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Sant ambrogio Duomo - English


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Sant ambrogio Duomo - English

  1. 1. Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio - Duomo Milan Tour Route
  2. 2. Monuments in Milan
  3. 3. Our route
  4. 4. Our route
  5. 5. Basilica of SantAmbrogio Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente Groundbreaking Groundbreaking 379 1386 completed1099 completed 1892
  6. 6. Romanesque style Gothic style
  7. 7. Bell tower“dei apsecanonici”1128 Bell tower of the Monks 800
  8. 8. Scheda-reference style: Lumbardy Romanesque- beginning of present building:1080-replaces: the paleochristian basilicaMartyrum founded by Ambrogio (400 d.C.circa);-materials: brickwork and plasteredmasonry , stone for the pilasters andarches only-bell tower: bell tower of the monks 800;-altar, ciborium and apses: from IX to Xcentury-bell tower: bell tower “dei canonici” 1128;-three aisles basilica, without transept,with vaults-span ;-arcaded atrium follows the inner plan ofthe nave and aisles, also used for citymeetings, the widest in Europe;-entrances: three portals to enter thechurch; the main one has a splay with aclassical decoring of leaves and fightinganimals, symbolizing the struggle betweengood and evil.
  9. 9. The central navecharacterized bycross vaults andhighlighted ribs
  10. 10. The bronze snakeThe archibishop Arnolfo II da Arsago, around year 1000,brought a bronze snake to Milan from one of his journeys. Itis still in the basilica of santAmbrogio, on a column on the leftside of the central nave.
  11. 11. The ambone, in the left aisleThe case is substained by 9 columns whichsurround a IV century coffin , the so-calledStilicone’s coffin
  12. 12. Detail of Stilicone’s coffinIt was carved in the second half of IV century. In the middle of thecarving you can see Christ on the throne closing the Bible in his hand.
  13. 13. On the front side of the case there are two golded copper relieves, symbols of Saint Matthew and Saint John.Saint Matthew Saint John
  14. 14. On the left corner an eagle catches an animal, maybe a hare, symbol of lust. telamone: human figure which substains an architectural element
  15. 15. Pistrice (legendary mythologic seamonster)Double-tail mermaid Pelican
  16. 16. April holds two trees with his June or July hands reaping the harvest The spinarium, classical symbol of MarchTwo peacocks drinking in a cup, eternal lifesymbol through Eucaristia
  17. 17. The ciborium of Angilberto II (824-859) and the altar of Vuolvino Tiympanum with terra cotta bas relieves Red porphyry columns
  18. 18. Front side of the ciboriumJesus gives the keys to Saint Peter and the Book to Saint Paul
  19. 19. Altar of VuolvinioFront side
  20. 20. Vuolvinio ‘s altarBack side
  21. 21. Mosaic of the apseThe central part.Christ in the middle seems to be of XI century, the circles under him of XIIsecolo.
  22. 22. Mosaic of the apseSermon of Saint Ambrose .It is composed by IV-IX century passages
  23. 23. Saint Ambrose stopping Teodosio,The portrait of Saint Ambrose painting by Camillo Procaccini kept in the Basilica
  24. 24. La cryptThe crypt withthe corpses ofsaintsAmbrose,Gervase eProtase