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Intelligent Transportation by OpenMove


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A company is like a baby, one leg representing business and the other standing for technology. Moving the first steps as a startup is hard, accelerating to run as a company is even harder: you have to grow up with both legs keeping pace 
OpenMove will give its perspective on major challenges faced to bring the company to market its products in 6 countries, dealing with high-profile customers like Ministries of Transport or big telcos… guys you don’t wanna mess with! 
On the business side, Lorenzo, CEO, will tell how they have been structuring product- and knowledge-management, business development (and some other super boring stuff), while Michele, CTO, will show the cool things: scalability and high availability of the platform adopting Docker Swarm, optimization by using Meteor.js and MongoDB and evolution towards an ecosystem of microservices.

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Intelligent Transportation by OpenMove

  1. 1. OpenMove we design and develop software for Intelligent Transportation Lorenzo Modena, CEO
  2. 2. 2014 Open Data Challenge Huge hype: Smart Cities, mobile payment Elevator pitch
  3. 3. 2015 App ready 1 customer Public funding
  4. 4. 2016 Admin ready Several customers Revenues Partnership with the big guys
  5. 5. 2017 Mobile + paper ticketing Project X God knows
  6. 6. 3 business lines OpenMove branded product SaaS for SMEs B2G+B2C Custom development white label $$$ top customers B2B Project X yeah but… parking? B2C
  7. 7. OpenMove we design and develop software for Intelligent Transportation Michele Margoni, CTO
  8. 8. OpenMove Technologies
  9. 9. OpenMove world ● End users APPs (cordova iOS & Android) ● Inspector APP (native Android) ● Collector APP (native Android) ● Core server ● Ticketmaster server ● Admin platform ● Odino monitoring system ● Thor super admin platform
  10. 10. Bottom Up vs Top Down approach Start up Big IT company
  11. 11. Who we were: simple project
  12. 12. Who we are: ecosystem of microservices
  13. 13. Who we’ll be: big IT company project
  14. 14. mongoDB rethinking users tickets agencies om DATA packages APPS OM app ADMIN THOR TM { … } { … } { … }
  15. 15. Docker SWARM cluster High availability (HA) Fault tolerance Load balancing Disaster recovery M1 M2 M3 W1 W2 DNS Service ready to deploy ticketmaster tm 1 tm 2 tm 3 tm 4 tm 5
  16. 16. Odino Monitoring System ● Phone call (thanks to Twilio) ● Slack ● Email
  17. 17. We’re hiring! ✪ frontend developer: HTML+CSS w/ expertise on mobile, Cordova, Javascript ✪ iOS developer ✪ Android developer ✪ full stack developer: Javascript, Node.js, database (preferably mongoDB) ✪ system administrator: Linux, Docker, security and privacy ✪ executive assistant ✪ sales manager
  18. 18. We’re here