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The seduction of internet marketing newbies


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The seduction of internet marketing newbies

  1. 1. ==== ====New To Internet Marketing? Looking For A legitimate Way To Make Money Online? Need Help?Look No Further. ====If you got behind the wheel of a car without knowing how to drive, chances are, youd crash. Yet,every single day on the Internet, thousands of newbies are performing the equivalent of theaforementioned driving analogy, by putting up a website without having the slightest idea how topromote it. And guess what happens - they crash!In my opinion, starting a business - any business without having even basic marketing skills is notonly putting the proverbial cart before the horse - its downright foolish!Now some might argue that a business plan is more important than marketing ability. And othersmight argue that knowing how to manage a business is more important than having a marketingacumen.Well, I agree with the former argument. A good business plan is like a GPS system. It will keepyou on course, and headed in the right direction. A business plan is an absolute must, and youshould definitely develop one before you start any business.However, I reject the latter argument. Why? Because you can be the greatest manager in theworld, but if you dont know how to market your wares, your business will fail - I dont care whatyoure selling.Thats why I consider competency in marketing the most important business skill that you canhave. If you become proficient in the art of marketing, it will allow you to become profitable thatmuch quicker. Then you can afford to either hire a manager, or take a business managementcourse.A Simple Classified AdHow important is it to acquire marketing proficiency? Believe it or not, writing a simple classified adis considered both an art and a science, seriously! Publisher and mail order legend, MelvinPowers actually wrote an entire 240 page book about classified advertising titled, "Making Moneywith Classified Ads." In an advertisement for the book Powers writes:"Ive run thousands upon thousands of ads, month after month, year after year and have mademillions doing it. Ive learned a lot about what works and what doesnt. I found that, as with mostthings, making money with classified ads is easy when you know how."Author and master copywriter, Robert Boduch also wrote a book about classified advertising titled"Classified Magic...How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG!" In an advertisement for his book,
  2. 2. Boduch wrote:"After years of running ads -- trying out various approaches -- I began to collect the key ideas thatworked. I wanted to figure out what made some classified ads so successful. And I kept testingnew approaches until...I finally figured out...what works and what doesnt."By the way, while were on the subject of writing ads, do yourself a favor and start reading BrianClarks outstanding copywriting blog, CopyBlogger. You wont get a better ad writing educationanywhere on the Internet - and its free! You can thank me later.How Do I Get Free Traffic to My Website?Im a member of several small business forums, and without fail, whenever newbies visit theforums, the two questions they ask most often are: "How do I promote my website?" or, "How do Iget free traffic to my website?" Those two basic questions get asked by newbies every single day.Newbies, are you starting to see my point about the importance of acquiring marketing skills? Youneed to know the answer to those questions, before you build a website. As I demonstrated amoment ago, even writing something as simple as a classified ad requires a certain degree ofcompetency.The Seduction of Internet Marketing NewbiesIn his book "Seduction," author and social theorist Jean Baudrillard writes:"Many social behavior theorists classify seduction as a specialized form of persuasion. Seductioncan also be viewed as a form of power that relies on psychological mastery rather than the use ofcoercive power, money, or intellectual appeals."I couldnt agree more. Seduction is indeed a "specialized form of persuasion that relies onpsychological mastery." Thats one of the reasons why so many newbies come online believingthat they can succeed without any type of training - without any marketing knowledge whatsoever.Theyve been psychologically seduced - mentally manipulated into believing that they can - muchlike gamblers are seduced by the dream of striking it rich in Las Vegas casinos.Allow me to elaborate: Naive and highly impressionable newbies see stories on TV about ordinarypeople getting rich on eBay. They see the slickly produced "get rich quick on the Internet"infomercials. They read the newspaper and magazine articles about people starting an onlinebusiness with little or no money, and seemingly making millions overnight.In addition, brilliantly composed and ultra persuasive get-rich-quick ads literally saturate theInternet. Theyre everywhere! At virtually every turn, newbies are bombarded and seduced withstories, and images of ordinary people making extraordinary amounts of money on the Internet.And as is human nature, they want to get in on the action too. In essence, newbies are beingseduced with unrealistic visions of the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."And because the seduction methods being perpetrated are so powerful and effective, they almosthave a brainwashing effect. Most newbies are incapable of determining for themselves whats true
