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Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ===>


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Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ===>

  1. 1. ==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====It should be no surprise that the lifeblood of ANY MLM or home based business is having plenty ofleads to talk to. Its also no secret that you make money in Network Marketing by doing twothings.Acquiring new customers using your product Acquiring new representatives to promote yourproduct Now the only way to get these two things done is to talk to as many people as you canabout what it is you have. There are a few ways to do this with the first being everyones favorite"Friends & Family" approach.But what happens when you work through that list of everyone you know and youre not amillionaire yet? What happens if youve been down that road in the past and it didnt work out sowell? Some of you might even be at the point where your friends and family avoid you like theplague so they dont get pitched on yet ANOTHER opportunity!Whatever the situation, the only logical answer short of closing up shop is that you need to find away to expose your home business or MLM to more people, otherwise known as acquiring leads.There are two ways to get leads, you can buy generic home based business leads or you cangenerate your own.Before we start talking about how to generate your own targeted leads, lets go ahead and talkabout the first option which is buying generic home business leads. This seems to be where mostnetwork marketers focus their time, money and energy.The first thing that you must know about ANY home business lead that you purchase is that nomatter how many buzzwords are used in describing that lead. No matter how fresh it is or howgood that lead sounds its still someone that you dont know, that doesnt know you, doesnt knowanything about your business there is no guarantee that they are going to pick up the phone orgive you a second of their time to discuss joining your home business.90% of purchased leads are produced by people filling out generic online forms about makingmore money from home and you dont know the circumstances about why they filled out theseonline forms.Were they looking for a Job instead of a home business opportunity? Were they trying to win afree Xbox? Where they drunk behind the computer at 3:00 am?You just dont know!
  2. 2. There are really no way cut corners on prospecting the leads that you purchase. Oftentimes youare competing with several other people who are contacting the same leads and the only way tomake these types of leads pan out for you is to buy large quantities and sort through them to seewho has an interest. So here is my suggestion for network marketers using these types of leads:#1 - Keep your costs down when you buy "cold" leads. I dont suggest spending more than 30cents a lead! Most MLM lead companies online sell leads for $1 to $5 apiece... Stay away fromthese high priced leads and use a service like where you can getsurveyed leads for as little as 14 cents apiece.#2 - Start to put together a strategy to generate you own home business leads and phase out thecold contact leads over time.Okay, now for the really fun stuff and the best strategy for building your home business. How doyou as a home business owner go out and start generating your own targeted mlm / homebusiness leads?The first thing you must understand about the process of generating your own home businessleads is that it takes time and its not something that happens overnight. You have many hoopsthat you have to jump through in order to get yourself set up with everything youre going to need.The goal of generating your own leads is to leverage your time and efforts by being able to cutcorners on the "sorting" process as well as position yourself highly with your leads. This meansthat when you do actually talk to them on the phone they already have an understanding of whoyou are and what your opportunity and/or product is all about.This makes your job promoting your home business much easier and leaves your prospects muchmore responsive to what you want them to do.So know that we know WHY we want to generate our own positioned leads... Its now time to lookinto the step by step process of doing so.So here is the "formula for success" when it comes to generating your own leads:Step #1 - Get an online presence. Your "Online Presence" is where you will send prospects to findout more information about you and your opportunity.Step #2 - Drive traffic to your website / capture page.There are hundreds of different marketing strategies to drive traffic to a website online. Theimportant this is to get as many people to your "Online Presence" as possible.Step #3 - Convert your traffic into leads.Using a regular website for your "Online Presence" wont cut the cake! You need the power of agood capture page that will convert your visitors into leads. The goal of a good capture page isntto sell people on the opportunity rather educate them on who you are and sell them on what youare going to share with them and why they just gotta see whats on the other side.
  3. 3. Step #4 - Introduce your prospects to your Opportunity.After your prospect opts in and becomes a lead you then want to give them some backgroundinformation about your company and opportunity before you ever get on the phone with them.Although this might sound a bit confusing at first, its really a simple and profitable formula onceyou get the hang of it. Lets break down each step and show you exactly what you need to makethis system happen.Step #1 - Get an online presence - Custom Capture Page vs. Generic Capture PageThe first thing you need to do to generate your own targeted MLM /home business leads is get acapture page that you direct your online marketing efforts and potential prospects to.What exactly is a capture page you might be asking? Simply put, a capture page is a website thatgives prospects a small amount of information about you and your opportunity and gives them achance to "Opt-In" or "Request" more information about what you have to offer.Now Im guessing that many of you reading this might have a generic capture page because lotsof network marketing companies out there provide them.Although a generic capture page is better than nothing, it lacks many key functions you need if youtruly want to generate "Positioned" leads that have a background about you and your opportunity.Some other BIG problems with generic capture pages are that theyre not unique and you have nocontrol over the look and feel of them.What I consider a much better thing to do is to go out and create your own custom capture page.Why? Well for many reasons... First off you have control over the content and development ofyour page. Second, you have the ability to make your capture page unique and sell yourself asmuch as the business you are selling.Remember, the goal of a good capture page is to give people a bit of information about yourselfand a bit of information about your opportunity and combine this information in a compelling waythat gets your prospects interested in what you are talking about.There are several ways to build or get a CUSTOM capture page:#1 - You can build one from scratch all by yourself. To do this you will need to sign up for a webhosting account with Yahoo, HomeStead, GoDaddy or any of the other web hosting companiesonline and proceed to build a page from scratch. Most of these web hosting companies will haveeasy to use site builders that you can use to do this and web hosting usually runs between $10and $20 a month.The downside to building your own capture page from scratch is that youre on your own in termsof what to write, how to design it and how to make it work effectively. Since youre on your own itcould take a lot of trial and error before you get something that actually produces. If you are not
