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The future of Location is HERE


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ABSTRACT: HERE Technologies, already a world leader in digital mapping, is today one of the main global players in Location Services. After a brief company overview we will introduce the HERE Developer Portal (, the online portal that allows developers to access the HERE Location Services and create innovative solutions in various sectors - Autonomous Drive, IoT, Mobility on Demand, Transport & Logistics. We will then delve into a few scenarios where our APIs are used to embed #maps (static, dynamic or interactive) or to include venue maps, or weather forecast. We’ll have a look at our Search and Geocoding capabilities to find places and addresses, at our Routing and Navigation APIs including Traffic and Intermodal routing (car, pedestrian, bike, transit) and at some advanced ones, like the captivating Geofencing (receiving feedback when something gets in/out a chosen area).

BIO: Graduated in Technical Geosciences, Paolo has been working for HERE Technologies since 2003. As a Senior Geographic Analyst, he supported the creation of the first Italian cartographic database for navigation systems, managing various projects on data acquisition and elaboration. Later as a Technical Trainer, he held training sessions over Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. As a Community Manager, member of the WEU Data Acquisition and Community team, since 2016 is managing the Italian Community of HERE users, first for maps addicted and now for developers too:

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The future of Location is HERE

  1. 1. 1 We are HERE
  2. 2. HERE in numbers We are HERE | March 20182 © 2018 HERE | Public 200 Countries mapped 30+ Years of experience transforming location technology 8,000+Employees in 56 countries focused on delivering the world’s best map and location technologies HERE Maps on board of 100Mvehicles and counting 28TB map data collected perday 4of5 In-car navigation systems in Europe and North America use HERE maps + collecting data for maps 400 HERE cars 3D data points per second per car 700,000 600k+km for Autonomous Driving HD Live Map covering
  3. 3. A history of transforming maps into location technology We are HERE | March 20183 © 2018 HERE | Public 1994 1st map for in-car nav 1st map for web 1985 Navigation Technologies founded 2004 1st map for ADAS 1st map for phone 1st map for Adaptive Cruise Control 2007 Community mapping Offline maps for mobile 2009 1st map for Predictive Cruise Control High-precision data collection and map building technology Use of sensor data for map building 2011 1st pure location cloud 2015 3 new investors
  4. 4. Accelerating rapidly We are HERE | March 20184 © 2018 HERE | Public 03/2016 New CEO & Leadership 08/2016 HERE Open Location Platform 0.5 09/2016 Next-gen real-time data services for automotive 09/2017 New partner & investor 10/2017 HERE Open Location Platform 1.0 12/ 01/2017 New investor & partners 2015 3 new investors 01/2018 1st Safety Services based on OLP Sensor Data 01/2018 New investors 01/2018 New partners 02/2018 New partner
  5. 5. © 2018 HERE | HERE Internal Use Only5 Creating a DIGITAL REPRESENTATION of the PHYSICAL WORLD
  6. 6. FROM PAPER Original product: The map
  7. 7. TO DIGITAL
  8. 8. TO 3D
  9. 9. TO HD
  10. 10. © 2018 HERE | HERE Internal Use Only10 TO REAL TIME
  11. 11. TO INDOOR
  13. 13. THE REALITY INDEXTM Location & POIs Vehicles Beyond roads Things People Spatial & Aerial
  14. 14. © 2018 HERE | HERE Internal Use Only14 On Demand Economy 9.5 B ARRobotics Quantum Computing Megacities Artificial Intelligence Sustainability Neural Networks Data Analytics Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location Location
  15. 15. Location connects 80% the data! How can you use location?
  16. 16. © 2018 HERE | PublicWe are HERE | March 201817 Maps, Search, Routing
  17. 17. © 2018 HERE | PublicWe are HERE | March 201818 You’ll also have access to these APIs
