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Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ===>


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Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ===>

  1. 1. ==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====There are hundreds of companies online selling mortgage leads. It is easy to get lost in theplethora mortgage lead companies that you find on search engine, and that solicit you on a dailybasis VIA spam email.Mortgage leads are simple to describe. A mortgage lead is someone who recently (usually in thepast 72 hours) requested a mortgage quote by way of filling out a mortgage quote for online.Basically a mortgage lead is a homeowner that is looking to refinance or purchase a new home inthe near future.With so many types of mortgage leads being offered online it is hard to know which type is thebest. Below you will see a breakdown of a few types of mortgage leads you could buy online andour outlook on these type of leads.Basic semi-exclusive internet leads: Basic semi leads are leads that are internet generated usuallythrough bulk email and spam. These leads are normally sold 3 times (at least that is what the leadbroker says) you can actually expect them to have been sold up to 12 times over a 30 day periodand most of the sales within the first 7 days. You should plan on working or calling 50 leads onaverage to find a solid deal. A lot of rejection comes with basic semi-exclusive leads.Exclusive mortgage leads: If you are one of the lucky ones to find a truly exclusive mortgage lead,then congrats! Exclusive mortgage leads in my opinion do not exist. It is impossible to guarantee alead to be exclusive and rare for a lead company to keep their word and only sell it to you. Even ifthe lead is sold only to you, after you pull the borrowers credit they will almost certainly become amortgage trigger lead (a lead that the credit bureaus sell). Also what is going to keep them fromshopping around?Verified mortgage leads: These are mortgage leads that are internet generated and then phoneverified for accuracy. These leads are a good choice because they have a very high contact ratio.Remember prospecting is a contact sport, the more people you contact the better your chances ofwinning that sale. Verified mortgage leads usually cost less than exclusive leads and more thanbasic leads, in my experience they are better than both.Aged mortgage leads: These are simply old mortgage leads that are anywhere from 7 days - 1year old. You can buy them for as low as 3 cents a lead and they do make a great call list forpowerhouses and telemarketing rooms. I would never buy 100-1000 aged leads and think you aregoing to close a lot of loans. The best place to start with aged leads in the back, starting with theolder leads that are 1 year out of doing business. You may find many leads in arms and/oradjustable rates that need your help.
  2. 2. Live transfer mortgage leads: These are overpriced live leads that ring your phone directly after atelemarketer gets them on the phone and convinces them they need to consult with a loanconsultant about their mortgage. These leads are great for "lazy lenders", but they are neverguaranteed to close or guaranteed to qualify, plus they do not come with a replacement guaranteelike internet leads do. I personally have not tried these leads but have talked to many people whohave and all have had mixed results. Never buy live transfers from India or non US telemarketingrooms. Also make sure the leads are non incentive (promised something free) and are not quotedrates before transferred to you.Real-Time mortgage leads: Real-time leads are leads that you get your hands on within minutes ora couple of hours of the borrower hitting the submit key on a mortgage quote form. These makegreat leads because they are the freshest you can get your hands on. You will be on the phonewith the borrower within minutes of there request. The best time to sell someone a cheeseburgeris when they are actually hungry!When buying any type of mortgage lead also buy from companies that have a replacement policyor refund policy. Always buy from companies with a professional look. Make sure they have a livecustomer service number. Search their website names or company name on Google and see ifthey have any negative feedback on chat forums or on the BBB. Always see if you can pay with acredit card or check. Never pay by bank wire or money order. Make sure they are friendly!John Lambert is a member of the family and has been in the mortgagemarketing and mortgage lead industry since 1999. You can learn more about Johns company athttp://www.ReliantLeads.comArticle Source: ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====