  4. 4. an expert at writing ad copy, website design, graphics and sales this probably isnt the best optionfor you.#2 - Another way to get a custom capture page built is to hire a professional to do it for you.Depending on where you go this can cost between $300 and $1000 for one very solid capturepage. Ive been building professional capture pages for years and I know that I usually charge $60an hour with the average project costing around $500 to $1000. Plus I charge a web hosting feefor that page of $20 a month.The downside to having someone else build your capture page is that it is very hard to makechanges after the page is built. What if you want to use a new picture or change the re-direct link?Often times you are at the mercy of the designer and additional edits will probably cost youmoney.#3 - By far the best way for a home business owner or network marketer to get their own customcapture page is to use a complete capture page design and marketing service, likeMyCaptureSystem.The MyCaptureSystem program gives you all the tools to build an unlimited number of your veryown custom capture pages. MyCaptureSystem, hosts your pages for you, gives you pre-written adcopy and website designs, has a marketing resource center that shows you how to drive traffic toyour pages, plus many advanced marketing features that can kick your lead generation efforts intohigh gear.Since YOU build the page, you can always make edits to those pages yourself and manage allyour marketing campaigns from one easy to use back office. You can learn more about thisprogram by going to #2 - Drive traffic to your capture page.After youve created a great custom capture page the second step of generating your own leads isto drive traffic to your new online destination.So how do you do this... Many different ways.Pay-Per-Click Search engines Article submission online Blogging Press Releases Posting onMessage boards and forums EzineArticles Search engine submission Offline advertising Trafficexchanges Purchased traffic Plus many many more!Traffic generation is not an easy thing to master. It will take some patience and education on yourend to learn and implement several different traffic generation strategies.There are many different training organizations, ebooks, manuals and courses online that canteach you how to drive traffic to your websites. Some of them are great resources while otherslack in actual value. Some of my favorite marketing personalities are, Terry Duff & GinoNicoli of the Dream Team & Jonathan Mizel of the Online Marketing Letter.If you decide to build your capture page using MyCaptureSystem, dont forget that your
  5. 5. subscription includes weekly LIVE training teleseminars and access to the marketing resourcecenter full of step-by-step traffic generation techniques.Step #3 - Convert visitors into leads & measure your success.As you start to generate your own leads from your capture page the biggest thing you need to dois track your results. This is really what separates professionals from those that lose moneyattempting to generate their own leads.You want to track your results in a few different ways...#1 - How many people visit your page compared to how many opt-in and become a lead.#2 - What campaigns are worth the money and which ones are a waste of money.Here is what I mean by this. Lets say you are doing two paid advertising campaigns in hopes ofgenerating leads via your custom capture page.The first campaign is a $200 Google pay per click search engine campaign and the second one isa $200 pay per click campaign from If you let these campaigns run togetherwithout separating them than you will never know which one paid off the best (meaning generatedyou the most amount of leads for the money).So how do you do you track your results?Well there are several different services that can help you track your advertising. An example ofthis is HyperTracker. HyperTracker is a service that provides you different tracking URLs for eachof your different marketing campaigns. This is a very valuable tool for online marketing and sellsfor $19.95 a month.I would suggest using HyperTracker if you end up building your own capture pages from scratch orhire someone to build them for you. If you decide to use MyCaptureSystem to build your capturepages, dont spend the $19.95 for HyperTracker because this feature is already built into theMyCaptureSystem program.Step #4 - Introduce your prospects to your opportunity.So now that youve built an awesome custom capture page (or pages), started driving traffic to thatcapture page, and have a way to track the responsiveness of your page, its now time to decidewhere you want to send your prospects after they become leads. This is very important becauseyou want to educate your prospects as much as possible before you ever pick up the phone to talkto them.There are two basic strategies you can implement:#1 - Do a simple redirect to your corporate website, movie presentation, or any website that willeducate your new leads about the home business opportunity you are involved with.
  6. 6. #2 - Do option #1 PLUS input them into an auto-responder series of emails. An auto-responder isa software service that automatically sends out follow-up emails to your leads or subscriberswithout you having to manually do it.While option #1 is very simple to accomplish and will get the job done, tying your new leads up ina follow-up series of emails can be very beneficial. The top autoresponder companies online rightnow are Aweber & GetResponse.So there you have it... Its time to get out there and start generating your own leads!By now your head might be spinning a little bit and you might even be thinking that this is toocomplicated for you to go do yourself. Relax and take it one step at a time. Generating your ownhome business leads will take some effort but it can actually become pretty easy if you start usingsome of the powerful tools outlined in this article.As you go on your way today, just remember that marketing your home business is all abouthitting it from multiple different angles and taking time to educate yourself on how to be successful.Josh Bradley is the CEO of Big Cash Creator LLC, an online marketing company that specializeson helping home business owners and network marketing companies achieve success online.Discover the awesome secrets behind Joshs brand new complete lead generation system andeven sign up for a free account at []Article Source: ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==> ====