  18. 18. © 2018 HERE | PublicWe are HERE | March 201820
  19. 19. Schedu ateL
  20. 20. Time is Money How much time are you going to throw away?
  21. 21. Our daily calendar 10 Tasks 6 scheduled 4 Not scheduled
  22. 22. Our daily movements 10 Tasks 6 scheduled 4 Not scheduled 42 total km travelled 1h 48m total time spent driving
  23. 23. How can we perform much better?
  24. 24. We tried a small change ● Same tasks, with same time constraints ● 1 change in our plan 57 minutes instead of 108 21 km instead of 42 ● Smart management
  25. 25. So, we built Schedulate 50 % less Time Stress CO2 Fuel!
  26. 26. © 2018 HERE | PublicWe are HERE | March 201828
  27. 27. : HERE Technologies offre potenti ed avanzati servizi per sviluppatori, startup, e ricercatori, per creare soluzioni all'avanguardia che necessitino di avere accesso a dati e servizi di localizzazione. Con HERE puoi integrare le soluzioni o i servizi più adatti alle tue esigenze nel tuo sito web o applicazione mobile. La piattaforma di HERE è sviluppata per supportare una vasta gamma di moderne soluzioni in ambiti cruciali quali IoT, Logistica & trasporti, Mobilità, Indoor Mapping e molto altro ancora. Interactive Maps Geocoder Routing Places Create solutions that connect Build smarter with location intelligence from HERE. Learn more about our APIs on:
  28. 28. © 2018 HERE | PublicWe are HERE | March 201830 How to subscribe the HERE Developer portal
  29. 29. © 2018 HERE | PublicWe are HERE | March 201831 Our main Social channels
  30. 30. Thank you dott. Paolo Rigato Community Management | Business Development M: +39 342 0689101 HERE Technologies Via Enrico Reginato 87, 31100 Treviso ITALY 45° 39' 11" N. 12° 11' 29" E
  31. 31. © 2018 HERE | PublicWe are HERE | March 201833
  32. 32. 34 HERE Open Location Platform
  33. 33. All based on the HERE Open Location Platform: The place for intelligent data usage and development
  34. 34. Customer success story 36 Weather Data Feed “We liked that the HERE Open Location Platform is a neutral and open platform and it was our number one choice when evaluating our options”. – Per Magnusson, Project Manager at NIRA NIRA Dynamics uses OLP to determine where roads are slippery and provide near real-time advisory Sensor data ingested into the OLP Feed of Hazard Events associated to a map Map Match using OLP Location Libraries and HERE Map Content OLP CloudWheel sensor data Send customized friction results back to cars based on tire properties Create algorithm to predict where friction loss will happen using aggregated data Live Friction map layers created © 2019 HERE
  35. 35. HERE Open Location Platform: The “go-to” destination for location services in a variety of industries Automotive Transport&Logistics PublicSector& Infrastructure Media Insurance Electronics Telco&Utilities Retail Healthcare RealEstate © 2018 HERE | PublicWe are HERE | March 201837
  36. 36. Road Asset Management (ex.: potholes, road roughness, …) Pollution Emissioning mgmt / modeling Usage based Insurance Payment Analytics Insurance statistics Analytics Shop location management Optimized navigation routes Asset tracking Smart cities Financial Industry Logistics On-demand delivery & mobility Ad TecConnected vehicle Fleet management OLP use case candidates Safety related scenarios (Hazard warning, Parking, EV charging) Customized HD maps / map layers Predictive maintenance Finding colleagues Smart office Indoor/outdoor tracking Smart home After market services for IOT equipment Automated home settings based on “my” location EV charging, smart grid scenarios Real time location of critical medical instruments and personnel Healthcare Tracking of transplant delivery with ETA Mobile caretaking management Billboard ads based on pedestrians and POI Traffic-based couponing (vehicles, pedestrians) Analytics on spending capacity based on location Taxi other delivery services ordering and tracking scenarios Fleet management operator to monitor the state of truck fleet Travel log creation, visualization and interpretation © 2019 HERE