Lead generation quality it's not the size of the list that counts, it's the revenue it generates


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Lead generation quality it's not the size of the list that counts, it's the revenue it generates

  1. 1. ==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==>http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/get-more-traffic.html==== ====A lead list can be a very valuable asset. In the marketing world, a big list can mean respect,credibility, job security, power, fortune and fame. But lets be realistic, the way to measure thequality of a list is not by its size, but more importantly, by the revenue it generates.Sales lead generation in todays business environment is a complex undertaking. There aredozens of options to choose from, from snail mail to social media. It is important to realize thatsome methods work better than others for the type of prospect you are trying to attract. Forexample, the primary objective of most Pay-per-Click B2B lead generation efforts is to get the leadto opt-in to your list. Although you may have some control defining key words and geography, forthe most part you get who clicks whether the lead fits your profile or not. On the other hand, awhite paper can attract a more targeted contact and add credibility at the same time.How to Develop a List That Converts Sales Leads to Revenue Producing ClientsLead Generation RequirementsThe first task is to develop the overall Lead Generation Requirements that are right for yourbusiness. This is much more than a technical exercise. The process will require detailed answersto the following questions:· What are the specific goals of the Lead Generation Program?. How many leads do you need to fill the pipeline?· What budget is available? What budget is needed?· Who in the prospective organization do we want to target?· What geography do we want to target?· How will we find our target lead profile?· How do we capture the attention of the target audience?· How do we increase the opt-in ratio?Lead Generation Deployment StrategyWith answers to the questions above, its time to design your lead generation deployment strategyby choosing the specific marketing programs that will help you accomplish your goals. Marketingwould be much easier if you had unlimited resources and budget. But if your company is like most,this is simply not the case, particularly in the current business environment. Your deploymentstrategy needs to be designed to maximize the results for the minimum investment.Focusing all your energy on one method of lead generation is generally not an optimum strategy.This may limit the overall effectiveness of your marketing program. A multi-faceted approach tends
  2. 2. to produce more buzz in the marketplace and therefore can improve the overall results.There are dozens of ways to generate sales leads. In the table below we listed 16 of the mosteffective marketing mediums that you can use to assemble your deployment strategy. Alsoincluded is the authors experience in the best application of each as well as its effectiveness in aB2B environment.Lead Generation Mediums, Best Application of Medium and B2B EffectivenessLetters and Postcardswork best when used with other mediums; Medium B2B effectiveness.E-mail is an alternative to direct mail; Medium B2B effectiveness.Newsletter is not a good lead generator; Low B2B effectiveness.SEO, Key word, Meta tags, Pay Per Click can work well but can be expensive; Medium B2Beffectiveness.Report is a good bonus for opt-in and generating interest; High B2B effectiveness.Press Releases are a relatively inexpensive way to capture traffic and create Buzz; High B2Beffectiveness.Trade Magazine Ads are a good way to attract the target market; High B2B effectiveness.White Paper and White Paper Hosting are very good to attract specific interest; High B2Beffectiveness.Case Studies are very good for adding credibility; High B2B effectiveness.Articles are very good to attract specific interest; Medium B2B effectiveness.Telemarketing can work to compliment other mediums; Low B2B effectiveness.Social Media is good for creating buzz; Medium B2B effectiveness.Remember, the lead generation process is not complete until the lead Opts-In to your list.Capturing their attention is only half the battle. Your landing page and bonus offers must becompelling enough to complete the task. Jon Miller of Marketo reports "as high as 200%improvements in conversion rates," by optimizing the landing page.In a B2B marketplace and specifically those environments with complex sales cycles, experienceshows that it can take 7 touches or more to nurture the average lead to a sales ready state.Although Lead Nurturing and lead development are outside the scope of this article, theeffectiveness of your lead generation deployment strategy will help shorten the follow-on leaddevelopment cycle.Summary
  3. 3. Many marketers may boast about the size of their list. The way to measure the quality of a list isnot by its size, but more importantly, by the revenue it generates. The first place to start to improvethe revenue generation potential of the list is to develop a detailed lead generation plan. Next,design a lead generation strategy designed to attract the highest quality leads for your business.Clayton Blaylock is the author of Lead Development Formula, a self paced coaching program forlearning how to harness the power of to the internet to attract and pre-sell B2b and B2C Leads.For more information go to http://www.leaddevelopmentformula.com or e-mailcblaylock@revisionmarketing.com(This article remains the intellectual property of Clayton Blaylock but may be reproduced withcomplete contact information intact.)Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Clayton_Blaylock==== ====Need More Traffic? Need More Sales? Go Here ==>http://dennisrobinsons.blogspot.com/p/get-more-traffic.html==== ====