  3. 3. and what isnt. They cant comprehend that the "flavor of the month" success stories they see inthe media and on the Internet are the exception, rather than the rule.Now many of you reading this may erroneously come to the conclusion that Im against capitalism,and free enterprise. I can assure you, Im not. Im all for everyone making as much money as theypossibly can. After all, thats the American way. That being said, I also think its important thatnewbies coming online be told the "truth" about Internet Marketing - that its not nearly as easy asits being presented.The Truth About Internet MarketingBecause of fierce competition and ratings pressure, the tv media especially tends to glamorizecertain news items. As a result, newbies are being fed a daily dose of sensationalized poppycock!The truth is, Internet marketing is hard work. No, not ditch-digging hard - but hard worknonetheless. And for every "rainbows and lollipops" success story that gets publicized, there are atleast a thousand gut-wrenching failures that get swept under the rug.The point of this article is to cut through the hype and B.S - to tell newbies the truth about InternetMarketing. Its a business, like any other business. And it requires preparation, effort anddedication. So how can newbies realistically succeed on the Internet? In my opinion, the easiest,safest and best way for newbies to succeed online is with affiliate programs.What Are Affiliate Program?In a nutshell, an affiliate program is where you agree to promote another companys products for acommission, or percentage of the profits. Affiliate programs are perfect for newbies, because forthe most part, you dont even need a website to get started making money. You also dont have toworry about billing hassles, stocking inventory or shipping products. Thats all handled for you bythe merchant. You simply promote the daylights out of the link the merchant provides you. Andwhen you make sales - collect your money.But what about if you dont know anything about marketing? Glad you asked.The best and most successful affiliate programs like Dr. Ken Evoys 5 Pillar Affiliate Program orThe Internet Marketing Center (IMC) Affiliate Program take you by the hand, and help guide youthrough the marketing process. They work with you to help you become successful. Theyll dotheir part - but you have to do your part as well. That means you have to work hard, and faithfullystudy and apply their proven marketing techniques - and learn how to promote their programs.Theyll teach you what you need to know to become successful, and allow you to progress at yourown pace.There are also some excellent books on the market, written especially for newbies. One of thebest is "Street Smart Internet Marketing" by Justin Michie.So if youre a newbie reading this, do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy of "Street Smart InternetMarketing." Its selling on Amazon for as little as $4.99 - a relatively painless investment in yourmarketing education.
  4. 4. Free Internet Marketing Resources for NewbiesA really great website for newbies is the original newbies site, Joe Robsons The Newbie Club.This site has some incredible free resources, including articles, free tutorials, newbie software,newbie books and e-mail courses.StartupNation is another fantastic site for newbies. It pretty much has everything a newbie wouldneed, all on one website, including blogs, forums and a marketplace where you can promote yourbusiness for free. Its a very impressive site.Also, check out Lynn Terrys Self Starters Weekly Tips website. Lynn has been working online forover a decade. Her website has plenty of free resources, including a popular forum and blog. Andfrom what Ive observed, Lynn goes out of her way to help newbies.Another good site for newbies is Mike Merz im4newbies. Mike has been helping newbies fornearly a decade. Our paths have never crossed, but word is, Mikes one of the truly good guys onthe Internet - and his site has some excellent free resources for newbies.In closing, Internet marketing is serious business - so be sure to treat it that way. Because unlikethe movie, "Field of Dreams," where "if you build it, they will come." On the Internet, if you build awebsite without knowing how to promote it - nobodys coming!About the author:David Jackson is the owner of - the Internets hottest newbusiness directory.Article Source: ====New To Internet Marketing? Looking For A legitimate Way To Make Money Online? Need Help?Look No Further. ====