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Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ===>

  1. 1. ==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====Special Lead Company Reviews.Find out which companies passed my test and wont rip you off!The fastest, least expensive method of building a high-quality op-in list to market to is to test andthen purchase opt-in lists from a lead generation companies.Ive discovered some true gems in the lead business. Ive spent many thousands of dollars testingand trying leads from many different companies.Ive sent out many 10s of millions of opt-in emails learning what works and what doesnt.But before I reveal the best of the best, I need to cover some basics with you.The money is in the LISTLet me repeat, the money is in the LIST! The quality of the prospects you are marketing to willmean the difference between success and failure.Sure, the offer you send them and your ad copy are very, very important too.You could have the hottest leads in the universe but if your ad stinks, you may as well just put atombstone on your marketing campaign.Ive seen people threaten to lynch the person who supplied leads when the blame for their failedmarketing laid squarely on themselves and their huge lack of ad copywriting skills.I mean, who in their right mind would respond to an email headline like, "Sign up in my downlineright now". Quite frankly, Ive actually seen worse.If you cant write an action-inspiring couple of paragraphs for an email ad, then hire an ad man towrite it for you. Better to spend a couple hundred dollars to ensure success than risk flushing yourmoney down the proverbial lead toilet and then blaming the lead supplier for their "junky, garbageleads".Test their leads firstDont be an idiot and blindly give someone your hard-earned money without knowing who you aredealing with.If the company wont let you TEST their leads, MOVE ON!
  2. 2. If they arent confident enough in their own leads to let you test them, then how can you beconfident their leads are any good? You cant!Any REAL lead company will let you test your leads FIRST!Any lead supplier worth giving your business to will let you try their leads. But dont go aroundlooking for handouts and freebies from lead guys.And dont expect to be sent thousands of leads free to test.Very few companies I know of that have extremely stringent & rigid lead qualificationstandards and lets you TEST their leads.To be honest, most are just middlemen. Many barely even look at or test the leads they areselling.What to look for in leadsThere are some basics to look for in a good, high-quality lead.#1. FreshnessAlways buy the freshest lead you can afford. Trust me, thats not very easy when 3-day old leadssell for $1 each.#2. Targeted!Are they actually looking for what you are selling? How do you KNOW? Testing! Thats how.Target your offer to the leads and vice versa!#3. Full Data & Timestamp.You want full data in all of your leads meaning name, address, phone, email address and a validtimestamp.Dont think you will be showered in response and riches by just emailing these people! Call them!Maybe even mail them!Think of emailing them ONLY as 1 aspect of your campaign!In any marketing campaign, my rule of thumb has always been "Dont invest money in a campaignthat you cant afford to lose."Your nuts if you are risking your kids milk money or your house on a campaign like somegambling-crazed maniac betting his last dime at the roulette wheel convinced hes got the "nextsure thing winner"..Take calculated risks, NOT stupid ones!So Here are My Reviews
  3. 3. Ive tested leads from many companies. Only 4 have panned out and have proven to consistentlysell the most-responsive, high-quality leads on the internet.REVIEW #1.LeadProMailP.O. Box 17066Cleveland, OH 44117[]CEO: John Thompson$35 per month5-day free trial500+ survey leads monthlyThis company outperformed EVERYONE! Survey leads! Very affordable.4X10 Forced Matrix pay plan. Arguably THE best payout in the biz! Just launched March 15th.These guys are relative newcomers on the lead scene and have been making quite a stir byeffectively putting high price leads within the reach of the "common man".One individual I spoke with said that they contact JUST 25 of their leads and made 1 sale! Simplyunheard of!I tested their leads by calling some of them and nearly fainted when I found out that they REALLYwere interested in starting a home-based business and that they had ACTUALLY really filled out asurvey online!I signed up 6 new people into USANA out of 106 phone calls made so far & I have 27 peopleout of the 557 emails I sent out who emailed me back wanting me to call them.Wherever LeadProMail is getting their leads, they are definitely doing something right! Nowmaybe they knew I was doing a lead company review (my reputation precedes me) and they reallyhooked me up with their finest BUT what from the results others I know were getting, LeadProMailis a newcomer whose day is about to dawn!REVIEW #2.LeadPak InternationalP.O. Box 134
  4. 4. Madison, OH 44057http://leadpak.comPresident/CEO: Thomas Heckman$49 per month30-day free trial1,000 double opt-in leads, email ad to 20k, free autoresponder & more monthlyThis one just never quits. After 4-years, they are still going strong!They have had their share of problems and mismanagement at times but overall, these guys havegood leads at a good price and they are here to stay!I cant say that about very many companies in this business.3X8 Forced Matrix pay plan. Launched 3/2002.They recently revamped the entire program and made a ton of improvements.For the price and what you received its really a great deal.REVIEW #3.M&S NoveltiesP.O. Chamber 456Cranford, NJ 07016http://www.freshleads4less.comPresident: Mario BorsellinoOne-Time purchases whenever neededsurvey leads, double opt-in leads, mailing leadsSince: 1989Here is a long-time good source of great leads!This guy somehow gets a hold of reliable and responsive good, clean leads.He is a trustworthy pillar in the lead community.
  5. 5. REVIEW #4.TrafficOasisStad 32 Box 1,3930 Hamont AchelBelgium - Europe[]President: Fred Stege$129.90 to start then $59.99 monthly175 Exclusive NON-Shared, FRESH MLM Leads Monthly With E-mail, Date, IP and Name OR125 Exclusive NON-Shared, FRESH MLM Leads Monthly With Phone Number and E-mailaddress OR30 Exclusive NON-Shared, 4Q PLUS+ MLM Leads Monthly With E-mail, Address And PhoneNumberThey have a variety of great leads. They offer exclusivity. Meaning only you will get the lead.Thats incredible and even harder to make affordable to the average person.They did it!Neat 3X5 Infinite Cycling Forced Matrix. Good payout too!The 4 companies above are the only ones so far that Ive found to be both affordable to theaverage internet marketer and reliably consistent in their lead quality.I am currently investigating several other companies at this time and will report my findings in afuture article.About the author: Jay Mathews is President of Broadcast Unlimited Network.http://broadcastcash.bizB.U.N. supplies internet marketers with safe, spam-free opt-in email broadcasting in volumes of50,000 to 50 million.Mr. Mathews is THE premier industry expert at locating high-quality, reliable lead supply sources.
  6. 6. Article Source: ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====