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A ground breaking solution


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How Mobility Aides Are Revolutionizing Travelling Experience for People With Special Needs? By Special Needs Group.

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A ground breaking solution

  1. 1. A Ground Breaking Solution – How Mobility Aides Are Revolutionizing Travelling Experience for People With Special Needs? BY SPECIAL NEEDS AT SEA
  2. 2.  Travelling is so much fun, but if anyone in your family has special needs, it gets quite challenging to travel with them. It has been, in fact, stressful to travel with children and adults with special needs because their adaptability with a new place and atmosphere takes longer time than those who are physically fit. Where it is difficult to adjust with changed weathers while traveling, mobility becomes complicated too for physically challenged people as well as their families/partners.  However, mobility aides today are enabling people with special needs to travel at ease, but it is important to check how reliable these supporting equipment are when travelling or cruising.
  3. 3. Revolutionized Mobility  People with limited mobility feel helpless when it comes to travelling. It is not because they lack will, but because they need assistance they can completely rely on.  Mobility aides are playing a significant role in fulfilling this need of people with special needs. Electric Scooters, walking aides, and wheel chairs are a revolution in mobility equipment provided to people with limited mobility. The purpose of each mobility aide may vary, but all of them promise to deliver comfort and ease.
  4. 4. Electric Scooters  Electric Scooters are portable vehicles tailored at people with limited ability to move. Their quality of being electric makes steering and maneuvering easy for people with special needs. They come in variety and are either two wheeler, three wheeler or four wheeler.  They specially come handy when you are cruising and/or on a tour. They allow people to cover long distances with ease and enable them to visit different places and enjoy their trip/vacations. These scooters can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings depending upon one’s needs.
  5. 5. Walking Aides  There are many people who aren’t completely disabled, but feel pain or discomfort while walking. For such people, walking aides like knee and rolling walkers serve as a reliable aide while travelling. These walkers enable easy and balanced walk and since their height is adjustable, it serves as reliable support for people of all ages and heights.
  6. 6. Wheel Chairs  The most attractive feature of wheelchairs is they are foldable and hence can be carried anywhere and easily. They are also lighter than scooters.  Covering longer distance, travelling and cruising have not remained a challenge for people with limited mobility ever since these mobility aides have been rolled out. However, it is important to evaluate your needs before selecting a mobility aide. Assessing which aide or equipment would be suitable for you is essential before you set off a journey. Furthermore, it is vital to check if the chosen cruise provides these facilities and if they are reliable. Also, it is recommended to check if the hotel, where you plan to stay, has this provision too.
  7. 7. Special Needs Group  Website:  Address: 302 NW 1st Street Dania Beach, FL 33004  Phone Toll Free: 1-800-513-4515  Phone Local: 954-585-0575