This lead generation technique works


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This lead generation technique works

  1. 1. ==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====Todays Leads are Tomorrows Buyers- A lead generation technique may vary from paying hugesums of money to lead generation companies ... to generating your own exclusive leads. Whathappens when you dont follow up with leads? Where do they go? Lets say you or yoursalesperson went through the entire list of leads and found the ones that were ready to buy now.What did you do with the rest of them? My guess, theyre gone for good. It may not be intentional,but because of the overwhelming nature of not following up in a timely manor, those other leadsare usually lost, or wind up in the trash.One perfect example is about this struggling real estate agent decided to tell his Broker he wantedout of the business. He had had his real estate license for only for 9 months and during that timehe had closed two small deals, nothing to get excited about. His lead generation technique wasjust not up to speed. His Broker asked him to give it one more try, under the Brokers guidance. Anagreement was made, and the Brokers first instruction to this real estate agent was to go back tohis leads."What leads?" the agent asked. His Broker reminded him that he had pre-approved 7 people in hisfirst month.This agent just shrugged his shoulders and replied, "One hadnt found the right house yet. Twohad some credit issues. One was waiting for her husband to get back from Iraq. And I never heardfrom the other three." In response, the Broker said, "Well, thats a great start. Give them a calltoday." The agent stared in horror at his boss and confessed, "I dont have that informationanymore, I threw their stuff away. I didnt think I would need it."The Price of Lost Leads- What is the ultimate result of lost or discarded leads? Well, really there isonly one answer to that question. Youll have to seek out more leads. And thus the process beginsagain. Youll pour more money into lead generation, make the quick sales, lose or discard the rest,and have to find more leads again. And in this process, not only are you spending more time andmoney with this lead generation technique by purchasing leads, but youre leaving thousands ofdollars just sitting on the table. Can you really afford to do that?Lets do a quick calculation. Perhaps you spend $300 on real estate leads from a lead generationcompany and are able to generate 12 leads. Of those leads, 5 people instantly become activeclients and have the potential to bring you serious commissions. Over the next 4 months, youclose 3 escrows resulting in $40,000. Wouldnt you agree thats a decent return on yourinvestment?Now, what if 8 of those leads will eventually become customers but werent ready yet to make thecommitment? However, you followed up with them until they were ready. To make this easy, well
  2. 2. say all 12 warm leads are active clients after one year. From your $300 marketing effort, youbrought in $60,000 the first year AND even more later on down the road, with referrals. Had youthrown away the leads, that additional income would be lost. Thats certainly not something youcan afford, is it?Now, imagine that you spend the same $300 on a lead generation technique that you OWN andwith this system are able to generate unlimited leads with it. Generating leads that are 100%exclusive to you, without the expense of paying outside lead generation companies. Combine yourlead generation technique with email direct marketing tool that will allow you to automate yourfollow up and continue to effectively market to every potential client.For pennies a day you will spend less time chasing dead end prospects and close more deals.Learn about how this lead generation techniques can work for you with this free 21 day onlinecourseBetty Ziegler is a knowledgeable expert on lead generation techniques and consults for which features a top 5 list ofthe 100% free marketing ideas.Article Source: ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====