==== ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real?http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/numis.ht...
The Numis Network Product: Traditionally most network marketing companies have used the triedand true consumable product a...
There is no doubt that with SUPER salesman, Mike Mezak, a leading pioneer in the creation andgrowth of the Numismatic Coin...
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Numis network information review


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Numis network information review

  1. 1. ==== ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real?http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/numis.html==== ====Numis Network opened its doors for business in August 2009 as the first Network Marketingcompany to offer as a product, a variety of Gold and Silver Numismatic Coins. There is a growingamount of Numis Network info and review pieces so this article will serve as concise review of theopportunity from a leader on the "inside" and Ill spare you the hype and "fear tactics" that manyamateurs use which insults your intelligence.The Numismatic Coin Industry: In the United States alone, the Numismatic Collector Coin Industryis already a $10 Billion Dollar market and is growing. Experts still consider it a "small cottageindustry" undiscovered by the general population. However, globally it is a massive industry withover $100 Billion Dollars in sales yearly. So, in fact, even if you and many others have never heardof it, the Numismatic Coin industry and what Numis Network is tapping into is already a massiveindustry with a robust and growing market worldwide.The Network Marketing Industry: Around the world the industry that allows normal, every dayfamilies to start a real home based business from their kitchen table that they build by word ofmouth and referral, networking based marketing is also, already a multi BILLION DOLLAR industrythat has gone "mainstream" as claim several experts from inside and outside the industry. Globallythis industry is massive and growing.Because of the staggering loss of trust and financial/economic crisis created by the governmenthandling of the massive big corporate bailouts, corporate money schemes which fleeced thenormal family for years and now the sky rocketing increase in taxes, governement debt andgloomy job market, people are flocking to the only industry where the average person has a shotat building a side income and growing a profitable, low cost business based from the home.Enrollments in home based business opportunities is growing exponentially as people worldwiderecognize that there is more leverage in learning to network with others and use the internet,social media and direct response marketing strategies to build global businesses and multipleincome streams away from the "corporate world."Another interesting aspect of the exponential growth in the home business arena is the fact thatmore and more "white collar" professionals are recognizing the powerful leverage available andare leveraging their existing skill sets and networks to gain a financial advantage and cash flowgeneration model they could never have received inside of the corporate cubicle.So Why Numis Network? What was it about Numis Networks product and opportunity that peopleresonated so deeply with compared to so many other competing concepts? Why are so many highquality people and industry leaders enrolling in Numis Network and building large organization soquickly?
  2. 2. The Numis Network Product: Traditionally most network marketing companies have used the triedand true consumable product as its base. Usually in the form of a "wellness" juice, vitamin, dietpill, or other kind of lotion and potion. They have been used to build Mulit-Billion dollar globalorganizations for many decades. Numis Network, however, has a product that struck a nerveuniversally across an industry and its all based in fundamental market psychology inherent to thearena of home based business.Its simple really. People, by and large, come to this industry "to make money from home." Theyusually do not approach this industry in a search for "the perfect juice" or other consumableproduct. People are attracted about the opportunity to make money from home with leverage.Numis Networks product just makes sense. If youre looking to learn how to make money fromhome, it may as well be by promoting MONEY (gold and silver) to other people who are looking toalso make money, right?Numis Network is still in its "infancy" stage but already many leaders of the industry haveresonated with that line of thinking and have joined and enrolled over 5,500 people into theprogram already. So there is yet, another marketing psychology based "story line" here thatexplains the fast growing Numis Network phenomenon and why even industry leaders may beclimbing on board fast and sharing the word.Assets versus "Doo-Dads?" - The other interesting aspect of the Numis Network product line isthat the product itself has historically tended to appreciate with time. As an example, a 1997 MS70American Silver Eagle Numismatic Coin is currently valued at roughly $500 versus the 2010 issueof the same coin which is found on other Numismatic Dealer shops and web sites for around $150.These coins, like the value of the base metal they are made from, tend to APPRECIATE in time.And they are also considered ASSETS on any balance sheet.You can not say the same about the usual consumable product that people spend their money onin the network marketing industry. So many people may be assuming that it is financially moreintelligent to exchange their cash currency for a gold or silver coin product instead of a worthlessjuice product or other consumable because in time, their gold and silver will still have an intrinsicvalue while the juice will be wortheless.Numis Network Compensation - The founders of Numis Network have designed a leveragedcompensation plan that pays up front commissions in the form of "coded bonuses" to unlimiteddepths and width, as well as binary based residual income with a unique twist. Traditionallybinaries tend to only pay on the "weak" or pay leg which can cause several scenarios where thedistributor loses significant income to the corporation even though they recruit power builders whogrow massive businesses and product volume.Numis has created a unique hybrid binary structure that compensates on all sides and mitigatesthe weaknesses in other binary structured pay plans. It affords both the new member ways tomake up front money as well as compensating leaders for building teams that grow wide anddeep.Numis Network Marketing and Final ThoughtsNumis Network seems to have their hands on the pulse of todays home based business market.
  3. 3. There is no doubt that with SUPER salesman, Mike Mezak, a leading pioneer in the creation andgrowth of the Numismatic Coin industry, they also have their hands on the pulse of a $100 BillionDollar global industry that is still growing fast.Time will tell how fast and how much this company will grow, but after performing a thoroughanalysis at core fundamentals and facts surrounding this company, the industries they market inand the results of their fast growing launch, it seems as if they have a good handle on scaling theirgrowth.The independent marketer and home business owner will need to connect to solid leadership toleverage the existence of training, marketing systems and sales support so they dont get stucklosing sales and time in an attempt to "go it alone" or reinvent the marketing system wheel all bythemselves. It still takes a firm understanding of the niche, direct response marketing strategy andeffective systems and training to build any home based network marketing business and theserious home based entrepreneur should invest time and energy on their own skill sets and also infinding proving mentors and teams with systems that can help them short cut the learning curve.Assuming they get that "handled," Numis Network, like other intelligent programs, should prove tobe a profitable venture for many smart entrepreneurs.Franco Gonzalez is a professional internet marketing coach who helps families build full timehome businesses on the internet quickly and affordably. Visithttp://www.GlobalCashflowSystems.com for more cutting edge tips, resources and training. Tolearn more about Numis visit the Numis Network information site for more details and "insider tips"on how to realistically turn your laptop into a thriving global business from home.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Franco_Gonzalez==== ====Numis Network Reveiw - Are the claims about Numis Network for real?http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/numis.html==== ====