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Lead generation sites

  1. 1. ==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==>http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/get-more-traffic.html==== ====With over 10-years experience marketing on the internet, I am often asked about lead generation.Like email, lead generation can be really tricky. When I acquired the moniker “The EmailExpert” about five years ago, I realized that focusing and becoming very good at an Internetmarketing system required heavy responsibility. When I wrote what has now become the emailbible called “Effective Email Advertising” (for a free copy go to [http://www.global-reachltd.com/FreeDownloads.asp]),I was careful to demonstrate what makes email advertisingsuccessful and what pitfalls to avoid. Now it is my desire to teach you how to generate your ownleads and this requires just as much skill as email marketing.Lead generation is very important in email marketing. Actually, many of you have heard from theother Internet gurus that your success is in your list. This is quite true but with an interestingcaveat. You actually have two types of lists. First you have your prospect list(s) and then youhave your customer list(s) from those prospects that have purchased from you. In order to garnera fresh supply of prospect leads, I accomplish lead generation in two ways:1. I purchase optin permission-based leads: If you purchase optin leads be sure that they comewith a date stamp and IP address to prove they are optin and always ask for the URL of the leadgeneration site that garnered the lead. If the list broker refuses to give you the URL then walkaway. There is a very good chance that he is buying his leads from another broker or somethingis questionable about the lead source. I like looking at how the lead was generated. Many leadgeneration sites promise things that cannot be delivered and this produces a very poor lead. Forexample, mortgage lead generation sites claiming to have loans at a 2% fixed rate is ridiculous.Yes, they may garner a ton of leads but no one is writing 2% fixed loans so what good are they?Another thing to consider if you purchase leads is exclusivity of the list. If the lead broker is sellingthe same list to dozens of people, what is up with that? Most brokers break their lists down toexclusive, semi-exclusive and bulk leads, which basically means it goes out to as many peoplethat will order it. Don’t let the cheap price fool you. Bulk lists are not worth it! If you needsome good lead brokers, please send me an email at drjay@global-reachltd.com and I will provideyou with the list of lead brokers that I use.Once you get fresh optin leads you need a responder or an email blasting platform to send themout. This is without a doubt the most difficult thing to find since not only is it imperative you staySPAM Act compliant, but you must find an email platform that will provide enough bandwidth tomake it cost effective to use. I use BlastPak ([http://www.blastpak.com]) because they do nothave any limitations as to the size of the list(s) you can upload daily (it’s unlimited) nor dothey have any limitations as to the maximum amount you can email out daily. And also they donot require that you buy your leads from them. This is very important!! The new trend in emailresponders is the requirement that you buy all of your lists from the responder company and at
  2. 2. rates that will cause apoplexy.BlastPak is simply an email blasting platform that allows you to market your prospect list(s)effectively and at a very reasonable cost. I also use BlastPak to send out my weeklyGlobalMarketPlace ezine and weekly Ready-Set-Grow newsletter. I personally use the “upto 130 million emails per month” plan and it costs me just $1400. The rates are on a slidingscale and begin as low as 1,000 emails per month for just $14.99. BlastPak also comes with averification and tracking link that provides some very important real-time marketing and salesinformation, which is definitely “to die for” when it comes to testing. I test everything!I test my subject line, my main body offer, my graphics, the click through to my sales page, etc. Ieven test my text message. I accomplish my tests by sending out emails in blocks of 1-million withvarious ad messages and subject lines. The ones that “pull” the best are the ones Ithen “blast” out to the massive lists I have acquired over the past ten years.Honestly, I have not found any responder that is as good as BlastPak and I should know, mycompany sends out over a billion emails per day for our products as well as for other companies.BlastPak does not come with any of the limiting factors the other responders come with and it isvery efficient and simple to use. I could not achieve the sales that I accomplish without an emailblasting platform. Email is my best ad medium and I rely on it completely since it performs verywell for my product base. And please don’t forget that BlastPak can also be used to drivecustomers to your own lead generation site.2. I also set up lead generation websites to garner the leads myself: I need you to pay very closeattention to what I am about to teach. In Internet sales it is important to set up ONE website forONE product and this is very true in setting up a lead generation website. The following are someexamples of lead generation websites that garner auto leads for car dealers.[http://www.auto-credit.com]http://www.auto-loans.comhttp://www.instantcarloan.comThe leads cost a dealership $6.00 each and come in the form of approved loans applications aswell as bank turndowns. So, rule number one: set up one website for one product.With the above examples of auto lead generation sites, there are no incentives offered. The siteonly requires the customer to apply for a loan. Either your lead generation site requires someaction that the customer is willing to undertake such as applying for a mortgage(http://www.glenwoodfinancial.com), applying for a free printer (http://www.freecolorprinter.com),or you must use an incentive. On my company website [http://www.global-reachltd.com] in orderto capture leads for my ezine and newsletter, I offer a free vacation. You can also offer freeeBooks, software, free phone cards, coupons, discounts, etc but be sure they apply to whateverindustry you are attempting to garner leads for prospecting purposes. Please do not offer a freeeBook on search engine optimization when you are attempting to garner leads for a new healthdrink. They have nothing in common. I also have a free download page with a contact informationcapture page in front of it. In order to get to the free downloads you must first give me yourcontact information and the capture page states that I am going to send you information.
  3. 3. Keep your lead generation website simple and easy to navigate. Take a look at the above givensite Auto-Credit.com. Notice the bright orange color and the simplicity of the site? Color isimportant but flash and all the bells and whistles are unnecessary. Now click on the menu“Partners” and see that they also have developed this site for dealerships looking toacquire the leads the site garners. Last, they use a very generous affiliate program to drive buyersto the site. Remember the rule: ONE product and ONE website. Please do not mix leadgeneration products. Offer the prospect a viable incentive as a reward for giving you their contactinformation.Next, you need to optimize your site with the search engines using proper SEO techniques. I useone of our in-house divisions called GlobalSEO because they are excellent and charge only$750/year for one URL (page) and $180/year for each additional URL or page. If you areinterested in using GlobalSEO please send them an email with your needs at GlobalSEO@global-reachltd.com. One of the Team Leaders will call you to discuss your site.SEO is only one of the techniques needed to drive customers to your lead generation site. Noticethe domain names to the auto lead generation sites are basically describing what the site does.When choosing a domain name, pick one that is as close to the keyword(s) or keyword phrase orthe type of lead you wish to garner. This actually assists you when it comes to SEO.Cross linking is extremely important in optimizing lead generation sites. GlobalSEO builds webcommunities and then links these communities together using cross links. For example, amortgage lead generation site would be linked to real estate agents, brokers, realtors, homeimprovement sites, etc. As long as the links are compatible and/or within the“community” they will increase the lead generation site’s visibility with thesearch engines.That’s about it for now. Lead generation requires consistent and massive advertising but itis quite profitable if done correctly. As always, I remain available to answer any questions.About the author: Dr. Jay Sherbondy resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the Director of GroupOperations and Chief Human Behavior Specialist for Global Reach International Ltd. The authorof over two dozen books, Dr. Sherbondy attempts to teach the application side of humanbehavioral science as it applies to Internet marketing. He may be reached at (702) 877-2420 or atdrjay@global-reachltd.com.Other articles by Dr. Sherbondy…to request an article simply send an email with the title ofthe article in the subject line to support@global-reachltd.comAlliance MarketingEmail RealitiesHelp!Peaceful Consumerism
  4. 4. The Psychology of SalesWords – Truth or NotViral EmailLead GenerationArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr_Jay_Sherbondy==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==>http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/get-more-traffic.html==== ====