Allen Spector | Directed Research |Tom KlinkowsteinHelen PickettGroups of people congregating on asubway platform inspire the way I grouppeople in a dance performance.Observing on a subway platform is a great way to understand peopleinteract. I apply this little ethnographic study to my performances tomake them feel authentic
  8. 8. Allen Spector | Directed Research |Tom KlinkowsteinThe creative process beginswith collaboration.Helen PickettCreating a dance performance is a conversation between the choreographerand dancer. Knowing who will be performing your work is an importantpart of the process. Especially if the dancer is has great ideas and in investedin making the piece better.
  9. 9. Allen Spector | Directed Research | Tom KlinkowsteinThank You.
  10. 10. Allen Spector | Directed Research | Tom KlinkowsteinThank You.