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Getting Sales Involved with Inbound Marketing


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Utilizing the tenets of Inbound Marketing can help you increase your site’s traffic, ultimately driving up the number of quality leads that may be passed on to your sales team. Getting your sales team involved with your marketing effort can help ensure that they get the information they need to target the best-fit leads for your brand.

Join Eric as he walks you through the ways to engage your sales team and use them to enhance the impact of your inbound campaigns.

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Getting Sales Involved with Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. Getting Sales Involved withInbound Marketing @TeamSpectate@karaszew2
  2. 2. Who am I? • Western NY, TCU Graduate • Managed ALDI Grocery Stores • Sold Web Content Management Systems • “Know you, like you, trust you”
  3. 3. The Agenda: Web 2.0 era sales explainedConvince your sales that it mattersWays to leverage your sales team Maximize your inbound output
  4. 4. Old Sales vs. New Sales
  5. 5. The way Sales uses socialCompanies & Contacts Prospects’ personal information Blogging? Sharing? Engaging?
  6. 6. The way Marketing usessocial •Sharing •Engaging •Spreading •Collaborating •Thought leadership •Fostering relationships Time?
  7. 7. Pushback fromsalesget paid to sell” Common responses: • “I • “I don’t have time” • “I’m not a good writer” • “How will this help me?”
  8. 8. Your move •Educate them! • Baby steps • Thought leadership, familiarity to improve their sales leverage • Address a common question in sales process • Ask them to do a webinar • Ego – you need their help • Excuses to reach out
  9. 9. MarketingSherpa 2012 Search Marketing BenchmarkReport - SEO Edition:• 60% plan to increase their social media budgets• 60% plan increases in landing page optimization• 57% plan increases in SEO• 41% plan increases in content marketing
  10. 10. All the cool kids are doing it…
  11. 11. The objective is to help Sales!
  12. 12. What should I ask my Sales team to do?
  13. 13. • Extra listeners •Assign Google Alerts •TweetDeck or Twitter search •Conference hashtags •Join LI Groups •Size associated with prominence
  14. 14. Extra Labor:•Max your bandwidth•Content creation (blopos and webinars)•SHARE!•Comments on blogs, articles, LinkedIn discussions
  15. 15. Train your team•Develop quick and agile strategy•What’s the next step after white paper DL?•Don’t be creepy on social•When in doubt, be less sales-y•APV – Always Provide Value
  16. 16. Inbound:Outbound::PeanutButter:Jelly •Outbound is NOT dead • Inbound is outbound • Reuse Sales team’s content • You’re behind the 8-ball
  17. 17. Spectate helps you to… • Drive better traffic through inbound marketing (SEO, content creation, social) • Optimize for more form conversions• Track prospects and leads, while staying “top of mind”. • Nurture them down to the sale
  18. 18. Eric KaraszewskiSales Questions? • – Centralized Inbound Marketing Software • • @teamspectate • •